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Advice on upgrading

01 February 2015 - 11:42 PM

Hello, all.

I built my first machine two years ago with the invaluable help of several here, particularly Quaker.

The build has served me well, but I'm starting to think about how to start growing it.  I figure it's better to start investing a little over time to keep it up to date, rather than waiting until I find games and software has outpaced it and trying to catch up, so to speak.

Current spec is http://pcpartpicker.com/p/TLpxNG

I'm looking for advice on what which parts would make most sense to invest in first.  Add a SSD?  More memory?  GPU?

Other than GW2, I tend to play games a few years after launch, when they come on Steam sale for dirt cheap, so I don't need hardware to match things coming out right now, but I'd like to steadily upgrade the machine over time.

Thanks in advance!

Frost and Flame Finale - Why 13 Days?

01 May 2013 - 01:20 PM

So far we've had a month for each stage of FaF, and previous content rolled over into the next stage so it could be completed at a very leisurely pace.

One of the things GW2 fans were excited about before launch was the idea that the non-subscription financial model would relieve pressure to keep playing.  The idea was that you don't have a need to "get your money's worth" out of your monthly payment, so you could take a break from the game when RL or fatigue sets in, and then come back and not feel you lost something.

I know a lot of people have complained that FaF seems like little content spread over too much time.  Maybe having a dungeon only available for 13 days will make these people happy.  Personally, I like that I could continue doing non FaF things in game, and do FaF whenever I felt like it.  I'd much rather see small amounts of content added each month rather than it all give over one month and nothing for the next three.

I can think of pros and cons to this kind of limited content:

Pro: It creates some exclusivity.  Only a slice of the GW2's lifetime population will experience this dungeon and have the rewards from doing it.  This isn't a motivator for me, but it seems to be for other players dying to feel special and unique.

Pro: It feels (slightly) less theme parky if content is finished once and for all.  "I defeated the Molten Alliance" and four years later "Oh, I did that just last week" is the reply from someone who just joined.  Again, not too big a motivator for me, as I have pretty strong suspension of disbelief, but I get why people feel more immersed in one-time content.

Con: Somebody spent time creating this content, only to have it disappear after 13 days, presumably forever.  It's not doing anything for those people who come to GW2 and complain that it doesn't have the quantity and variety of content like a mature MMO.  After thirteen days Tyria is no larger or more diverse than it was back in April.

Con: The game starts to feel like a chore for some players.  I've got a really busy couple of weeks, say, but I better squeeze in some time to get in game so I don't miss out.

What other pros and cons are there to this kind of limited content?

Would it have been better for the Molten Alliance to become a permanent part of Tyria?

Or would a longer, but still limited time (say a month like all the other phases) be better for the players?

Or is even 13 days too long, and the finale should have been shortened and made a one time event like the Mad King or Karka finale?

Help! Power supply and gpu question

09 January 2013 - 03:54 PM

I have an Antec 520c which the specs said came with 2 six pin PCI connections.  I have an XFX R7800 gpu, a Radeon 7870 that requires two six pin connections.

It turns out the PSU has one 6+2 pin connection, with a "supplemental" six pin that comes off the same cable.  The info in the GPU specifically says not to use an adapter to split one six pin into two.

However, since the PSU has this built in, is it safe to run the GPU off of both 6 pin connectors on the same cable?

I'm getting mixed messages here from my hardware.... any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Feedback on a build

22 December 2012 - 10:21 PM

My new build I'm working with is http://pcpartpicker.com/p/tFZJ

At this point, I'm thinking I should wait until the day after Christmas sales to see what they bring.

These specs are well above what I need for my non-GW2 uses, which is Photoshop use and playing with Blender.  I'm hoping I can get high settings out of it for GW2 at 1920X1080.  I was originally thinking the 7770, but it looks like I can move up to the 7850 and stay in budget at this point. I'm not interested in overclocking, so hence the 3570 rather than the 3570k.

The big thing is that I want to make sure I haven't picked a dud in any of the brands.

Thanks in advance!

Need advice on a build

20 November 2012 - 03:53 PM

Hello and thanks in advance for the feedback.

At the moment I'm running GW2 on a minimum spec laptop with heat issues, a shattered screen and an attached 1024X768 monitor I picked up for $20 at Goodwill.  Obviously, I need to get a new system.

I'm in the US, and looking to get the most bang for my buck in the $750 to $850 range.  In addition to GW2, I use the computer for painting in Photoshop CS4, and fairly simple CAD drafting.  I'm looking to use the same monitor, so I can get a system that doesn't threaten to smoke when I play GW2, then get a better monitor (1280X1024?) when I can save a little more.

Based on reading this forum and elsewhere, I came up with:


Plugging similar parts into iBuyPower and Cyberpower I get:



The IBuyPower machine is only slightly more expensive than the parts list, and the CyberPower one ends up being cheaper than building it myself.

So, list of questions:

1. Is the cost difference due to CyberPower and iBuyPower using inferior parts aside from the CPU and GPU?  Should I be building myself for better, longer lasting parts?  Or is there something unnecessarily pricey in the parts list?

2. The old GPU chart from before launch indicates this build should run GW2 near max settings for the resolutions I mentioned.  Now that people have had three months with the game, does this still hold true?  I'm looking for a little eye candy in open world PvE, don't care if settings need to be turned way down for WvW.

3. Is it worth the hassle of getting Windows based software to run on Linux to save the $100 on an operating system?  $100 could equate to a better GPU, or a better monitor, sooner.

4. I'm not the type to frequently update hardware.  To that end, I've avoided overclocking as I understand it does shorten the life of the hardware, though not significantly enough to bother people who keep up with the tech.  I'm not one of those people, so I thought I'd play it safe.

5. Does this system have room to add down the road?  A sound card, etc.

6. I understand that you only really need cooling beyond the fans that come with the case if you are overclocking.  Is that true?

I'm a total newbie at this, excited and a little terrified at the idea of building my own system.  Any help is greatly appreciated!