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In Topic: Haven't gotten a rare drop in days

21 November 2012 - 09:42 PM

Does this have something to do with drops and the antifarm being enemy type specific? FOTM has many enemy types, and even after playing for an hour or two and all the greens drops becoming blue and white, if i get the grawl fractal ill get tons of greens and blues because I haven't killed grawl in weeks. That's how I explained it before I saw this thread. But seriously, did everyone just forget about the anti-farm code? I saw people complaining about it for weeks, then everyone suddenly stopped. Am I missing something or is this a big reason FOTM is so much better than the new areas?

In Topic: Cheapest crafting profession?

07 November 2012 - 10:51 AM

Leatherworker is weird  It wasn't hard to until I had to get the 225 cloth mats (the red ones). Then suddenly everything i salvage yields above or below it. I imagine other professions have eccentricities like that. I've noticed  certains levels of totems or venom sacs are just plain lacking. Your phrasing is a bit strange, so if you're going off of just the tp, im sure there are some very cheap options for chef, but that would probably fluctuate. So, more generally, if you're already going for world complete, then make sure you harvest your silver and gold, and you'll be able to do jeweler very "naturally".