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#2188047 WvW Titles

Posted Vihar on 05 April 2013 - 07:13 PM

I think the general consensus among the WvW community is that the "big update" is a complete bust.

  Other than eliminating culling, the entire update is worthless, useless crap, kind of like chullster.

#2166221 T1 - Sea of Sanctum Quarry

Posted wondowondo on 18 February 2013 - 10:05 PM

View Postcoronbale, on 17 February 2013 - 08:37 PM, said:

Next page lets do everything in rhymes!

I thought this page was supposed to be all in rhymes! What gives people!


HoD was stacked from the beginning,
Never losing they became tired of winning.

It was clear that no server could beat their coverage,
HoD broke itself apart to seperate the pwnage.

The guilds spread out throughout the tiers,
servers moved up while others fates were left unclear.

In tier one SBI and JQ duked it out,
orbs were removed and left the borderlands in a drought.

BG and IOJ both had their chance in tier one,
Though neither had the coverage to continue their run.

With JQ server losing to attrition,
SBI moved into number one position.

Meanwhile in tiers much lower,
SoS had gained momentum and ferver.

SoS debut was nothing but impressive,
Turning SBI and JQ quite missive.

Months went by with SoS on top,
Surely SBI or JQ would drop.

SBI guilds were at their ends,
feeling abandoned by their server upon their descend.

SoR in tier two was hungry for victory,
as SBI met them quite feebly.

The end of free transfers became a huge factor,
As guilds on all servers looked for a greener pasture.

SoR and JQ seemed the most appealing,
As SoS was still number one and winning.

JQ recruitment attracted the most attention,
With SoR gaining guilds of honorable mention.

SoS was dethroned of their winning streak,
as JQ's coverage gaps became smaller each week.

Now JQ is stacked from day to night,
While SoS and SoR continue to fight.

Will attrition strike tier one again?
I guess we'll find out soon my friend.


#2148790 Flame & Frost: Prelude

Posted Azure Skye on 23 January 2013 - 05:19 AM

View PostVar, on 23 January 2013 - 02:13 AM, said:

What are the odds that in this story, that a certain tree will be frozen and then burned? Could the title be a spoiler to something that we all want to happen to a certain, glory stealing, green vegetable?

A man can only hope.
Are you alluding that you want to kill Trahearne.

Posted Image

#2149031 Breaking news and gossip thread - Till free transfers end!

Posted Vihar on 23 January 2013 - 02:10 PM


View PostThe Mighteous One, on 23 January 2013 - 04:31 AM, said:

Breaking News! Mighteous is The Greatest Player In The Game!

In other news, I think this thread is a good idea. The GW2 Official Forums are overly moderated, and there's no reason to use them. This place is slightly better, though I have seen some threads locked for silly reasons. Example, War Machine looking for alliances. Locked and directed to the other forum that nobody reads. Do you folks wanna generate traffic here or discourage traffic here? I guess internet powers are worthless if you don't flex them every now and then. Who knows?

As far as the free transfers closing, goes. It appears that only a few servers are left that can stop the monstrosity known as Kaineng. The particular server I'm eyeballing is Maguuma. According to my Great Brain, they SHOULD serve as the first contest Kaineng will face until they make it into tier 1.

What servers are you other free agents eyeballing to make your permanent home? I know one thing. Wherever I go, greatness will follow.

Mighteous One,

  You must go to a Tier 1 server to stop the War Machine Juggernaught.

  It is the last line of defense, and if they fail, it will be because YOU chose to get stuck on Maguuma or something and weren't there for the last stand.

Just sayin.

#2146468 Is Stormbluff Isle dying, and if so...

Posted Earendil on 19 January 2013 - 11:56 PM

View Postnotrub, on 19 January 2013 - 10:59 PM, said:


I cannot agree more. We are a PvE people server with casual interest in WvW. The dedicated WvW guilds realized this a long time ago but they refused to give up, mostly out of loyalty. Thank you for trying that hard for the last weeks.

What happened today was predictable after the "Lost shores" event and even before that. Noone's fault but ANets.

#2146437 Is Stormbluff Isle dying, and if so...

Posted notrub on 19 January 2013 - 10:59 PM

I have been on SBI since the server was created. It may seem to some that WM started the downfall of SBI but in reality that is untrue. For those that were paying attention, SBI's fate in WvW was out in the open for everyone to see the week that the Halloween festival took place. That weekend we had jumped to a 30K lead on HoD. Monday night Anet did an update and rest everything in WvW and Tuesday the Halloween event started. I watch HoD make up 24K points in 8 hours Tuesday and win the week by 50K points. SBI has always been a predominately PvE server. The dedicated WvW guilds on SBI could not salvage that week without the PvE pugs. In retrospect I am really surprised that WM and other dedicated WvW guilds didn't leave after that week, I don't know what more eveidence was needed to see what kind of server SBI was and still is.

