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SoR [CAPS] 30+ Guild Open Recruiting

19 November 2012 - 06:10 PM


CAPS is a small guild looking for any active 18+ mature members for PvE, PvP(WvW). We have daily dungeon and WvW runs. If you have questions about builds or just looking to improve your current build we have theory crafting discussions to help you achieve what you are looking for.

Current Mentality/Philosophy

We range from casual to more involved members. In CAPSLOCK your real life comes first and foremost no pressure to be online during events or runs. Do what you can when you are on. There will be call outs for any particular events that might be going on, join if you can and always represent.


We are currently running multiple 5 man coordinated roam teams, but as our size increases we will have larger groups. With mumble coordination.


There are multiple daily dungeon runs. We know most dungeons inside and out and can run all paths. All runs are coordinated through mumble

Theory Crafting

We have members that can help you with every profession to get the builds that will maximize your play style.


There are several farming experts in the guild as well that can either keep you company or help you find the best place to farm all your mats.

Currently using Mumble for guild coordination. Reply here or send a message in game to Sonic Cross or Empress of Eternity for questions and invites.

Commander Empress of Eternity[CAPS] - 80 Warrior
Yarz M[CAPS] - 80 Ranger

Ranger Build 30/5/30/0/5

05 October 2012 - 06:40 PM

Hey guys just need some input on this build. With longbow and axe/horn.


Sup rune of undead in armor that is Power Prec and Condition

Sigil of corruption in bow.

Works well as a tanky/condition/support ranger. But not sure if there are better builds as far as runes or skill investment

Please let me know if you have any suggetions?

Yarz M [CAPS]
Level 80 - Ranger