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In Topic: For those who said GW2 wasn't going to turn into a P2W game....

16 November 2012 - 01:49 AM

In every MMO, people who spend real life money, whether it be through legitimate or illegitimate RMT, will always have an advantage. This has been the case ever since RMT existed.

So far, the gem store doesn't offer any stat advantages. Fair enough I say.

In Topic: Sea Of Sorrows vs Sanctum Of Rall vs Isle Of Janthir

07 November 2012 - 10:16 AM

View PostWraithpk, on 07 November 2012 - 09:34 AM, said:

No disrespect meant to IoJ, but you seem to lack organization and strategy, for the most part.  The alliance I'm a part of has been on SoS borderlands all week, and we haven't really felt pressured from you guys at all unless TL is on the map.  It's not even about the numbers, because there have been times where you've outnumbered us on your side of the map because we were being pressured by SoR on the other side, but we would still end up winning the skirmish.  When TL is not on the map, you don't seem to be as cohesive of a group.  They are also the only ones that have shown some interesting strategy.  If I could make a suggestion, someone needs to step up and take command for you guys when TL isn't there, and formulate some strategies to try and throw us off guard.  Throwing a zerg at us when we're fortified and our scouts have warned you're coming hasn't worked, you need a new plan.

I'll admit that we are terribly disorganized at many times of the day, sometimes so badly that we struggle to hold most of our own borderlands. A lot of people just go about their own business until a commander finally logs on or a guild coordinates an activity. I've tried coordinating IoJ at our own BL at midnight and it was a disaster (though yestersay morning we got our last tower to hold and recovered the other one, and attempted to get garrison back) trying to get people to follow directions or stop doing conflicting things. That's why SoS rarely feels pressure in its own BL. Aside from that, we're usually outnumbered by both SoS and SoR, and when we aren't, don't always seize upon that as quick as desirable. Lack of people to lead and people cooperating well at times hurts a lot.

In Topic: Legendary Weapons Guide

04 November 2012 - 08:59 PM

Posted Image

Finally finished making it. Took a long time gathering everything, but it's finally over.
Thank you very much for the guide! Sure gave us legendary seekers a sense of direction from the beginning.

In Topic: Endgame Lodestone Farming Guide

31 October 2012 - 08:13 PM

CoE dungeon also can give Charged Lodestones from chests.
For any lodestone, if you need them for a legendary, you have a chance of getting them from Mystic Clover crafting.

Lodestone farming is pretty much not a viable option due to the absurdly low drop rate and DR kicking in. It's not uncommon to farm 1 in 4 hours or more with 150% MF, or maybe none at all.

Unfortunately for anyone who wants to make something that needs Charged Lodestones, the prices are so ridiculously high that buying is also out of the picture. It even costs almost 1.5x more to upgrade cores to lodestones for some reason. Someone's likely trying to corner the market on both the cores and lodestones (judging from the pattern of buy orders) I suspect.

In Topic: Mystic forge: 4 rares into lgd precursors have been changed.

04 October 2012 - 10:16 AM

I'm keeping track of the results I'm getting from fusing 4 level 80 rare greatswords. First time trying it today.

Sample size as of now: n = 25 tries
Exotics received: 7 (Carrion Legionnaire Greatsword, Naga Fang, Traveler's Orrian Longsword, Carrion/Berserker's/Rampager's/Knight's Pearl Broadsword)
Dawn/Dusk received: 0

Going to keep going for it tomorrow considering I'm not losing that much gold from doing so yet, and most of the gold lost is easily replaced in Orr farming.

Hopefully I'll get Dawn/Dusk soon, but if not, as the sample size increases (a reliable sample size for a case like this could be in the hundreds to over one thousand) , I can use it to estimate the actual probability of getting an exotic from 4 rares as that's a piece of information that many people would like to know as many people are trying to get legendary precursors through this method.

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone else who is keeping track of their # of tries would share their data.