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Guns/Torch does anyone use these?

15 April 2013 - 02:58 AM

I'm pretty new to mesmer so don't beat me up if am saying anything wrong here...

First of all I noticed PVE wise that no one uses torches and I question why is it like that? I mean stealth is handy in some situations... say you do arah, where you have to skip some mobs... that 3-4 sec stealth is good. But yet everyone is like... nope we use veil or mass invisibility or get the theif to stealth for us... There is like one place ive seen the torch being utilised and thats in PvP situation. Like this video of this condition mesmer from december last year...


Then there is gun... not so many people use it.. why is it like that? That interruptions skill 5 is nice for say you know a hard aoe is coming and you can stop it with both diversion and gun skill 5. Then you have the skill I find most interesting and thats summon that volly warden. The thing i like with this one is the projectile finisher it uses. Say you put out feedback on the target and then use this skill. its instant stacks 8 confuse! That's ridiculous for being just 1 singel spell! And as more you make the more confuse you stack with your ethereal combo field! Think about the other projectile fields that's out there!

But then in the end it loses over all to the focus... 90% if not 99% of the mesmers I see in dungeons etc are focus users... I understand it has this traited version it would reflect any projectile back which none of the other two off-hand does.

What are you're thoughts about this?

Twilight Arbor - Overdone waypoints? Maybe Arah need more?

28 February 2013 - 10:57 PM

I'd like to say Areanet did a great job when adding waypoints, but adding way points say you defeated the Great Nightmare Vine. A waypoint pops up, that's great. Then you choose to do path forward after killing the great nightmare vine. You kill all the nightmare archer in that room an other waypoint pop up. Technically there are like two waypoints next to each other!

What kind of design is that? Two waypoints like in the next chamber? Do they expect us to die that much?

If we think of what it was before the patch there were like two waypoints, one in the beginning of the dungeon. Another in the Great Nightmare Vine room. Now there is 5 way point in TA which are placed pretty close to each other.

I mean its great, but could they do something similar then in Arah since Arah is 10x bigger then TA?

Cause if you personally ask me I'd say Arah requiers more WP then TA does. If not more, then placed in the strategic way.  What are yours thoughts about this?

Oh by the way... think of a waypoint next to giganticus lupicus...

Obsidian Shards - Better way of obtaining them through npcs?

23 November 2012 - 10:16 AM

I wanted to write this topic, because it really have concerned me for the past months. Orr has been known to have several bugs and stops progression of the meta event to Cathedral of Glorious Victory. This place is also know to be (or was) the only place people could achieve Obsidian shards for 2100 karma, which is fine for me. Lately they added Fractals of the mists, where people could buy these obsidian shards for 15 fractal relics. Which is also totally fine.

My point is, these two are the only place of obtain shards. In the original Guild Wars one series, Fissure of Woe also known as Balthazars domain, was the only place people could get obsidian shards as drops. This makes its logical to the lore that Cathedral of Glorious Victory should be the place people obtaining these shards. But with broken meta events and weeks without any progression to stock some obsidian shards, I keep seeing my karma just pile up.

I really do want to spend them on these shards but it won't happen with these broken meta events. Instead I've started to depend on the fractals of the mists, because npc never goes broken there. The problems that occurs now is the lack of fractal relics, which I have to grind up.

If Arenanet would make either the NPC never go broken or have an npc staying there 24/7 at a spot selling obsidian shards for its 2100 karma i'd be happy. For now I'm either forced to switch servers or grind fractal relics which in my opinion is a very poor costumer service. Cause karma are totally pointless if meta event to the only place that sells obsidian shards are broken.