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In Topic: Shadow of the Mad King One-Time Event

28 October 2012 - 11:12 PM

meh farm chests for drops... is all this is even good for I was really hoping for a quick way to level :( but it is fun.

In Topic: YB/SoR/GoM Match up.

16 October 2012 - 04:54 AM

View PostBottoms_Up, on 16 October 2012 - 03:23 AM, said:

That writer didn't seem to recognise that even against odds and in the face of defeat, those players still tried. Instead, he decided to give them a trite lecture on what they were doing wrong.

Insight: The writer wrote that blatantly sarcastic post as a jab, yes, but also as a serious problem I get offended not by your post because your correct. I was slightly rude, it offends me that not 5 days ago YB could play properly get siege up and now as much as you want to act like some sort of gifted server placed in misfortune of circumstances; fact of the matter is the only try-hards left in your WvW are noobs too ignorant on even the most simple of game strategies, such as building a ram.

You want me to congratulate you on failing to build a ram because you tried? Ok well done, bravo for effort, now where the hell is your organized WvW-er's leaving and pouting in their fortress?

Lets not forget a major catalyst of all this was that orb being taken from EH you should not hack on SoR that is an easy way to get 24hr trainfest I'm not kidding we take that stuff seriously seems every time we get hacked the the hackers team flat loses. Control your members first then preach about your prized principals don't offend me with these pathetic attempts at organization while your main force sits on the bench. Where are you guys?

PS. Thanks everyone (enemy/allies) who showed up today to fight for GoM BL that was fun and tough I hope you all had some good times too I know  I died my fair share.

To those of you on YB who sit with idle hands I hope your trying to organize your guild/recruit pugs. I would hate to hear about more cowards who flee your server at the first sign of defeat. These transfers that happen are prob part of the problem but don't ever forget it is a two way streak and no one decides who comes but you can help to change the minds of those that wish to leave through community, which is one of the highest aspects SoR strives for above all else, even WvW.

In Topic: YB/SoR/GoM Match up.

16 October 2012 - 01:59 AM

Today I saw over 10 yaks try to build a single ram at their Fort in GoM BL they could have taken the unupgraded/10man defense if they had it up but because each builder trickled in one at a time our single arrow cart kept the ram at 20% health and eventually destroyed it as well as many of the players surrounding it but that is the last I will say about my experiences.

I wont tell you how the rams represent servers and how organization helps one to rise to the top nor will I detail the methods of how one can reach out on forums websites and other BL to search for competitive WvW guilds looking for homes. I have seen the effects of communication but I will not list the effective results that can come from it. We have not won through long nights and determination alone and no one will list out the many guilds ranging from a measly 5 to 200+ that have been here since the start and have contributed entirely to our success. I wont say that we have picked up wanderers along the way nor will I say some sort of quote about friends and success and friends and failure in relation to server pride.

It is not sad to see that such a close match is now spoiled by bad blood of people pretending to be sheep simply to call out the winning party because in the end we are what we make of ourselves.

I will not end this by giving you advice because im not from your server but look on at where I do come from to all servers we engage because we at SoR are strong and silent warriors. We sit we watch we wait and we learn we strike swiftly at the smallest and most precise of moments that have left many an enemy perplexed and dazed. This is for many reasons but not a single have i thus far revealed because of how cunning and calculated these plans have been thought out so as to keep even the most prying of eyes blind.

I refuse to explain how, when Dark Haven and Sorrows Furnace had all of our bases save a single Longview we held deep in enemy territory with no supply leading into it. You would find not one among us at SoR that will divulge that it was, not numbers or upgrades, that held the keep but strength of will to dare anyone to take it.

GLHF or dont, I will. So long as Rall stays secret and strong no one will learn that the only true failure is in giving up to helplessness.

Rall is coming.

In Topic: YB/SoR/GoM Match up.

15 October 2012 - 11:58 AM

Yaks did good, but they could not maintain their strategy as it was hinged on financial infrastructure that quite frankly just was not there.

Likewise, Rall does not have the funds to mimic the strategy however as you can see in car races its not the first to pop Nitro that wins but the last. I think that this match up has shown us 2 things and that is that nothing is decided yet, anyone can win. As well as a new strategies for winning that are just as competitive/impactful as playing on the battleground. GLHF

In Topic: Most adorable Asura contest!

12 October 2012 - 06:59 PM

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Sometimes I'm Serious.

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Most Times I'm Fun.

But.. You Wouldn't Like Me When,

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I'm Angry

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Courtesy of Aren Dreadspark from Epic, on Sanctum of Rall.