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#2370334 Weird graphics problems

Posted by Marty Silverblade on 24 September 2016 - 11:06 PM

A lot of people have been having this issue lately. Only solution I can recall atm is forcing the game to run in DirectX 8 via command line. FWIW, I'm also running W10 64 bit and have no issues.
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#2368305 W/N vs Thirsty River

Posted by Marty Silverblade on 08 August 2016 - 12:08 AM

EotN is definitely harder than the titan quests.
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#2368227 W/N vs Thirsty River

Posted by Marty Silverblade on 06 August 2016 - 10:28 PM

Post your bars. I can't tell you anything from that, other than you're running too many melees. Taking a screenshot with your hero bars open will suffice.
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#2368150 W/N vs Thirsty River

Posted by Marty Silverblade on 05 August 2016 - 12:05 AM

Mysticism reduces skill costs. Energy costs are balanced with this in mind so if you've got it at 0 you'll be paying a higher than the intended price. I would have mentioned this before but I overlooked it. I'm not going to provide specific advice on Dervs (not that I'm super qualified to do so) but plugging in an avatar skill will be super handy and not dependant on what else you're able to bring. Melandru might be the best as it would improve their survivability massively and help clear the burning from Rodgorts/Mind Burn.

Heroes whose level is below yours will gain experience at five times the normal rate. You don't need to do anything special, just keep them with you and they'll catch up without too much effort. If you can set their bars to something better than what the Proph henchies have (which is not difficult) they'll more than make up for any level deficiency anyway. Trying to break them in in the last mission might be annoying though. Perhaps go back and complete some of the mission bonuses you missed. In any case, you can always level one or two at a time rather than all of them at once if you can't handle that. Hero xp bars are not visible.
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#2368074 W/N vs Thirsty River

Posted by Marty Silverblade on 04 August 2016 - 12:39 AM

Wait, so you've spent all this time with four empty slots on your dervs? You could have made your life 100 times easier. Four energy pips allows you to use them as pseudo midliners if you need. Make them /Mo for hex and condition removal or pre-castable prots or smites. Make them /W for Watch Yourself and Distracting Blow. Make them /E for wards. Make them /Me for an interrupt or two. You could even go all in on the idea and give them a staff. If you have a Derv up to Vabbi I don't understand why you've done nothing with these bars.

I don't know what you've read about hero behaviour with teardowns and I haven't done much experimenting with hero derv bars but I suspect that heroes won't have any understanding about which enchants should be removed and when and as such will probably use teardowns on recharge.

I don't see anything that would make Avatar of Balthazar affect aggro. You can always grab one of the other form skills if you prefer.
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#2367372 W/N vs Thirsty River

Posted by Marty Silverblade on 24 July 2016 - 12:10 AM

Commonly used abbreviations: http://www.guildwars...internet-terms/
There's also a lot of shorthand used for describing mods, which you could figure out by checking the relevant mod lists on the wiki, or just asking here.

Bonetti's Defence is terrible. Every second it's active is a second you're not in IAS, which is a second you're not doing your job properly. It also prevents skill usage, which makes it even more pointless.

To be clear, the Necro skills don't belong on your bar. You're just running them now because Prophecies hench bars are bad. Once you get a fuller set of heroes you'll want to move them off. I would say though that running them yourself gives you a good idea on what impact each of those elements is having, which will make you a better player in the long run.
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#2367261 W/N vs Thirsty River

Posted by Marty Silverblade on 22 July 2016 - 12:21 AM

Enfeebling Blood has nearby range (which is massive) and can be applied at the beginning of the fight, which is when it's most useful. Axe Twist is single target, requires melee range and will take time to apply. Think about how the weakness is actually going to help - if a backliner is getting smashed by a physical, are you going to drop everything to go after them? What if you want to shut down a melee who's chasing one of your monks? Do you then go and chase them around? Is that necessarily a better thing to do overall than staying where you are, holding whatever aggro you're holding and killing them, which you'd do much more easily than that melee? Try it and see what outcomes you achieve. Also consider Axe Rake, which is useful against any foe who wants to move, either to run away from you or AoE, or towards your backline. I really can't see either being worth a slot, but trying it out should provide some perspective.

In any case, Enfeebling Blood doesn't have to be mutually exclusive with Plague Sending. There's enough room in the bars to accommodate both. Moving into the southern shiverpeaks, your movement speed concerns are all going to be hex or knockdown based rather than by cripple so that concern goes out the window. The pinesouls have barbed trap but that's it I think. I don't think blind shows up much there either, if at all. Again, it's a take it if you need it skill, so see how you go.
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#2367220 W/N vs Thirsty River

Posted by Marty Silverblade on 21 July 2016 - 12:49 AM

There are two quests that reward 15 attributes points. Needless to say, they're essential. I would strongly favour Enfeebling Blood over Plague Sending unless there's blind, which I don't think shows up much after you leave the desert.

