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Unable to access Guru - Error 521

27 August 2016 - 11:33 PM

For the last 3-4 days whenever I try to access Guru (guildwarsguru.com/forum) it repeatedly tries and fails to connect, saying the web server is down. What is happening, and when will it be resolved?

Quests best kept for farming

17 May 2016 - 02:55 AM

This thread will be devoted to a list of quests that can/should be kept for the benefits of using them later for farming. Any quests that are usually a good idea to not finish/complete for the sole purpose of farming can be submitted here. This idea was inspired by Francis Crawford.


Quest: Defend North Kryta Province
Where: North Kryta Province
Purpose: Farming Titans

Quest:Reversing the Skales
Where:Scoundrel's Rise
Purpose: To farm mats, and gold

Quest:Undead Hordes
Where:Watchtower Coast
Purpose: Gold Sephis Axes


Quest:The Halycon Job
Where: Luxon Territory, Obtained from Cavalon. Farmed in Boreas Seabed
Purpose: Allows you to farm rare Canthan items and gold runes

Quest:A New Escort
Where: Drazach Thicket (outside St. Angelika's Shrine)
Purpose: Farm Dragon Moss for loot


Quest: Destroy the Ungrateful Slaves
Where: The Shattered Ravines
Purpose: Farming Dead Swords

Quest: A Show of Force and Requiem For a Brain (hard mode)
Where: The Sulfurous Wastes
Purposes: Farm Margonites for Lightbringer points
Farm Undead for Sunspear points (don't need the quests for this part)
Farm for runes and rares
Open locked chests (including for Elemental Swords) (don't need the quests for this part)

Quest: Drakes on a Plain
Where:The Floodplain of Mahnkelon
Purpose:Farming drakes for gold, items, and materials

Quest: Turai's Procession
Where: Battle of Turai's Procession
Purpose: Farm Margonites for loot

Quest:Holding the line
Where: Domain of fear (outside gate of secrets)
Purpose:Titans with inscripable stuff (magma's)

Quest:Protect the Learned
Where: Holdings of Chokhin
Purpose:Margonite farming

Eye of the North:

Area: GWEN
Quest: The Path to Revelations
For: Smashing 6 bosses for Norn points.
What to do: grab the norn hunt and proceed with the quest normally.
Warning: After you get rank 8 Norn, you can no longer get hunts in NM.
Tip: There are some pop-ups around the area where the quest marker is, if you are a few short of the getting a multiple of 25 kills, try killing them after you get the first boss to spawn in hopes of getting a boss hunt or something like that.


17 May 2016 - 02:49 AM

Originally posted by ROTA

Hi GW Modders,

I want to introduce you to Universal Modding Engine (uMod). It is an open source clone of TexMod and a how-to can be found here.

What uMod V1.0 (beta) can:

  • support the TexMod *.tpf Mods
  • starting GW through uMod (like TexMod) but with command line options
  • starting GW extern (e.g. double click on the GW.exe directly in the explorer, this method does somehow not work for GW under Win XP)
  • activate and deactivate mods while GW is running
  • you can save your mod settings into templates, one template can be set as default and is loaded when gw starts
  • you can mod more than one game simultaneously (e.g. GW Multi-Launch)
Benefits for mod users:
  • start GW with your favourite mods with 2 double clicks (start uMod, afterwards start GW)
  • atm it is not detected by any anti-virus program -> there is no need for a white list entry
  • error messages ;)
  • no flickering of textures
  • no *.tmp files in your temporary directory
  • uMod loads the mods faster
Benefits for mod creators:
  • save all the textures which are loaded by GW (you can also select and save single textures)
  • reload textures while you are editing them to see how your changes take effect in GW (you can also add the *.dds file directly)
The development group is very small and we are looking for new members. Features we want to introduce in the next versions:
  • support of DirectX 8, 10, and 11 (DirectX 10 hopefully before the release of GW 2)
  • OnScreenDisplay (configure uMod without minimizing the game)
Keep in mind: Like TexMod also uMod is not supported in any way from ArenaNet. Before I start explaining with my German-English you better read the TexMod article on wiki.guildwars.com.



17 May 2016 - 02:16 AM

Originally posted by drok3n

Screenshot: http://oi67.tinypic.com/2gt7nyd.jpg

Posted Image

Posted Image
Version 5
Posted Image

DroMod Final Green-Purple

DroMod Final Red-Purple

Posted Image

Version 4

DroMod 4 Green-Purple With Clear inventory

DroMod 4 Green-Purple Without Clear Inventory

Red Health Purple Energy With Clear Inventory

Red Health Purple Energy Without Clear Inventory

Posted Image

Version Black
(Speed Clear Version)
DroMod Black Green Health

DroMod Black Green Health No Carto

DroMod Black Red Health

DroMod Black Red Health No Carto

Posted Image

Version 3.0
DroMod 3 Green Health

DroMod 3 Red Health

Posted Image

Version 2.0
DroMod 2 With Carto

DroMod 2 Without Carto

Posted Image

Version 1
DroMod 1 With Carto

DroMod 1 Without Carto

Posted Image

Posted Image

Extract Texmod to a folder with winzip or winrar

Open TexMod.

