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[Build] Devastator Guardian of Doom

09 July 2013 - 10:13 AM

OTT title? Check!
Big DomagesCertified?  Check!
Build stolen from a WvW solo build on the official forums? Check!
Picture of a Char in spiky purple mix-n-match armour? Check!

Posted Image

I saw this post on the official forums.


All credit to that guy for making it.

Changed my build to it, bought the sigils required, then changed my mind on using in WvW and made it for PvE (changed sigils and runes, a couple of traits too) instead as I like the teleports.

It became this build instead:


It hits very hard very fast, watch the video from the official forum for the skill rotation, then remember this is for PvE now and try it for yourself. As with other Big Domagesapproved builds it scales up in damage with more players around you.

Warning: Only the brave and the mad take these builds into Dungeons, you'll get raged at by people expecting you to hold their hand, convert their conditions, heal and spam boons for them.

Bugger that.

Also I can't explain why it hits so hard 100%, I've tried "all-out" DPS builds, several from this forum as well as my own, completely ignoring all team based stuff, yet none hit as hard as this one in practice, and there's no might, well, a sniff of 3 stacks when you start the fight, no vulnerability and no F1 spam which all sounds like madness. Yet it hits so hard.......

Feel free to change Smite Condition for Contemplation of purity (more boons = more damage% increase) like the WvW build, +180 power signet, Battle Roar if you're a charr  or Retreat for more speed in PvE.

Have fun.

[Build] "Lets Rock!"

06 July 2013 - 10:01 AM

Vague title? Check!
Big DomagesCertified? Check!
Picture of Vasquez GW2 style? Check!
"hey that looks like your avatar..." Check!

Posted Image

Rifle got a nice buff with the latest update: More damage.
Have fun.

Explosives 10  V
Fire Arms 30  II IX XI
Tools 30 II VI IX



Be at maximum range

Med kit 5
Rifle 2
Normal mobs are now dead

Then use other skills if needed.

Running farm nodes is now fun and quick.

[Build] The Cataclysm Hammer

01 July 2013 - 02:31 PM

More OTT titles? Check!
Picture? Check!
Big DomagesCertified? Check!

Posted Image

Right, another update, another build.

This time, my favourite weapon; Hammer

Traits 0/10/30/0/30



Full berserkers


6x Scholar


Hammer - Paralyzation
Longbow - Bloodlust

Your heal and the signet of fury on your bar means you can go from 0 to full adrenaline instantly. Stomp is your stunbreaker, it suits turning mobs into rag dolls flung around. Condition removal is built into the traits. Earthshaker is on 7 sec cooldown and is nice spammed from max adrenaline on trash and after using F1 skill on the longbow if a longer fight for AoE might.

For group play swap the signet of fury for the banner another warrior isn't using, ie strength or discipline.

Sometimes you've played this game so much you do not care about dat DPS weapon set (GS or Axe) and just want to enjoy yourself more and knock people about, so spam Earthshaker like a madman!

This build is for you!

[Build] The Shredder! Destroyer of all!

26 June 2013 - 09:04 AM

Now you too can actually use Deathshroud to pwn all of pve like me!

OTT title? check!
Bandwagon jumping? check!
Big DomagesCertified? check!
Claims of awesomeness? check!
Screenshot of character used? check!

Posted Image



Spite 30
VI Reapers Might
VIII Axe Training
XII Close to Death

V Reapers Precision

Soul Reaping
II Vital Persistence
VI Unyielding Blast
XII Deathly Perception

Utility Skills

Consume Conditions
Blood is Power
Signet of Spite
Spectral Walk

Elite Skill

Flesh Golem


Full berserkers


6x Scholars


Main set - Axe/Warhorn - Berserkers

2nd set - Dagger/Warhorn - Berserkers


Axe - Force
Warhorn - Strength

Dagger - Bloodlust
Optional 2nd warhorn - 2nd copy of Bloodlust

Stuff that might matter if it works:

1. Axe training damage buff should effect the damage from skills in Deathshroud as well as  Close to Death

2. Life force gain from crits: have no idea if this works with life transfer or other skills while in Deathshroud, but I seem to able to spend an awful long time in DS, and the lifeforce bar actually refills rather than sustains.

Edit: It seems both the above point are correct according to various post on here and the official forums, which is nice.

Conclusion with claims of 1337 damage

I was hitting nearly 8k with no bloodlust stacks, sigil of strength or scholar runes (used ruby orbs until today)

I'm going to finish changing stuff and see if I can get over 10k piecing hits from DS skill 1.

You can 3 shot mobs in Orr  with DS skill 1 without the 3 modifications, I aim to 2 shot them in the future.

This build and DS in general is now lots of fun trying to line up the mobs to be scythed by your Life Blast

Remember: it doesn't drop damage now when the lifeforce bar drops, so use it at any stage for pwnage, and spamming it grants more might and vulerability.

Minion bomber making a comeback?

21 June 2013 - 08:55 AM

If these leaked notes are to be belived,


Death nova will now deal damage.