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In Topic: Reapers: The 3rd Soldier

17 June 2014 - 06:04 AM

Abaddon is Kormir now. The old Abaddon is gone.

Really, though, the bigger problem is that the 'fallen' gods are going to be even MORE anathema to those races that already don't like the human gods. To the asura, they're just cogs in the Eternal Alchemy like the Six, but they're lesser cogs. To the charr, they're just another bunch of powerful beings that expect to be worshipped, and if hypothetically there was some vestige of Abaddon that still remained, by now educated charr are probably aware of the connection between Abaddon and the titans, and therefor the Flame Legion. The norn already acknowledge (but do not worship) the gods as spirits of abstract concepts, and while by and large they can respect the concepts represented by the human gods, they're likely to have less appreciation (or at least no more appreciation) for the fallen gods. The sylvari are agnostic, but non-Nightmare sylvari are going to be more inclined to go for the (relatively) good pantheon than the fallen one if they were to become religious.

Basically, there's no reason why any of the races that would disagree with following the human gods would turn around and decide that following the failed human gods would be a better idea.

It's far easier to present the more overtly religious aspects as having been human racials all along that just happened to have been first unlocked by dervishes, and have the rest as being a form of magic available to all irrespective of belief just like the others.

In Topic: Malice Swordshadow's warband?

26 May 2014 - 07:10 AM

My gut feeling is that the Shadows we see in-game aren't from Malice's warband. Certainly, Shadowharm's description of his warband doesn't sound like the description of an Imperator's warband. Shadowstalker and Shadowsinner might be, since they seem to be undertaking tasks related to the charr-human truce which is of particular interest to her - however, they're both playing relatively minor roles rather than acting as I would expect a representative of an Imperator's warband would act.

That said, there's no rule saying that two or more warbands can't share a name, so Malice could be either a Sword or a Shadow. My gut feeling would be Shadow, since that's more of an ash-y name, but it really could be either.

In Topic: Introduction Thread and Thread of No Topic 2

18 May 2014 - 01:09 PM

Yeah, that's been brought up before.

The usual explanation is that it's a poetic license used because "great-great-great-great-great-grandmother" would just be too clunky to make good reading. It's the equivalent of someone referring to a distant relative as 'cousin' when what they really mean is 'seventh cousin, twice removed'. Basically, there are a few 'greats' that have been deleted to make it flow better (no, we haven't been told how many).

Mind you, 'ancestor' would probably have been a better term to use on both counts.

(For the record, incidentally, humans do age better on Tyria, probably due to beneficial effects of magic... but not by that much!)

In Topic: Reapers: The 3rd Soldier

18 May 2014 - 01:01 PM

Technically speaking, norn and asura both believe in the human gods and acknowledge that they're important parts of the world (Eternal Alchemy in the case of the asura), they just don't see any point in worshipping them. Sylvari are undecided, while charr range from hatred to mumbo jumbo.

One possibility I raised on a similar thread in the official forum is consider the norn attitude - the gods embody ideals such as War, Knowledge, and so on. So instead of 'avatars', you have 'mantles' - the profession does not assume the Avatar of Melandru but instead assumes the mantle of Nature.

This allows, as with other professions, different races to have different interpretations on what's going on. Humans think they're taking on the aspects of the gods as per dervishes past. Asura see it as drawing energy from facets of the Eternal Alchemy. And the way charr view it... why should a charr not seize the power to become the ultimate incarnation of death just because some silly half-human so-called god claims dominion over it?

That said, even with the above, while avatars were a very visible part of the dervish, I don't think they were the core of the dervish and what truly made it play differently from other professions. The interplay between applying enchantments and stripping them to fuel other skills was.

In Topic: Prepare for the Festival of the Four Winds!

15 May 2014 - 11:57 AM

The Bazaar and the Pavilion were always intended to be repeated events. I do find it a bit strange that the Pavilion has moved, but it might be being opened to celebrate something different this year - Scarlet's defeat, perhaps?

I'd also be willing to bet we're going to see SOME new stuff with the old. None of the other returning events have been exactly the same, after all, and there's a fair amount of stuff that might be out of place if not explained. Have the makers of the Watchknights filled in that security backdoor in their programming that came from reverse-engineering the steam creatures? As described above, what is the Pavilion celebrating? How are the Zephyrites responding to recent events? Will the Aetherblades still raid supplies at the top of the zone, or will there be a different set of threats to potentially face?