Click 1 and find the GW.exe (default location is C:/Program Files/Guild Wars/Gw.exe)

Click 2 and go to the location of downloaded Mods. and select DroMod.tpf once done.

Click 3 on texmod and it will open.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Here is a preview of the Compass for true bond range
Posted Image
(as u can see the edges have been removed so u can fully see them)

Posted Image

Special Thanks
dfcowell (Bowman Artemis)
@ยต | (atMU)
Anonanon (also RavenGT)
Fantil Swift
Mea Timmey (wartower.de)

Death is our Job - To create and play a Necromancer

14 May 2016 - 02:50 AM

Originally posted by Moloch Vein

=*= Introduction and Soul Reaping =*=

Lore-wise, the patron God of necromancers is Grenth, God of Death and Lord of the Underworld. It should come as no surprise that it is a class intimately connected to death. Necromancer skills are the only ones capable of exploiting a corpse for a purpose other than reviving it, and even their primary attribute is tied to the death of creatures. Ironically, there have even surfaced necromancer builds requiring you to kill yourself.

The necromancer excels at potent, long-lasting hexes in the Curses spell school. Death Magic allows a necromancer to fill the role of a "Minion Master" or "Minion Bomber", creating undead allies to fight for you, as well as some limited tools to inflict conditions and do direct damage. Blood Magic is mainly used for party-wide energy support and damage- or life-stealing buffs through the use of skills like Blood Ritual, Blood Is Power and different Orders spells.

Necromancers are traditionally defined as a "midline" class. This means they are the second line of battle, with melee fighters being the first and healers and other support characters being the last. Necromancers usually stand at casting range of the enemy. However, there are support roles that a necromancer can fill, which calls for a more retracted position, in the backline or even further back in some cases. The only job the necromancer is truly ill-suited for is true tanking and frontline functions. While it is possible to create a melee necromancer it will always be a gimmick build, and usually a very fragile one. This is because necromancers have few strong heals, few inherent skills to improve their defense, and none to improve their weak armor. No caster class makes a weaker frontline character than a necromancer.

This physical fragility is eminently compensated for by the positive aspects of the class. Necromancers are high-influence characters who can easily affect both multiple allies and multiple foes with a wide assortment of skills. It is a class superbly suited for general PvE play, where fighting large mobs is common. To further enhance their status, the necromancer skill lines include extremely potent skills, such as Spoil Victor, capable of destroying powerful single creatures almost single-handedly.

The primary attribute of a necromancer is Soul Reaping. At this time of writing, Soul Reaping returns 1 energy to you for every rank in Soul Reaping, every time a non-Spirit creature dies. Energy return from Soul Reaping is limited to three hits every 15 seconds. The Soul Reaping line includes very little skills. Because of this, the attribute is often very undervalued by a newbie necromancer, who does not understand its power and routinely specs it absurdly low. It is a common misconception among new players that the class with the deepest energy pool is the Elementalist, with the capacity of having twice the amount of energy compared to any other character. The truth is that no caster will have more energy to spend over time in a PvE setting than the necromancer, thanks to the passive energy-gaining effect of its primary.

The long-lasting, mass-effect spells of the necromancer line combined with the primary attribute makes the necromancer the most resilient PvE spellcaster in the game. While a mesmer can potentially shut down a single target better, and while an elementalist can carry skills doing great damage on paper, no class is capable of producing as many debilitating effects to a group of monsters over an extended time, and no single character can hurt this group as badly as a necromancer.

This guide will take the form of background information combined with common questions and answers. It is geared with the newbie player in mind, but hopes to serve as a bridge to allow these people to improve to higher levels of play. It will include many builds and comparisons between these builds.

=*= I just created a Necromancer. What secondary should I pick? =*=

By far the most common secondaries for N are Mo and Me. Use Me if you are interested in hexes primarily. Use Mo if survival and/or minions are more attractive. Use /D if you want to run a /D Minion Master build - however, please note that you can not run a good N/D Minion Master build with no Mystic Regeneration, and that spell is only available at the end of Nightfall. Since you really won't use many other Dervish skills on an MM bar than Mystic Regeneration, it would probably be better to go with the Monk secondary for most new players, because that gives you a decent assortment of useful skills as you play through the game. After you have Ascended, you will be able to change your secondary to any you want. Then, you might want to consider, for example, /Rt if you want to be able to fulfill the role of party healer.

