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In Topic: Strange Occurrence in Divinity's Reach Graveyard

25 October 2012 - 03:27 PM

hi there !

not sure if it help since it can be wrong the whole way but i got an idea...

in diessa plateau you can get a "magnificent pendant" after an event (in the bottom right corner of the map, on the bridge), it's rare, cost 20silver, have no stats and can go to the mystic forge.

thing is in gw1 that item was also avaible and you need  it in a quest to make a ghost pop.
(wiki to the quest: http://wiki.guildwar...Gift_for_Althea and http://wiki.guildwar...'s_Daughter )

you had to equip it to make the ghost pop if i remember well, so i tought if u equipe it and try to meet the servant in the graveyard it may do something... i tried but was unable to see the servant yet.

maybe crap and totally unrelated but it worth the try i think =)
anyway that magnificient pendant must be usefull somehow so i hope some of you can figure something out with it :)

cya !