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[Answered] Precursor update.... srsly !

04 May 2013 - 02:31 PM

Ok... so I already wasted more than 300g in mystic forge, trying to get this freaking precursor.
And my furious bar is getting higher and higher with every golden coin I throw away.
First of all I really love the idea of legendary weapons. I really do. The thing that you really need to work hard to get it. It's great. But I really hate the fact that everything is based on gold and money. But ok. I can live with this.

The more annoying fact is anet promised to us (in November) to add scavender hunt. And I know they said it won't be added to the game in January or February but we already have May. And since they announced it the price for my precursor rised from 130g to 650g (!!)
I don't want to be that person who say "omg... Anet is not doing anything with dis game blah blah blah". No. But I think they should do something with this. I have all my gifts done since January and I really want my legendary :(
My question is (because maybe I've missed some informations and announcements). Do we have more informations about possible precursor update ?

Thanks in advance
Cheers !

WTB more FPS

10 October 2012 - 07:55 PM

Hello guys

I have a problem with my laptop. I don't know why but even if my pc isn't so bad, I don't have much FPS
(10-13 in a map without lots of ppl and 5-8 in big cities like Lion's Arch. WvWvW is a disaster, I can't reach more than 5 FPS while fighting in a big group).

I though, ok maybe my laptop isn't so good to play Guild Wars 2 in HQ. But then I saw a videos on YT (http://www.youtube.c...c.1.G81t_Gl6OuY) and this guy is playing on very same laptop as mine with everything on "High" with like 20-25 FPS. The only difference between his and mine laptop is he has 6GB RAM and I do have only 4.

This is how my laptop looks like:
Intel Core i5 2410M - 4GB RAM, Nvidia GT540m 2GB

So my question is why ?

Thanks in advance
Cheers !

Sorry for my english.