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Allowing anyone into any level of fractals: WRONG

31 January 2013 - 04:06 AM

Ok now. After three failed pugs at fractals level 14(!) in a row, i'm done pugging in fractals. Why? Because there are level 1's jumping in there without agony resist, with greens, with no clue wtf they're doing, and it's costing me and everyone else time and coin in armor repairs trying to carry them. I'm not elitist, I just think that if there's going to be a gated mechanic like agony, there needs to be a way to ensure that an underequipped player doesn't tear the team down. So, I say either

A: display agony resistance for each player when you hover over their icons in the party list.

B: If you're level 1-10, you can't join a group at level 11 or higher. Any level up to 10 is fine.

C: You can't join a group more than 5 levels higher than yours without a set amount of agony resist. This of course would only be required for fractals level 10 or higher.

Because this is just bananas.

Dartboard development

24 January 2013 - 08:59 PM

Ok, so this has been bugging me, and it's finally become enough to actually post a thread on here about.

Is anyone else getting the impression that Anet developers ACTUALLY use the cliche dartboard selection process for their updates? Lost shores, This new frost and flame update, random bug fixes while ignoring many others, placement of the fractals entry portal, among many other things. I think the only well-thought-out change was the Mad King's entrance in Lion's Arch and subsequent incremental rebuilding of the fountain. Everything else with even that event was shoddy at best. The portals at random spots in the starter zones, the lazy design of the clock tower (two actual towers...one you climb on and the other just visual, in the same instance).

An announced guesting feature without any mention of fixing fractals party difficulties.

Hey, this might be a good thing...because if people can't grind out the fractals as easily because overflows are diminishing and truly random groups will have a hard time sorting out guesting, it might force people into the rest of PvE.

Another flip-side argument is that this new update is taking place in existing zones rather than a random location in the middle of the ocean that nobody goes to for any reason other than botting and a rich orichalcum vein. That means the new content will likely have continuing participation even after the practically-guaranteed one-time percursor-fest.

I might just be ranting here, and feel free to criticize all you want (this IS Guru after all), but all of these updates seem to be simply random, unrelated, and unnecessary sources of filler material to keep people interested. Just like a cliche drawing-room dartboard.