If you don't need zealous then damage boosting via vampiric is generally the way to go. Sundering, while not as effective, works fine too if the degen annoys you. Also, I'm not sure if you misunderstood/I was unclear, but furious does work without skills like Dark Fury; I was just pointing out that they'd exaggerate it's effect but would still not make it a competitive choice compared to vampiric.
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#2367213 W/N vs Thirsty River

Posted by Marty Silverblade on 20 July 2016 - 11:53 PM

The two +1's are from a minor rune and the innate headgear bonus. The bonus you can get on your weapon adds next to nothing. It's only a 1 in 5 shot, only triggers on skill use, and the +1 doesn't add a ton there anyway. You'll get much more out of either a +5 armor or +30 health mod.

If you want to dig into hero bars you're likely better off reading the two hero specific threads near the bottom of the forum (or their original versions on Guru, which will have all of the comments).

Furious mods aren't good for much. Look at it this way: in 10 hits furious will provide one strike of adrenaline, while vampiric will provide 30 damage. What can you do with that one adrenaline that compares? Nothing. The bonus does stack with things like Dark Fury and Dragon Slash but it still doesn't add much. It also isn't a potential game changer, like zealous.

With reference to your buy thread, server doesn't matter. You can move around at will. Also, my head tells me each server is located in the same place anyway, but I'm not sure if that's true. In any case, the population has almost entirely migrated over to the American servers. You ought to find significantly more people there regardless of play time.
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#2367159 W/N vs Thirsty River

Posted by Marty Silverblade on 19 July 2016 - 11:58 PM

Yeah, the point of buying those skills with your Derv is so that they'd be unlocked and thus available for purchase at any trainer in that campaign. It's a handy trick to know.

Sunspears in Kryta is only a five minute quest so it shouldn't be difficult finding someone to help if you need. Just ask in all chat, or guild chat if you've got one. My in-game availability times are ~1 hour from now (check the timestamp on this post) until 4 hours from now. I'm not in the US (if that's the assumption you were making), though my times are a bit backwards.

Lion's Comfort really is the #1 choice for a self heal (if you need one - eventually you'll want to drop it). Healing Signet is -40 armor, not -40%, which means double damage. Whether it's useful or not depends on how you play, builds, etc. I don't want to talk too much further about this - we can talk about this all day, crunch numbers until our fingers fall off, etc, but ultimately you need to playtest to see how things are working out. Lion's Comfort is available in Kamadan so the conversation is largely moot. Attributes can be 12+1+1 Axe, 11+1 Str, 6 Curses.

Zealous mods drop only on gold (rare) weapons. You can't really farm them. You're better off just saving the cash (~2k) and buying one. Some people give such things away - check the giveaways section here or on legacy to see if somebody might have one.
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#2367099 W/N vs Thirsty River

Posted by Marty Silverblade on 18 July 2016 - 11:47 PM

Yeah, Sunspears in Kryta is how to get across. It'll be tough though. If you need help there's no shame in asking guildies (or me, if you've got no other contacts - PM me here if I'm not ingame). I'm not sure what you mean by "Guess that means I have to replay loads of stuff I already did.". Once you complete Sunspears in Kryta you'll be where you need to be.

Also, if you stick your head out of Kamadan you'll get Koss, Melonni, Dunkoro and Tahlkora for no effort at all. They'll only be level 15 but they should catch up quickly, and if you give them decent builds it'll more than make up for the level difference. Acolyte Sousuke or Jin can be obtained as well, though I typically prefer not to go too far out of the way.

(Off topic:) I dispute heroes being a good thing for proph/factions, especially the latter. What they need (and factions now has) is decent hench bars so that the player can focus on learning to play the profession they're playing without having to make up for henchie shortfalls. Learning what a good build looks like and why takes enough effort for the profession you're playing. I've seen people looking for suggestions for their builds and it turns out they've got things like rangers with two preparations. There are a lot of things that aren't obvious unless you've got that first hand experience. Being able to customise builds is a mixed blessing.
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#2366727 W/N vs Thirsty River

Posted by Marty Silverblade on 15 July 2016 - 12:15 AM

Plague Sending used to have a 10e cost which is why people used Touch. Nowadays Sending is likely a better choice provided you're happy with the 10% sacrifice cost. Touch doesn't have a recharge time but if you find yourself needing to use it more frequently than every five seconds you're going to burn your whole energy pool.

Whether to use higher potency runes is typically personal choice but on melees people (including myself) generally don't.

Do note that MoP doesn't affect the hexed foe, just the ones around it. It's for crushing mobs whereas Barbs is a better boss killer.

Pulling is done with a longbow or flatbow. There are zero reasons to use a skill for it.

