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Lost Shores Teaser image

02 November 2012 - 06:35 PM

ArenaNet uploaded and showed off a new teaser image for The Lost Shores.



Pack your bags! http://ow.ly/eYJiJ ~RB2

Here's the image: http://www.flickr.co...anet/8148334432

(Flickr is giving me trouble posting the image here)

Spoiler Note: If you search, you can actually find this poster and the full text out there due to a bug for some users yesterday, but I'm leaving it out of this post for those that don't want spoilers.

Mods, feel free to merge this with another thread if you want.

Official Guild Wars 2 Trailer: Our Time is Now (Zhaitan Spoiler) & GW2 Sales Reopened

10 September 2012 - 05:28 PM

New trailer popped up on Youtube about 10 minutes ago.  This is where those teased images came from.  Mostly live action (interesting choice), but high quality in-game at end and shows a bit of Zhaitain.

ArenaNet has announced the reopening of sales of Guild Wars 2. Starting today, gamers who have been searching for remaining copies of Guild Wars 2 will be able to join their friends in-game and experience what the entire industry is raving about, as the game is once again available for purchase through buy.guildwars2.com and numerous retail partners.


This is the official trailer for Guild Wars 2, the sequel to the beloved and bestselling MMORPG Guild Wars, developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft.

Guild Wars 2 features a visually stunning, AAA persistent fantasy MMO world while retaining the subscription-free business model that has made Guild Wars so popular. Guild Wars 2 is the deepest, most advanced MMO on the market and delivers the full MMORPG experience with robust PvE and PvP, dynamic combat, and a unique storytelling device.

Acclaimed Director James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) was brought on board to lend his revolutionary zeal and craftsman's eye to the launch trailer. Guild Wars 2's tagline "Our Time Is Now" is vividly brought to life as seekers in our world take the fight for change in Tyria.

Edit: Seems obvious to me that this trailer is intended for theaters and commercials for general marketing.  YMMV on whether it's good, obviously.  I thought it was neat.

Best use of hammer playstyle and survivability

07 September 2012 - 07:56 PM

Alright, was looking around and didn't see a question like this (may exist, but not sure).  I've got a really good handle on all the weapon sets except the hammer.  For some reason I really suck at it and want to change that.  I'm not looking for builds or stats or sigils to make the weapon better, just the best way to use the skills and good utility/healing/etc skills to bring along to support the hammer.

So what's the best way to utilize the hammer?

So far when I do use it I die really fast.  Part of that may be from me constantly interrupting the symbol (3rd chain hit) so I'm losing out on the short Protection buff from it, but it takes so long for that hit to occur that I've already hit skill 2 before it lands, since other weapons don't have that large gap.  Maybe I should slow down my attacks when playing hammer, play more tactically?  But for some reason I die a lot faster when using it, not sure why.  I know I can use Banish, but I tend to save that for more emergency uses.

I've also found some issues with not having a gap closer, such as ranged mobs, or mobs with high mobility.  I've been taking to using sword as an alt for Flash of Light or greatsword for Leap of Faith, then switching, or using Judge's Intervention or Retreat to get closer.  I know Zealot's Embrace can immobilize, but it's only 2 seconds so they usually can get out before I get there.  Are there better options?

Now, I'm thinking I just haven't found a good method to utilize these skills.  Anyone have any tips to get better use out the hammer or the best style for countering the above two issues?  I'm not concerned about damage, just wanting to make sure when I use a hammer I'm getting the most out of it.

PC Gamer: Guild Wars 2 lore designers on rebuilding the world, and why they keep blowin...

22 August 2012 - 04:15 PM

Posted Image

Next day of PC Gamer coverage, this time an article here with the lore designers, Jeff Grubb and Ree Soesbee.

Here's an excerpt:


The idea of grounding the story in Tyria’s buried past has guided the game since its inception. “It’s one of the things that we talked about really early on in the game when we’d just decided to do Guild Wars 2″ Soesbee says. “We shut ourselves in a room and said ‘what’s it going to be about?’ and started talking about dragons. We wanted to call back to the history of Tyria that we don’t know anything about. I mean, what was here before the humans came? We wanted to make this a story of Tyria. Not of something coming into Tyria. Not of something absolutely new that you’ve never heard of that didn’t make any sense.”

“A lot of our history comes out of the first line of our timeline” Grubb explains. “When I came on board, it said ‘last of the Giganticus Lupicus, the Great Giants, disappear from the Tyrian continent.” I was asking people, ‘What does this mean?’ No one knew. Then we started evolving the story, taking hooks from the very first thing you encounter in the timeline. It gives a sense of continuity. It gives the sense that it’s all one unified world. As Ree says, it’s not like they got invaded by another dimension through space or something.”

Funny thing that stood out to me:

I frequently compare Guild Wars 2 to EverQuest 2, since there are a ton of similarities.  That last line from Ree made me laugh because that's EXACTLY what happened with EverQuest 2[/spoil]

Always Be Questing | Master Thread

17 July 2012 - 04:01 PM

Always Be Questing (ABQ) is my personal blog about gaming but has a major focus on Guild Wars 2 since that's my obsession.  I've played MMOs since MUDs and EQ1, so it's been an interesting trip seeing where MMOs have come from and where they're going.  My articles are based on that experience, however there are non-MMO articles on the blog as well.  I'll only be updating this thread for the GW2-specific ones.  The blog layout itself is more of a work in progress, but slowly coming together.


GW2 articles posted on the blog:

Guild Wars 2 Primer - Primer on GW2

Norrath to Tyria - Transition series detailing information players of other MMOs may need to know when coming over to GW2, focusing specifically on the differences from EverQuest 2 since I know more people who play that game than any other MMO.

Dynamic Events and the Subtle Training of Questing - Thoughts on the subtle training of questing and how it affects how players see events in GW2.

The Nature of Dynamic Events - ArenaNet's Hat Trick - Thoughts on dynamic events and how it has parallels, and possibly incorporates the good parts, of previous content.

The last day dawns... - Thoughts on the final day pre-Guild Wars 2 and the feelings that must be going through ArenaNet on this special day.

The Lost Shores awaits... - Thoughts on the November game release, specifically about Agony and Ascended items, as well as what I've been doing related to it.

Beta posts
BWE1 Report (Videos)
BWE2 Report
Six interesting yet minor details about Guild Wars 2 I learned in BWE2

Feel free to reply with comments.  I'm basically posting stuff to flex my writing, regardless of whether people really want to read them, and because I have a lot of thoughts in my head so I figured I might as well write about them (because that's what normal people do, right?).

I will be updating this thread as new articles are posted.

Thank you.