Instead, the WvW guilds buckled down and went to work (key word here, because from this point on it wasn't about having fun any more it was actually turning into a job to keep SBI in Tier 1) they started putting in way to many hours trying to cover all the 24/7 bases. On top of sitting LA spamming the SBI website and Teamspeak and putting out recruiting post every where they could think of. HoD broke up, ET broke up and SBI got a breather and because of the hours being put in actually took 1st place for two weeks.

Then came the Lost Shores/ invite a friend weekend. Again the PvE population disappeared from WvW. But, something different happened this time not as many players started coming back to play WvW. All guilds started noticing a drop in participation, even PvE guilds. Over the next 3 weeks I watched my guild go from 157 actives to a little over 20. Where we could once put 25 people into WvW there were only 3 who played every day. Since I had invited all my friends to participate in the Lost Shores weekend I went back and talked to them to see if they were interested in WvW. The answer I got was not only did they not want to play WvW, they weren't interested in playing GW2 after seeing what a mess it's open world play was with the lag, fighting invisible monsters, unable to rez or get rezzed because no one could see them and all the broken quests. Bottom line is that there are fewer and fewer PvE players to come into WvW to fill the gaps. But, at the same time SBI shows as a FULL server, so it is hard to get any guilds of any size to join from some place else.

Because of the bleed in guild populations it has become a matter of survival lately. Those multigaming guilds have suffered the least because they just went to play something else. WM left for the same reason as the current group of dedicated WvW guilds are leaving. If they staid on SBI they would die. No guild, no matter how dedicated can carry a server without lots of help. It just becomes another job on top of the real life one you already have. Worse part is the 2nd WvW job is non stop 24/7. No matter how good you are you are headed for burn out, which is the antithesis of fun. WM was just the first to recognize this. The only way to keep your players coming back night after night is if the are having fun. Once they stop having fun the bleeding of players begins. Everyone of these guilds need to do what they need to do to survive.

I still consider each of these guys as friends. And, appreciate the ride they gave us on SBI while it lasted. I personally know a lot of them that gave a lot to make it happen. But, as in life nothing lasts for ever. So thanks for the fun and the memories.

As for me, I'll be staying on SBI. Maybe we'll learn to play with reality this time around and just be the PvE server that we have always been. I hope so it will be more fun for everyone concerned in the long run.

#2145770 CO transferring to Kaineng

Posted Vihar on 18 January 2013 - 09:13 PM

I am on Kaineng visiting, so I look forward to helping out Mayo and CO this week.

  Mayo is indeed an excellent commander and excellent person.

  I don't know where I and my guild will end up yet, that is in discussion, but I will say this....

  I have nothing but love and respect for my fellow SBI soldiers, wherever they end up.

  No doubt many of us will find ourselves in combat against one another. We will kill each other. We are soldiers, and that is our purpose.

  But it will, at the same time, be a tremendous honor and challenge to go to battle against friends.

Not former friends. Friends. We just serve a different cause.

  It won't stop me from slaughtering them, but they might get a little bow from me when I kill them.

  So, wherever I and my guild end up...to all my fellow SBI'rs, War Machine included, I look forward to meeting you all again, as allies or enemies, regardless. It will make World vs World that much more fun for me.

#2145611 CO transferring to Kaineng

Posted MrZero on 18 January 2013 - 06:33 PM

View PostMayoken, on 18 January 2013 - 06:29 PM, said:

The way we see it is that Kaineng still needs a strong leader for its NA team. It does not have one yet. CO will bring 4 months of T1 experience and organization to the NA atmosphere on Kaineng. We plan to spearhead communications and networking over there.

Mayoken is an excellent commander that puts in the effort for more than one map. Kaineng, you are getting one of SBI's best commanders. I have followed him both as a pug and as a member of a major guild on SBI.

#2139055 T1 Thread: JQ, SBI, SS

Posted Jedbacca on 09 January 2013 - 07:19 PM

My only response to anyone that has cried on any of the public forums lately about SBI:

I have been trying my damndest on a personal level.
  • Educate as many players as I can to improve performance across the board
  • Created siege guides for the teams
  • A calendar for scheduling organization of our multiple smaller teams
  • Attempted TS usage nights with my guild to promote usage
  • Place multiple suggestions for teams to get involved in their own aspects
  • Offer sessions to run as a guilds commander and show them the tour of the facilities
  • Drop immense amounts of siege nightly
  • Lead by example and show other teams different things they can accomplish
  • Map hop to assist and raise morale on other maps
  • Education siege positioning every other night before logging off to the map
  • Communicate in game to “pugs” of what expectations are of certain objectives
  • Creating videos as propaganda for the server to assist in recruiting (This has worked and has effectively pulled players from low tier servers that see absolutely no PvP)
I can understand Vihars perspective, although I don’t profusely urinate on everyone.  It get frustrating when you have limited resources out there when you have been actually passionate about doing something.  We have our professional lives to take care of as well, so when you’ve turned your hobby in to almost a job, the frustration will start to show.  My hat goes off to Vihar for being right there in the trenches with the teams every day doing some good work out there on the battle field.

