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In Topic: Sanctum Sprint in three minutes.

12 July 2013 - 06:30 AM

I have beaten that time not even using the shortcut-which I never do because I would rather wait by the ribbon for the next guy to cross than already be standing by chest. I scrolled to the end just to see the remainder time to compare and noticed two chances you missed for maximizing time just there.  The fire crystal you get slightly behind the landing point before the pipe suspended in air should be saved for that pipe and you should use the wood rail to hug the wall where you dropped off to the left and took the long way.  Anyway, I like the fire burst out of air you use which I never tried before, it could be useful in some spots where I use a lightning jump. I bet on a clean run using every advantage, a player could finish with 5:30 left.

In Topic: Is Thief a good profession to main?

09 July 2013 - 02:48 AM

Both classes are good with switching from melee to range using your weapon sets so you can move to point of a fight that best fits your healthbar and utility cooldowns.  Guardian has skills that can be used to shrug off damage and is good at healing and buffing an entire group.   Mesmer is good at avoiding damage all together and dealing a large amount at the same time, really they should be the last member of a party to drop unless you are in a heavy condition AoE fight.

I played mesmer first and I pretty much hated my theif as I leveled it because I felt it was slightly worse at everything than the mesmer, but changing off a damage based trait lineup and using p/d and SB made it kind of grow on me; lots of cloaks and caltrops on dodge with SB AoEs can be pretty strong in PVE.  I still like mesmer better, but thieves are fine.

In Topic: Why expansions wont work and the living story

07 July 2013 - 01:33 AM

Anet=NCsoft but you can't tell how a company is doing in less than a year even if they are public.   Their visible finances are helped by those 75% of players that have purchased a copy and are no longer playing just as much as the % of active players that are willing to use their cashshop.  People leaving doesn't force anyone to buy anything, the players that are willing to do that are obvioulsly fans and will probably keep doing it and keep logging in.  That is great for them, but it isn't great for getting anyone new to play the game.  Relying on that for new content, will cause those players to support all updates.

Any release they have made about all content being LS is just to deflect questions about dates, they know they have to do expansions or it results in a deserted game.   I don't think they are morons but I think anyone that believes there won't be expansions probably is.  The only reason they wouldn't do expansions is if their plan for the game is to milk as much money from one release as they can and let it die-possibly an equally likely scenario.  Either way, LS over expansion is not good for the game.

You have an unwavering, though wrong in my opinion, belief and I am not going to chime in about it again.  Stating imaginary financial numbers as suport for your argument that GW2 has a thriving community is a very poor one, as you can't prove a correlation and a receding player base would also support a cash shop since it is only loyal players that would be buying gems.  Me being in my third guild of over 300 players that has dwindled to 5% activity after initially being fully lit and a contact list that is deserted from the moment I log on until I log off-though personal to me, are more indicative of the state of the game.  I am sure there are players this might not be the case for but I tend to think I am in the majority.

In Topic: Why expansions wont work and the living story

07 July 2013 - 01:19 AM

View PostNineSpine, on 07 July 2013 - 01:00 AM, said:

Yes, the online cash shop DOES equate to a thriving community. If players are quitting in droves, you would expect the cash shop to stop working as well. Players who use the cash shop don't say to themselves "Shit, a lot of people are quitting so I had better spend more money!" Less players should equate to less cash shop. It should equate to less money, not more.

This is argument is absurd.  The state of Anets finances which you actually know nothing about in relation to GW2 has nothing to do with player activity, and you would expect the cash shop to still work because it is the same players that keep buying crap from them and those same players are going to stay active.  You can't use revenue from the cashop for your argument, it isn't evidence of anything other that there are players willing to spend on it.  If you want to contend that players willing to pay biweekly for new skins is evindence of a thriving community, I will concede that.  Try an eye test using your guild roster, contact list and map areas instead-I don't think I am in a minority that thinks the game is deserted compared to what it was in opening month.

Anyway, back to those gembuyers, relying on those same players to support all future expansion is also aburd.   Whatever the actual percent of players willing to buy gems, it isn't as large as the percent of players that would buy an expansion which would include those players and the majority of all gw2 players plus those that have left.   If only use LS to add content, you are relying on players to check in and come back by themselves-this doesn't work.

In Topic: Why expansions wont work and the living story

06 July 2013 - 11:38 PM

@NineSpine Making money from their online cash shop doesn't equate to a thriving community.   If you want a model where they squeeze cash out of the faithful existing community to support updates that won't bring anyone back or new, that is what you will get with LS only updates and that road leads to death-eventually even the players willing to use cash shop will stop buying gems.