If you're going to use Frenzy you need another stance to cancel it when the pressure gets too high or you're about to get spiked. If you have a hero team set up and can ensure you've got the relevant prots on you all the time it's not necessary, but as enemy damage numbers go up you're going to have to be more and more conservative with it and eventually the benefits are going to be watered down enough that it's not pulling its weight. Also ensure that you're using Frenzy only when it runs out, not every time it's recharged. Doing the latter will burn through your energy pretty quickly. Speaking of which, getting a zealous weapon will help cover energy needs if you're not running WE. If you are, Power Attack is a must. Try to separate WE and non-WE bars. Bars should look something like this:

Cyclone Axe
Executioner's Strike
Penetrating Chop/Agonizing Chop (will need to unlock; also note the reduced activation time)

Optionals should be Plague Sending only if you need it (as I mentioned earlier, most conditions are largely annoyances rather than something you should look to counter specifically), Enfeebling Blood (if you can't get it onto a hero bar), a self heal or Rez Signet. If you're running Frenzy one of them needs to be a cancel stance. You are of course welcome to experiment with MoP or whatever takes your fancy - developing your own builds is half the fun.

Power Attack
Protector's Strike (maybe Executioner's Strike if you're not taking BoA. Swift Chop could work too)
Cyclone Axe

Optionals as above.

Weakness reduces raw attack damage dealt by 66%. This is certainly useful, and will only get moreso as the enemies get tougher. It also reduces the enemies attributes by one. If you're able to hold the majority of aggro from the enemy physicals it's not as big of a deal as it would be for a caster player, but it'll take the heat off.

The issue with Blood Renewal is that it doesn't provide healing on demand and isn't practical for a frontliner to use mid-combat due to the health sacrifice. It also requires speccing into Blood Magic. You'll always have a weapon attribute and Strength, and you'll want to avoid splitting four ways unless you really have no better option. Blood Renewal doesn't offer anything revolutionary. The idea is a non-starter on WE bars which demand high strength.

Additional secondaries need to be unlocked before use. Prophecies characters can unlock the core professions through a series of quests but otherwise you need to pay for them. See here.

EDIT: Flail is an NF skill so you need to be in NF to buy it. Get your Warrior to Kamadan and it should be available. If not, perhaps you need to switch your Derv to /W for it to unlock.
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#2366712 W/N vs Thirsty River

Posted by Marty Silverblade on 14 July 2016 - 04:06 AM

Perhaps one of the healers ran out of energy? Or Aegis ran out, causing your damage production to double?

Good pick on Griffon's Sweep though. Could have been handy when trying to deal with two copies of Aegis.


The point of Plague Touch is to get conditions off you. Transferring them to an enemy is really just a bonus. Typically condition removal is something that your mid+backline should be handling but when you're relying on the crappy Prophecies henchies you have to either do it yourself or just tolerate the conditions. Most of them are just annoying but blind will wreck you, especially when there are multiple enemies carrying it. As such, Plague Touch is one of those things worth having in your arsenal for when you need it, but not something you have stapled to your bar.

Hammers have higher base DPS than swords and axes, but this is in part to compensate for sacrificing the off-hand. There are numbers towards the start of the guide. The key differences between the weapons are in the skills though, so don't worry too much about it.

Bleeding provides 3 health degen, which is equivalent to 6 damage per second. It's not something you'd aim to include in a build, though it's not worthless. As foe health increases degen becomes a less and less useful way of killing things. It's very much supplementary.

Your derv will have to be /N to purchase Barbs. You just need to switch your secondary over for a few seconds. You could also go to the hero skill trainer in the Chantry of Secrets, who will teach it for a hero skill point. Might need to switch to /N just to be sure it's unlocked.

As far as IAS goes, Flail is the meta choice so go with that if you can. You could grab Burst of Aggression while you're at it, as it's arguably a better choice than Flail on Warrior's Endurance bars, but it's got no use outside of that.

Power Attack might only be 5e, but it's on a three second recharge. If you're not going to run WE, you need to figure out whether using it 1-3 times each fight is worth it compared to whatever else you could have in that slot.

If you want a self heal take Lion's Comfort (available in Kamadan, no need to unlock first) or Healing Signet, though obviously you need to be careful with the latter. The problem with health regen is that oftentimes it doesn't actually achieve anything - if you're under half decent pressure you're still going to need exactly as much attention from the backline as you would if you didn't have it. Life Siphon would have only been providing two pips of regen (=four health per second) which is especially ineffective.

When I said you can't use Disrupting Chop on reflex I was talking in context of shutting down the monk boss and priest. An axe attack under IAS will take 0.88 seconds. Word of Healing and Vigorous Spirit have casting times below that and Orison of Healing is 1 second, which doesn't provide much leeway. With 1.5+ second casts and decent reflexes you should be able to land interrupts.
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#2366707 W/N vs Thirsty River

Posted by Marty Silverblade on 14 July 2016 - 12:55 AM

EDIT: Ah, you've completed it while I was typing. Nevermind. Advice should still be good. Will reply to your new post when I can.

