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sPvP and tPvP

02 January 2014 - 07:52 PM

Hello everyone, I'll preface with I am very new to thief. I know a few things here and there but I am by no means an excellent thief. I pride myself on my Mesmer and Ranger ability first and foremost when it comes to the 8 lol. Onward...

I would like a build to use in sPvP or tPvP with a lower skill cap than expert. Something I can just get my 50 wins with or whatever and get out and not hinder my team too much lol. i have made my own Venom build and it was fun but I think it was not optimal. So please point me to, or link me a decent and non outdated PvP thief build and I shall be eternally grateful

Thank you very much

WvW Mesmer Inquiry

31 July 2013 - 02:35 PM

Hello, so I'm fairly new to mesmer, only been playing a few weeks and it's almost exclusively WvW so far (only about lvl50 in my personal story)

I have a few questions of what is good to run in WvW, I want to be a utility, providing things no one else can in the form on null field and feedback and portal and such.

This is what I currently run - It's more defensive but with high crits and percision. I'll always have fury because we run as a guild group all the time, this includes might as well as other nifty things we get. Utilities switch out according to situation, which is almost always, feedback and null as a must for me though i feel like 90% of the time. portal when needed and to run places quickly i switch out to blink.

http://gw2skills.net...DTFjIqWIg LAA-w

please suggest anything you think is missing/needs to be made better to this build i run currently. i don't mind if you own it entirely im interested in what everyone has to say.


Official Ranger Updates 25/6/2013

25 June 2013 - 05:33 PM

Official Ranger Updates released today...some really unnerving stuff. Cheers

Posted Image Ranger
  • “Protect Me”: This ability now breaks stuns.
  • Splitblade: Reduced the aftercast from .4 seconds to .2 seconds.
  • Pet leash range increased to 2000 units.
  • Path of Scars: This skill now pulls enemies on the return flight.
  • Long Range Shot: Reduced the aftercast from .5 seconds to .25 seconds. Increased the arrow speed by 15%.
  • Rapid Fire: Reduced the initial cast time by .4 seconds. Increased the arrow speed by 15%.
  • Point Blank Shot: Increased the arrow speed by 15%.
  • Barrage: Increased the cripple duration by 50%.
  • Stalker’s Strike: This skill no longer loses evade duration when traited with Off-Hand Training. It now strikes targets more reliably in melee. It now functions with Off-Hand Training in PvE.
  • Crippling Talon: This skill now functions with Off-Hand Training in PvE.
  • Muddy Terrain: Decreased the duration from 20 seconds to 10 seconds. Increased the cripple duration per pulse from 1 second to 2 seconds. Decreased the cooldown from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.
  • Lightning Reflexes: The travel distance for this skill has been halved when underwater.
  • Man O’ War: The base recharge has been increased from 18 to 25.
  • Counterstrike: The base recharge has been increased from 15 to 20.
  • Swirling Strike: Increased damage by 33%.
  • Crossfire: Decreased the range to 900.
  • Poison Volley: Decreased the range to 900.
  • Quick Shot: Decreased the range to 900. Increased the damage by 14%.
  • Crippling Shot: Decreased the range to 900. Increased the damage by 14%.
  • Concussion Shot: Decreased the range to 900. Increased the damage by 14%. Reduced the aftercast by .25 seconds.
  • Spirit-activated skill range increased from 180 to 240 (360 when traited).
  • Call Lightning: Increased the damage by 150%.
  • Solar Flare: Decreased the cast time from 1.7 seconds to .5 seconds.
  • Counterstrike: Fixed an issue with this ability that caused it to go on interrupt recharge when pressed twice rapidly to use Counter Throw.
  • Thunderclap (Downed Skill 2): Fixed an issue that caused this ability to have infinite range.
  • Winter’s Bite:. Fixed an issue so that it now chills for 3 seconds (as listed in the tooltip) instead of 2 seconds.
  • Armor Fish: Bite: Reduced the damage by 50%.
  • Bird: Slash: Increased the damage by 15%.
  • Eagle: Lacerating Slash: Reduced the damage by 50%.
  • Raven: Blinding Slash: Reduced the damage by 34%.
  • Canine: Bite: Reduced the damage by 27%.
  • Devourer: Twin Darts: Reduced the damage by 20%.
  • Drake: Bite: Reduced the damage by 27%.
  • Insect Swarm: This skill can no longer fire behind the drake.
  • Drake: Lightning Breath: Reduced the damage by 17%.
  • Feline: Maul: Reduced the damage by 50%.
  • Jaguar: Stalking: Critical chance increase while in stealth reduced to 25%.
  • Jellyfish: Tentacle Slash: Increased the damage by 50%.
  • Jellyfish Blue: Chilling Whirl: Decreased the damage by 33%.
  • Moa: Peck: Reduced the damage by 7%.
  • Pig: Jab: Reduced the damage by 25%.
  • Shark: Bite: Increased the damage by 10%.
  • Spider: Spit: Increased the damage by 10%.
  • Instinctual Bond: This trait has been swapped with Zephyr’s Speed. Quickness has been increased to 3 seconds.
  • Stability Training: This trait now causes the pet to ignore the incoming crowd control skill as well as granting stability. This has a 10-second internal recharge.
  • Keen Edge: This trait now activates when the player strikes a target whose health is below 50%, instead of when the player’s health reaches 75%.
  • Beastmaster’s Might: This trait now grants 3 stacks of might for 15 seconds.
  • Spotter: This trait has been increased from 70 precision to 150.
Nature Magic
  • Vigorous Spirits: This trait has been merged with Spiritual Knowledge.
  • Spiritual Knowledge: This trait has been moved to the Adept tier.
  • Evasive Purity: This trait has been moved to the Master tier.
  • New Grandmaster trait—Nature’s Voice: Shouts apply 10 seconds of regeneration and swiftness to allies in a 360 radius.
  • Companion’s Might: This trait now grants 5 seconds of might to the player’s pet (up from 1 second).
Wilderness Survival
  • Peak Strength: Damage bonus when the player’s health is above 90% has been increased from 5% to 10%.
  • Healer’s Celerity: This trait now increases revive speed by 10%. Swiftness granted on revival has been increased from 3 seconds to 15 seconds.

