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#2145103 Jade Quarry -A WvW Establishment

Posted Stei on 18 January 2013 - 03:12 AM

Looking for a new WvW home?
Were excited to announce Jade Quarry is open for new guild transfers! We have a dynamic community that offers full guilds’ integrated support though our official forums and teamspeak! If your guild is looking for an absolute stable, dynamic, competitive WvW server to call home, look no further! Contact any one of the guild leaders and we can sit down and discuss about our server prospects and what we can offer you!
  • Don’t miss out on this opportunity before transfers become gemed !
Considering Jade Quarry (NA)
  • Longest standing Tier 1 WvW server (16 Weeks)
  • Serverwide Offical Forums
  • Serverwide community teamspeak
  • Full WvW coverage (NA/EU/Oceanic)
  • No Ques!
  • Weekly leaders meeting
  • Authentic founding WvW guild basis (since beta)
  • An influence kickstart contribution for new/transfusing guilds
Listed below are some of the many guilds that make Jade Quarry WvW possible!
  • Please post your guild prospects below if your guild is unlisted!
International Guilds
—————————————————————— N/A Guilds
  • [ACO] – Acolytes | 150+ Members | WvW | Contact(s): Chacha
  • [CoF] - Call of Fate |40+|PvX| Contact(s):Knatty, Korav
  • [DA] - Decisive Actions | 20+mbr. | WvW | Contact(s) : Zaff
  • [FIRE] – Firebat | 200+ Members| WvW | Contact(s): Bkss
  • [HGBQ] – Hélis Galonia | 500+ Members| WvW | Contact(s):Ackim Macaldom
  • [HzH] – The Legacy of | 490+ members | PVX | Contact(s): Wok For a living
  • [MoG] - Minions of Grenth |450+ Members|PvX| Contact(s): Scubahsteve
  • [MWH]-Mithril Warhammers|20+|PvX|Contact(s):Barab
  • [OES] – One Eight Seven | 480+ Members| PvX| Contact(s): Fear the Insane
  • [OPSN] – Opposition 20+ Members | WvW| Conact(s): Aleister, Gondram, Xirrin
  • [SBS] – Short Bus Soldiers | 40+ Members | PVX| Contact(s): Azarus
  • [Sick]- Plague |20+|PvX|Contact(s) : Wotah
  • [VWV] – From The Mouth of Madness | 450+ | PvX| Contact(s): Thedreamwalker
EU Guilds
—————————————————————— Oceanic/Asia Guilds
  • [AGGR] – Aggroculture | 100+ Mbr. | WvW| Contact(s): Ooze
  • [DC] – Death Chainsaw| 100+ Members | WvW | Contact(s): Tanna
  • [DEWS] – Dynasty Elite Warriors | 400+ Mbr.| PvX | Contact(s): Laughing Rex
  • [EXI] – Exitializ | 150+ Members | WvW | Contact(s): Suenaga
  • [FdE] – Free and Easy | 45+ Members | WvW | Contact(s): Catzsan, Apprill
  • [FOO] – Fury of Order | 250+ Mbr. | WvW |Contact(s): Waha Foo
  • [FS] – Fong Shen | 200+ Members| WvW | Contact(s): Ares
  • [NW] – Night Watches | 100+ Members | WvW | Contact(s):
  • [Omen] – Omen Gaming Community | 50+ Mber.|WvW| Contact(s): Dagnue
  • [TKG] – The Kelly Gang |20+ Members| WvW | Contact(s): Flake
Disclaimer: This is not an alliance just a representation of some of the guilds on the server who take part in WvW.

If your guild needs to be added to this list contact me via mail

#2145532 Jade Quarry -A WvW Establishment

Posted Jedbacca on 18 January 2013 - 05:19 PM

I would like to thank the teams of JQ that had donated their time spent with us in their TS server to discuss things on a serious and not so serious manner in transferring to a different server.  One of my members calls it bandwagoning, that may be what it is considered to a lot, but we honestly did not see ourselves moving to JQ in the first place.  The professionalism that was presented to me, and a cookie to our GM's of SF in our in game mail, were pretty big points for our team.  We have been competing with the teams of JQ for quite some time.  We have earned respect on both spectrums, us to JQ and JQ to us.  We have been in the trenches beating the living crap out of each other for months now, this also having one of the longest lasting rivals in the game as being a member of SBI.

My evaluation for SF to move was this.  I needed to make sure what is going to be most healthy for my guild.  I consulted with the team, had an open forum and advised everyone to be non-emotional and only evaluate factual data, check queue times, familiarize yourelves with the terrain etc.  We were able to scout multiple servers and have multiple meetings with other servers.  We at SF industries have voted as a guild and came to a conclusion that for the sake of the GW2 balancing act, we would fit well with the JQ teams.

You guys from JQ made a great impression on me and have worked with me in the past in cracking down on crime!!  I look forward to working with the teams of JQ and assisting where we can.  Thank you for the gracious invite and meeting, SF accepts at this time after taking all things in to consideration.

Evaluation consisted of the following:
Queue, organization, the need for us to join, welcoming of any teams that may follow but were not asked to follow.

I look forward to our future work together :)

#2133904 T1 Thread: JQ, SBI, SS

Posted Kleenex on 02 January 2013 - 11:53 PM

I be cheering for you JQ eventhough we been fighting endlessly in T1 :) .

P.S. Why isn't SoS posting/requesting score update every 5th post?......Oh that right they not winning :D (J/K)

#2110160 T1NA: The Bluff, the Jade and the Sorrow (Round 3)

Posted Flake on 07 December 2012 - 01:33 AM

TKG is still the same size from the start.  Always have been a smallish guild.  We just don't have all our numbers on every night =/  We also roam with SC and WAR most of the time during Oceanic time to allow us to accomplish more (if numbers are lacking).

#2019281 Congratulations Jade Quarry

Posted Caffynated on 14 October 2012 - 10:05 PM

View PostAodan, on 14 October 2012 - 08:25 PM, said:

TA and HoD won against ALL servers even when they teamed up against them.

What has JQ done? Beat the lesser pop servers to get into the upper tier. You now have an established WvW presence but only after TA dissolved and you could EASILY take tier 1.

TA left for many good reasons that Anet has yet to address and one that was ONSET by anet not limiting free transfers.
Apparently JQQ handles their band-wagoners easier when they aren't the server that everyone wants to knock down.

An empty win is an empty win. Now is JQ's chance to see if they can stay top.

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#2019064 Congratulations Jade Quarry

Posted Soulstitchmmo on 14 October 2012 - 08:14 PM

View PostAodan, on 14 October 2012 - 06:14 PM, said:

Cause there was real competition, amirite?

TA splits and JQ is now 1-7 against HoD. Such an achievement!

Keep clinging to that dream buddy. TA is a joke of an alliance that got 1600 arena rating and declared themselves best in the world. Every accomplishment in Gw2 will now remember TA as the "oh did you something? retire undefeated!" meme.