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In Topic: The 9th Profession - What should it be?

04 June 2014 - 11:07 AM

Pugilist. Hand fighting, maybe armored gloves, or whips/flails as an option, with magic use for ranged (think Final Fantasy Tactics monk). or you could call it a Monk, or maybe something different to not confuse it with a gw1 monk, and allow the use of other traditional martial artist weapons like sword and polearm, dagger, etc.

Hell, just call it a martial artist. Kind of a cross between a thief and a guardian, or thief and a gw1 ritualist? or make it a medium/heavy version and CALL it a ritualist?

It's more than just filling a niche...there's already large overlap between GW2 classes, why not focus more on style and feel than 'what haven't we done yet as far as end result effects?" then worry about what to call it?

Dark Knight would be on the opposite side of the spectrum as Guardian, with Warrior right smack in the middle of the spectrum. Warrior's all physical and inspirational, guardian uses magic for protection and secondary offense. A Dark Knight could draw on mostly offensive magic to power its skills. It'll have to be when/if they improve condition damage to be more useful. (Simple: highest condition damage ticks take precedence and don't get overwritten by berserker autoattack stacks) Then this dark knight can work on applying poison, weakness, bleeding, confusion, blind and chill. Guardian can do the latter two of course, but still, overlap. Perhaps add in a Sleep mechanism? Apply X stacks of sleep, each attack on that target removes a stack. Kind of like Molten boss Enraged, just to disable the character instead of buff it. Dark fields similar to symbols or necromancer marks, blasting fear(?), blind and weakness. Where guardian is a Warrior mixed with gw1 monk, this could be warrior mixed with necromancer. Axe instead of mace, polearm instead of staff, maybe give the Greatsword a break but keep Hammer to improve the options of that weapon type. Not sure if Dagger would feel very fitting for a heavy armor character but it would suit the style well. I'd forego scepter, but that leaves few options for ranged weapons. Longbow/shortbow, pistol don't really mesh with this idea. Might not have the option.

In Topic: The Ingame Cosplay Thread

27 May 2014 - 05:53 PM

Here, you can add this to the Vivi FF9 section:

Posted Image

With the amount of people I've had comment on it lately I'm surprised nobody beat me to it.

In Topic: The Ingame Cosplay Thread

21 December 2013 - 11:41 PM

Trust me, I've looked at all the chestpieces. Arah is the closest to a "cloak" feature and the rib details on the chest go really well with the costume as well. Any spines which may be coming off of a TA armor set are from the neckpiece and it just throws it way off.

In Topic: The Ingame Cosplay Thread

21 December 2013 - 01:05 PM

When I previewed the grenth hood on my charr necromancer, I was reminded of a rather obscure character from the M. Night Shyamalan movie The Village: Those We Do Not Speak Of.

Posted Image
Posted Image

So I've been piecing together some armor to make it work as closely as I can. Unfortunately for me there are no cloaks in the game. The closest I can find is an arah chestpiece, and that'll be forthcoming once I get enough tokens. I feel that the sclerite karka shell backpiece is as close as I'm going to get to the spines on the back.

Posted Image

So I guess a new Movie Monster category can happen since someone already posted a Jason or Leatherface lookalike in the armor mixing thread.

In Topic: Organized groups in dungeons/fractals

23 November 2013 - 06:29 AM

View Postguanlongwucaii, on 20 November 2013 - 06:36 AM, said:

But if you're not in organised groups with at least semi-competent players I wouldn't recommend multiple eles for the reasons I've stated above. Conjure ele is also stressful to use in PUGs because there's a high chance that some moron will pick up your LH/FGS and not use it properly.

That's an awesome attitude, there. Someone isn't familiar with your particular way of doing things and all of a sudden they're morons.


For some reason or another I've been pretty lucky with my pugs for dungeons up to a point. I can take practically anything in my stable and succeed regardless of party synergy. The biggest gripes I have with pugging dungeons is that quite a few players of this game have been conditioned to exploits and stealth skipping of large parts of the dungeons. This not only causes stress for those who may not be familiar with the strategies, but it causes me stress because mobs are piss-easy enough to kill that it's almost stupid to skip them and lose out on that loot/exp. I've actively left groups that were going OK because one guy wants to skip this easy-to-kill but hard-to-skip mob, gets a couple more to join him, and we end up either wiping some members or someone starts getting mad at those who wanted to fight. I have no patience for my way or else players like that. Make a suggestion, take a vote, and don't get pissy when the decision doesn't go your way.

One thing I've been finding myself doing lately is groaning when a ranger enters the group when I don't know who they are, or if they're under a certain amount of achievement points (this number varies with my mood at the time:p). i've only had maybe 3 rangers in my parties whom I've had only good experiences with.

Just today I had a ranger, guardian and engineer join my mesmer and the instance owner elementalist on a CoE front door run. Quite literally the guardian and ranger were the most often downed players, where I and the ele were the least. And we were both glass cannons.

Point of that is that the class matters only as much as the skill of the player running it.