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#2155558 Ridiculous update content

Posted Nightblaze1 on 31 January 2013 - 10:00 PM

Stop your freaking complaining. Agh, you remind me of annoying little toddlers! I am thoroughly enjoying this new content. I love the idea of these achievements, it supports the casual players that don't want to run stupid fractals or dungeons all the time to get the best gear. This is why I purchase and play GW2 to begin with, because it is a CASUAL game and was advertised that way. Gosh, you all knew what you were getting into.

#2141249 The Guild Wars 2 Endgame... Let's be realistic here..

Posted Red_Falcon on 13 January 2013 - 06:19 AM

View PostStigma, on 12 January 2013 - 11:03 PM, said:

Free to play, microtransaction, etc... regardless.. It's an MMO. I try hard to understand but I still can't wrap my head around why people leave the game complaining that there isn't anything to do and how GW2 end game is a disappointment. What did they expect?

If this was any other monthly fee MMO people would just be in the illusion that there is an end game while they grind for max level and incrementally small upgrades. Not saying that GW2 is free of that, in fact grinding for legendaries is ridiculously long. The grind exists in GW2 like any other MMO just that they made a lot of things easily accessible unlike other MMOs and also smartly hides a lot of things. People are leaving the game for the most obcure reasons as if they have to forcefully find negative critiques.

Anyone have comments or ideas to help me understand this existential dilemma!

I believe some people will just take a dump on any game that comes out after they get bored of it.
Thing is, no game is unlimited. Eventually, you will get bored of it. Even life can be boring once you've done everything.

There is objectively plenty to do at 80, whether people find it fun or not it's their problem.
Some people just prefer to spam an easy rotation for months in the same dungeon of wow to get +1 stats.
Others like RvR and all that comes with it. Others like instanced pvp.
Others again like rare skin farming.
The important fact of it all is that GW2 doesn't require a person to do any grind.
I got max gear on all my chars by doing completely different things, never had to repeat anything - and this is very good.

Yeah, some people force themselves to repeat content and then say it's a grind: of course bro, YOU are making it grindy.
The game rewards varied gameplay (dailies, first-time dungeon paths, etc), and doesn't reward repetition (diminishing returns).
And for the umpteenth time, legendaries are not a grind.
They are meant to be things you get after months of playing the game, you're not meant to grind for them.

In short, there is some people who just try to play GW2 the way they played traditional MMOs and they come out unsatisfied.
Duh, this game was made for people who hated traditional MMO, for sure you aren't meant to enjoy it the traditional way.

There are things to be improved and they will come in the next 3 months.
And to think all of this came for just 50 bucks it's saying a lot. Only Skyrim gave me this longevity with that price (but this is with mods, vanilla would've lasted less) and of course GW1.

I seriously hope some other AAA traditional MMO grindfest launches so we get rid of these grind-enslaved carrot-chasing people pestering us with requests of wow cloning.