So here they are. What do you guys think? My biggest complaint from just slightly glancing really quickly (i'm at work) is the damage nerf to out bird and cat pets...*sigh*

My Ranger Build

15 May 2013 - 02:00 PM

Hello everyone, this build is for general PvE and for use in Dungeons. I would like to get some input from people. Just a heads up, it's double bow, and while there are things to do more damage, this just suits my play style more and I'm a Ranger, why not have my bows hehe.


Pets are interchangeable, any good Ranger knows that they are very situational, what I have is just what I generally run with by default. 6 and 9 are standard. 7,8, and 0 are up to you, again this is just my standard for when I start. Switch out utilities as needed. I find that sometimes I need to take out muddy terrain and grab QZ or LR or SotH.

Generally, build up you stacks of precision. Switch to your SB, and fire away. You also have a LB for a reason, use it when you see fit. If there is lots of AoE to be had start with it then switch to SB for example.

Any comments or critiques or even bashes are welcome. More feedback the merrier.


Prospective Fractal Build

27 December 2012 - 04:03 PM

I see people talking about fractal builds but I cannot yet find a good Ranger one! either it's all being tested, or the thread is dead. So can someone whose pretty knowledgeable with upper level fractals either post their build or comment on this?

I'm just over level 10 and I was just running full Berserker everything and man do I get hit hard.

So I came up with this build and I'd like some expert feedback or any feedback if I can.


For armor I was thinking full Valkyrie, The weapons I use are Mystic Crescent(power/per/condition dmg) and a Pearl Stinger (power/per/crit)
Jewels Ill keep my Karka Shell/Ruby for rings. Ruby earrings. And Emerald Amulet.

p.s. Thank you in advance ;)