=*= I am only level <a>. I do not have skill <b> and <c>. I only own campaign <d>. Please give me a build =*=

First you need to understand what restriction this puts on people trying to help you. It is hard for us to know exactly which skills you have, what armor you're using, what monetary resources, and which skills you are able to buy at your point in the game. So, this is going to be generic advice only. It will also hold true for all classes.

The builds presented below are all level-20 builds, and they incorporate the skills most beneficial to them, including the elite skills. What you could try to do would be to find a close match to any skill you are missing. For example, if you're instructed to use Spiteful Spirit, it could be replaced with Mark of Pain or Insidious Parasite.

The second thing to understand is that you are limited. You don't have a fully-fledged character yet, and your skill usage must reflect this. You shouldn't mindlessly spec into six different attributes. Concentrate. Concentrate on the one role you wish to perform. Use only your primary attribute and one other attribute. Only include a third attribute if you really, really have to. One example for this "needed" third attribute would be anything helping you heal as a minion master.

A minion master build can be easily run with no elite. The same thing is true for a curses build, but it will be considerably less effective. A blood build with no elite will be nearly completely useless in general PvE. I would wholeheartedly recommend a MM build for a newbie player, consisting simply of one healing spell, two minion spells and Blood of the Master. It will get you through the game... easily.

=*= Minions and Death =*=

Marty edit: Aura of the Lich has been updated since the writing of this article. See the link for current functionality. It's currently meta.

While there are exceptions, most Death Magic builds revolve around minions. This is because it is the unique characteristic of the spell line, and because other skill lines are usually better at performing its other functions, like direct damage, limited hex capacity and the spreading of conditions (with the notable exception of Disease, which can only be inflicted by Death Magic skills.)

=*= A few notes about Minion Mastery versus Minion Bombing =*=

A Minion Master and a Minion Bomber serves different purposes. The job of a Minion Master is to raise and maintain an army of minions. This army is used for dealing direct physical damage and attracting enemy attention, aka "tanking". A Minion Master is an extremely strong addition to the team at low and medium-level PvE. Their value decreases as enemies become too high level to actually be threatened by a level 18 Bone Fiend. The only way to prolong their effectiveness in higher end PvE is by using Order of Undeath, or to a lesser extent to function as minion wall maintainer via Aura of the Lich in some areas - Tombs of the Primeval Kings and Urgoz' Warren comes to mind.

A Minion Bomber, on the other hand, focuses on creating short lived minions which are blown up via the use of Death Nova and either Taste of Death, Putrid Flesh or Feast for the Dead to deal direct armor ignoring damage to the enemy and spread conditions. Because of this, the level and durability of the minions of a MB is not important, which is why Animate Bone Minions is usually (and preferably) the only minion spell used by the MB. The only meaningful Death Magic elite for a PvE Minion Bomber is Jagged Bones.

Because the inclusion of a Minion Bomber drastically increases the occurrences of deaths while in combat, the second use of this character lies in creating the energy machine that the other necromancers on the team benefit from passively. Team configurations using many Necromancers greatly benefit from the inclusion of a Minion Bomber, more so than by the inclusion of a Minion Master. A Minion Bomber can be used as an engine for a N heavy group to great effect to complete almost all high-level PvE areas. The job of a Minion Bomber has since the release of Nightfall traditionally been delegated to a hero, though since the addition of the minion panel (default hotkey: Y) it has become easier to run on a human.

=*= Please give me a PvE Minion Master build =*=

This is a common PvE Minion Master build for a newbie:

N/Mo Baseline Minion Master
Death Magic 12+3+1
Soul Reaping 10+1
Healing Prayers 8

Animate Flesh Golem | Animate Bone Fiend | Animate Bone Horror | Heal Area | Blood Of The Master[/build]

Three optional skills. Suitable extra skills are Dark Bond, Masochism, Rebirth/Resurrection Chant/Rebirth/Resurrection Chant, Well of Suffering, Rotting Flesh, Well of the Profane or even Deathly Swarm.


N/D Baseline Minion Master
Death Magic 12+3+1
Soul Reaping 10+1
Earth Prayers 8

Animate Flesh Golem | Animate Bone Fiend | Animate Bone Horror | Blood Of The Master | Dark Bond | Mystic Regeneration

Two optional skills. At least one of these should be an enchantment; Masochism is ideal for PvE, Infuse Condition is also fine. Elite can be switched to Aura of the Lich or Order of Undeath for more advanced players. Signet of Lost Souls is a fine choice for Order of Undeath, and Masochism is strongly recommended for people running Order of Undeath. OoU builds should also look at Animate Vampiric Horror, but beware of thinking those minions can be your only source of self-heal during combat - the hit point bonus from their use isn't reliable, so they can't.

