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Looking For a Map

27 November 2012 - 03:01 PM

I've looked around the internet and can't seem to find a map that has the information I can use.

To start, I'm a cheap sob. I hate spending money on waypoints. So when I travel, I Mist Port to Lions Arch and then travel to the capital that is nearest to the zone I am trying to run to. Unfortunately I haven't seen a map that shows how all zones connect. Some zones have multiple points of access from neighboring zones and in some cases these access points are kind of hidden. So that if you didn't know exactly where to look you wouldn't see them (not an obviously trail when looking at the worldmap, Bloodtide Coast to Lomar Pass has one that is in a cave and almost underwater as an example).

What I was looking for was a simple bubble map with arrows indicating points of connection between zones. When I couldn't find one I started developing my own (which is kind of fun in an old school gamer mentality), but wanted to check this forum to see if anyone has seen something like this.


Mob Invulnerable & Zone Rewards

26 November 2012 - 12:56 PM

Couple of questions for the masses.

1. Almost everytime I fight mobs underwater, one of them will go invunerable, stop attacking and swim back to its starting position. After a few seconds it will re-aggro and start attacking again. Sometimes it will go invunerable a second time. Is this a known bug or a scripted occurance?

2. Are the zone rewards for getting 100% completion fixed? I don't mean the armor/weapon, but the resource materials and consumables like 40 soft wood logs or 40 bolts of wool. If so, is there a list of what zones reward what for their completion?


Need Guardian Skills Help (Analysis)

05 October 2012 - 03:09 PM

I need a lot of help. Particularly figuring out my skill selections. Once I have those nailed down I should be able to figure out which traits best compliment them. Unfortunately the tool tips for each skill are vague. I'm not sure which are useful and which are a waste of time and skill slot space.

I am mostly a PvE, No Dungeons (at the moment), solo player who does DE when they pop up. I like using the Greatsword and switch to a Mace/Focus when needed

If someone could rate the skills (typed up below) on which they feel are most useful to them it would be a great help. Thanks

Heal Skills

1. Shelter: Block attacks while healing

2. Signet of Resolve: Passive – Cures a condition every ten seconds, Active – Heal yourself

3. Healing Breeze: Heal yourself and allies in a cone in front of you

4. Prayer to Dwayna (Human): Beseech Dwayna to restore your health

Utility Skills

1. Hammer of Wisdom (Spirit Weapon): Summon an arcane hammer to defend you

2. Sword of Justice (Spirit Weapon): Summon an arcane sword to defend you

3. Bow of Truth (Spirit Weapon): Summon an arcane bow to cure conditions on you and your allies

4. Shield of the Avenger (Spirit Weapon): Summon an arcane shield to defend you

5. Bane Signet (Signet): Passive – Improved power, Active – Knock down and damage your foe

6. Signet of Judgment (Signet): Passive – Reduces incoming damage, Active – Grant retaliation to nearby allies and weakness to nearby foes.

7. Signet of Wrath (Signet): Passive – Grant you increased condition damage, Active – Immobilize you target.

8. Signet of Mercy (Signet): Passive – Improves healing, Active – Revive a nearby ally

9. Retreat (Shout): Grant aegis and swiftness to up to five nearby allies

10. Save Yourselves (Shout): Draw conditions from nearby allies to yourself. Gain multiple boons for a short duration

11. Stand Your Ground (Shout): Grant stability to yourself and allies

12. Hold the Line (Shout): Grant protection and regeneration to allies

13. Wall of Reflection (Consecration): Protect the targeted area with a wall of mystic power that reflects projectiles

14. Purging Flames (Consecration): Create a ring of fire that burns foes and cures conditions on allies

15. Hallowed Ground (Consecration): Consecrate the ground around you, granting stability to allies inside

16. Sanctuary (Consecration): Form a protective healing shelter for allies. Foes and projectiles cannot enter

17. Smite Condition (Meditation): Cure a condition and damage nearby foes. More damage if a condition is cured

18. Contemplation of Purity (Meditation): Convert the conditions you are suffering from into boons

19. Judge’s Intervention (Meditation): Teleport to your target and burn nearby foes

20. Merciful Intervention (Meditation): Teleport to the nearest ally with the lowest health and create a healing area around them

21. Prayer to Kormir (Human): Beseech Kormir to remove 3 conditions from you

22. Prayer to Lyssa (Human): Pray to Lyssa, granting a random boon to yourself and a random condition to target foe

Elite Skills

1. Tome of Wrath: Summon an ancient tome that grants you powerful offensive spells

2. Renewed Focus: Focus, making yourself invulnerable and recharging your virtues

3. Tome of Courage: Summon an ancient tome that grants you powerful support spells

4. Hounds of Balthazar (Human): Summon two hounds of Balthazar to fight at your side

5. Repaer of Grenth (Human): Become a Reaper of Grenth, chilling and poisoning nearby foes

6. Avatar of Melandru (Human): Transform into an Avatar of Melandru