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ridiculous low drop rate

16 October 2012 - 05:46 PM

heya guys, i just wanna ask if u experienced the same.
im running around with full mf-gear+omnombars and sometimes the gemstore mf-buff, but still dont get golds or even exotics.
im farming cursed shore events with my ele, and even with ~180mf i still get no gold item.
like ~80hrs of cursed shore or dungeonexplos and i got 4 golden items in total.

imo this is extrem low, i heard from my friends they make like 5g everyday with eventfarming and are gettin like 3 golds every hour or even more with ~100mf.
another point are those chests in frostgorge or cursed, i opened like 20 in total and had not a single gold item.       seems like i have a very unlucky account?

any1 of u experienced the same or got a theory why im this unlucky with rare drops?