So, my negative words to toss in would be, if you are bitching about any negative impact on our server, you are not helping by typing it out in reiteration.  Instead, be proactive and *ing do something about it.

#2136675 Stormbluff Isle Server recruiting all timezones

Posted George21 on 06 January 2013 - 09:08 PM

Here's some pictures I took of SBI in action today in world vs world (everyone worked together and it was mostly pugs)

Posted Image
-assaulting the spawn tower-

Posted Image
-cleaning up bay after wiping a JQ golem rush in lords room-

Posted Image
-everyone chilling for free exp/karma/coin at a sentry-

Posted Image
-preparing a golem rush on hills (boy was that place turned into fort knox)-

Posted Image
-sbi in force after we just wiped a clever portal bomb by sea of sorrows-

Posted Image
-attacking one of Jade Quarry's Spawn towers like bosses...aw yeah-

(note: these pictures were all taken with a mixture of random guilds, just basically pugs, and we did pretty well this morning, you guys made me proud :D)

We do lack coverage however, and that's why were trying to recruit to stay on top, this server works well together, has organization, a sense of humor, a sense of community and most of us, if not everyone, love to world vs world anytime we can, so if you're interested in moving here even if to try it out, give it a shot, i'm sure you'll like it =)

#2131795 Stormbluff Isle Server recruiting all timezones

Posted Vihar on 30 December 2012 - 09:54 PM

View Postcoronbale, on 28 December 2012 - 11:39 PM, said:

Let me just put my 2c in here, and say first that I am not an SBI member but an opponent of theirs. In the 5 weeks we have played against them we have seen them improve, evolve, and advance steadily. This however was done while maintaining a firm stance or honor and integrity. If you are shopping for a new place to call home, you have found it.

Leaders like jedbacca, covergirl, vihar, and many others will show you wvw like you have never seen before! Give them a chance and you won't be disappointed.

  I'm a leader?

  God help SBI. :P

  I'm just the Morale Officer. I make sure everyone has a bad attitude and wants to kill someone.

I'm only happy when everyone else is feeling really homicidal. Friend and foe alike.

#2127343 T1 Thread: JQ, SBI, SS

Posted CalmLittleBuddy on 24 December 2012 - 02:00 PM

That's just sad.

This just blows my mind.

Jang really held his cool. Not a single response. Then went private. That guy is all class.

AGG should boot ALL of those players. ALL of them. Or voluntarily take a week off.

#2103637 How much does this resonate with you?

Posted Milennin on 01 December 2012 - 04:18 PM

GW2 doesn't want to be an action or skill-based game.

Want proof?

They removed Evasive Arcana from Elementalists. :o

#2097165 T1: SoS Vs. JQQ Vs. SBI - Now let's see with no PvE

Posted BloodSF on 26 November 2012 - 07:52 PM

Well, I guess we should take this back-n-forth and turn it into something fun. Here's a working list of the rules of T1. Do add your own, in good taste, not singling out any server by name.

***The Rules of T1***

1.) You will be 2v1'ed. Learn to live with it, and ways to mitigate it.

2.) You cannot actually win. If you win the point total, the excuses on the forums will prove that, actually, you lost. Just behind the scenes. It's best that you know this ahead of time.

3.) There are often thieves/mesmers/guardians from the enemy team in the keeps by the lord's room inexplicably, likely through exploits. The best things to do in this scenario is to take screenshots, post them online, defame a server while absolutely losing your mind on the boards for about 30 minutes... and then, once the moderators delete said posts, go back to playing and act like nothing happened.

4.) People who either are in point leads, or feel that they should be, will provoke you on the forums. The best things to do is to spend hours replying. Forum fights help your server in game the most... and ultimately there's a point to it, so your time isn't wasted.

5.) You will be 2v1'ed.

6.) You will be 2v1'ed.

7.) Theres 3 teams. You're one of them. All fighting on the same map. ... guess what will often happen? (2v1).

8.) If you win, guilds will switch to your server as will PuGs with commander tags, and will start screaming at everyone in map chat. These are the bold, extremely intelligent and informed leaders you've been waiting for. The fruits of your labor. Embrace them - for they are the only trophy of winning WvW. And have fun trying to get them to stfu at reset. :)

9.) Portal bombs, cloaking abilities, coordinated stun abilities, and groups of more than 3 ppl playing together past 12am ET, are unfair and should be removed from the game. Therefore any and all victories achieved through these means are voided and thus irrelevant.