Even if a build is entirely bad it's possible for users to explain why. It may, for example, be a matter of somebody holding onto a concept they learned from other games that doesn't apply to GW, a general misunderstanding of key mechanics, sticking to something that works when you're fighting lower level enemies but not at mid-high level stuff, etc. Also, a build may not necessarily be as bad as you think it is.

Something I forgot to mention earlier; Plague Touch is useful for getting rid of troublesome conditions. The rangers like to spam blind. Don't know how much that's holding you up.

I'm not sure where you got the idea that sword=bad dps. The problem with swords though is that if you want deep wound (i.e, Gash) you require bleeding enemies, which in turn requires enemies to be fleshy. I was going to say that those Enchanted Sword/Bow/etc enemies aren't fleshy, which is true, but the wiki says the Forgotten Champion and Avenger are. Still probably better to avoid swords for now. You seem to be thinking that all deep wound applications require the enemy to be bleeding. This is not the case. It's just a specific thing for Gash. Crushing Blow and Dismember don't give a damn about bleeding.

As an aside, typically if you're relying on conditions for a skill chain you'll want to guarantee it's available. Aura of Thorns won't let you do that, unless you disable and manually cast it. Even then, you'll want to be churning out deep wound as much as you can. It cuts off 100 points or 20% (whichever is lower) of the enemies health bar, making it far more potent damage wise than pretty much any other option.

The reason I suggested Orion was to push damage, plus Meteor can come in handy. In normal mode enemies don't scatter from it as quickly as they would in hard mode. Overall the prophecies hench bars aren't great so it's probably not going to make a ton of difference.

You can get Barbs without having to travel to Cantha. If your Derv has reached The Kodash Bazaar they can obtain it, which unlocks it, which will allow you to buy it on your Warrior from any Proph skill trainer (or use a necro tome, if that's easier). You can also get it by capturing it from bosses in Riverside Province or Sanctum Cay. Riverside has a better spawn chance. Not saying it'll necessarily be worth running, just that it is there if you want to try. I should also point out it's not something that belongs on your bar. However, prophecies, with it's dodgy henchman bars, makes certain otherwise bad skill choices more reasonable. If you reserve it for bosses it's probably ok. As far as your other Necro skill thoughts go, you shouldn't need the healing (it's not much good anyway) and the degen doesn't cause enough damage on it's own to be worthwhile.

As far as your suggested build at the end goes:
-Berserker Stance sucks because it has only 50% uptime and prevents you from using skills. Increasing your attack speed is an essential component of every good warrior bar, but BS isn't the way to go.
-Power Attack is massively energy hungry. You'd need almost six pips of energy management if you want to spam it on recharge, and if you're not spamming it the overall DPS it's adding will drop. Skills not used are skills not contributing.
-Barbed Signet and Life Siphon add nothing here, as previously mentioned.
-You've only mentioned seven skills.

As far as build suggestions from me:
-The Warrior's Endurance bars in the campaign specific section of my guide will work. You're not /E but that's fine; you can plug in whichever Necro skills you need instead. If you're happy to grab either Burst of Aggression or Flail (unlock as described for Barbs, then buy in Kamadan) you can skip Frenzy (and in turn Rush) which nets you another skill slot.
-For a hammer build, you can use Counter Blow to generate knockdowns too. You can plug it into the Earth Shaker build in place of it's namesake. Again, IAS can/should be switched to Flail and Necro skills plugged in.
-For an axe build, Disruptive Chop can be an immensely effective means of shutdown against the enemy monks. You won't be able to use it on reflex, but if you spam it enough you should hit one of the key skills eventually.

Also, just to make sure, you are killing the sand giants to max out your morale boost, right?
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#2366625 W/N vs Thirsty River

Posted by Marty Silverblade on 13 July 2016 - 12:05 AM

Post your builds. There are over 1000 skills in this game. If you want specific critique you need to provide specific information. For general advice, see my warrior guide. Having said that, you're almost certainly making a mistake by running blood. It's not a great attribute line to begin with, and what it is good for doesn't belong on your bar. Other general advice: run "Watch Yourself" to blunt damage and Enfeebling Blood (ideally on a derv) to largely neutralise the enemy physicals. Also, note that deep wound reduces healing, so getting that in somewhere could be a difference maker.

I'd favour Orion for the last hench slot.

As far as the mission goes, note that the enemies respawn on every even minute. Time your attacks so that you won't get respawns at bad times. Aggroing ~10 seconds before the even minute (eg. 1:50, 3:50) should be ideal as you'll get their attention but won't have killed anything.

I would also point out that part of the reason you're having trouble is that Word of Healing has been somewhat significantly buffed since 2005.
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