For these builds I recommend Minion Master's insignia on chest and legs; one other insignia must be Bloodstained, rest can be Radiant and attunements. A max HP in the low 400s is fine for the saccing purposes. The N/D build should use a staff with +20% enchantments or (ideally) a caster weapon with +5 energy and +20% enchantments, combined with an offhand featuring a perfect Master of My Domain inscription (Death Magic+1/20%) and possibly a +30hp focus core or a focus core of Aptitude. While you do not want a high max HP on a saccing MM the +30hp will make it possible to take an extra grade of rune for Soul Reaping without getting too fragile.

=== A comparison between the different Death Magic elites to use for the Minion Master templates ===

Many people have noted a disbelief about me recommending the use of Flesh Golem above, since it is a deeply rooted conception on this forum that Flesh Golem is a "terrible elite". While it is true that it is rarely the strongest elite skill to run for an MM in any area, it is by far the easiest one. You cannot go wrong with a Golem. It will be there, big, slow and dumb, providing a good anchor for Dark Bond, doing some damage and... well... be big.

Aura of the Lich halves your maximum health and halves the sacrifice costs, percentage-wise, on top of that. This makes a minion army ridiculously easy to maintain, since you can use Blood of the Master more or less on-recharge and counteract the health loss with pip-based health regeneration. In other words, if you're interested in raising 10 minions and keep 10 minions at all times, you should definitely use Aura of the Lich. However, it is important to note the downside of AoTL, which is a very, very low maximum health. While you won't take full damage and degeneration rarely is a problem using a Mystic Regeneration-build, you can be easily spiked to death by life stealing skills from monsters. This makes knowing the area you're about to get into paramount.

Order of Undeath is the ultimate damage skill for a traditional Minion Master. It will raise the damage output from your minions by a considerable degree - much more, percentage-wise, in higher level areas, where the monsters will not take very much damage from low level minions, but the armor ignoring damage from OoU will get through to full effect.

The downside of this elite is that it is downright scary for a newbie to use. It is incredibly energy-intense, requiring you to put in 2 energy/second to maintain (less with Masochism), and comes with a heavy investment in sacrificing costs, requiring yet more energy spent on healing. This, in my opinion, immediately disqualifies it for inclusion in a newbie bar. It is important to note that maintaining the Order isn't enough. You must actually make sure to run Blood of the Master while the order is in effect oftentimes, and this is where new minion masters almost invariably fail, leading to the destruction of their army. However, it is my definite opinion that the best conceivable PvE minion master is one good enough to run Order of Undeath with a reasonable minion differential, as much Order coverage as possible and a full army.

Other Death Magic elites are weak for an MM in a PvE setting. Tainted Flesh, once run with some regularity by human MMs during Prophecies, simply provides immunity against a condition not all that prevalent in PvE, while inflicting it on the enemy. Since you will usually be fighting non-human foes, it's a stronger play to simply bring Rotting Flesh in almost all cases. Even then, it should be noted that health degeneration rarely is that effective in PvE. The usage of Jagged Bones and why this spell is incompatible with traditional MM behavior has been discussed - you do not want a skill as a MM that will simply weaken your wall. Other options, like Toxic Chill and the like, can summarily be dismissed as trash.

"Go For The Eyes!" is a nice spell bringing with a minion master that will raise the damage by a few notches, since it affects all allies and does not require using an attack skill (of which minions have none.) A few PvE-only skills are noteworthy for its huge boosts to MM armies, namely Ebon Battle Standard Of Honor and Ursan Roar. Both these skills will stack to raise minion damage output by armor ignoring boosts. Combining this with Order of Undeath (+15+15+16) can ensure all your minions strike for at least 46 damage per hit at max title levels. It is also important to note that Barbs and Mark of Pain does not mind who is attacking a given target either, and all minions do physical damage.

=== Please give me a PvE Hero Minion Bomber build ===

This is a good tested PvE Hero Minion Bomber build:

N/Mo Baseline Hero Minion Bomber
Death Magic 12+3+1
Soul Reaping 12+1
Blood Magic 3+1

Jagged Bones | Infuse Condition | Dark Bond | Death Nova | Animate Bone Minions | Feast for the Dead | Foul Feast | Signet of Lost Souls

The secondary is changeable to, for example, Rt, P, Me, depending on what you want from your hero. The elite isn't crucial. The only two truly indispensable skills are Animate Bone Minions and Death Nova. Other skills to consider are Putrid Flesh, Taste of Death and Martyr. Taste of Death means you can forget Dark Bond and maybe Feast for the Dead. This is only a baseline build performing three simple functions, producing minion decoys, doing damage with these and clearing conditions.