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In Topic: Wintersday is coming!

28 November 2012 - 03:28 PM

View PostBaktwerel, on 28 November 2012 - 10:03 AM, said:

Because it's a huge balloon, and as such, very vulnerable. One hit by Zhaitan and it would go down.

Only if it's during a cutscene.

View PostNorn Osprey, on 28 November 2012 - 02:55 PM, said:

- Mad King Thorn had a little Asura one-shot Thorn when he broke through the Lion statue.
- FotM is all about helping Dessa, an asura.
- The Karka was about getting info from one asura (ex-boyfriend) to another asura (ex-girlfriend) that was working with a human.

I've had enough of helping asura for a while. I never liked them to begin with because of their extreme racist attitude in GW1.

Bring back the twin Avatar battles, grenchies, snowball fights, reindeer games. But no more asura.

For the Karka stuff, honestly you interacted with and helped Ellen Kiel (human) far more than you did any other NPC, including Levvi (asura).  The asura was important, no doubt, and obviously second in importance but she kinda disappears for the Southsun Cove invasion whereas Kiel stayed with you for all three phases.  Most people just remember the asura more.

In Topic: Chris Whiteside on the Lost Shores and Beyond

28 November 2012 - 03:35 AM

View PostSleepyx732, on 28 November 2012 - 03:08 AM, said:

Simple really. What's the best way to predict the future?

I'm sorry to say that if you want people to stop descriminating each other, you may just have to destroy the universe. I wish those who try good luck.

Challenge accepted.  Give me a couple million years or so to test my work out though.

In Topic: Wintersday is coming!

27 November 2012 - 08:41 PM

View PostProtoss, on 27 November 2012 - 08:19 PM, said:

Posted Image

Yeah, there's absolutely no way that the game can live up to this picture.

They could just have it off in the air in the distance like the Wizard's Tower in Kessex.  It can be relatively lower detail for that.

In Topic: Chris Whiteside "Ask Me Anything" Highlights

27 November 2012 - 08:03 PM

View PostChabby, on 27 November 2012 - 02:27 PM, said:

This question has been interesting me ever since the Lost Shore week-end... But I can't figure out what Chris meant by "in the main body of the Best Section"... Can someone help me on this? :x

You can sort Reddit comments by various filters...one of which is Best.  I think he probably means the huge list of questions, but not sure.

In Topic: Forget about Ascended gear, Has Anet been honest about anything?

21 November 2012 - 07:27 PM

View PostFiachSidhe, on 21 November 2012 - 04:30 PM, said:

Sooo...semantics. Well done.

Promises are all about semantics.  Welcome to the real world.