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Retaliating Flames Guardian

12 November 2012 - 04:05 AM

After trying out a bunch of the builds in these forums, I was pretty disatisfied with the guardians balance between damage and support.  My biggest problem with Guardian is that the grandmaster traits are pretty weak in my opinion, and while it might be nice to have the 30 points in a trait line, the traits themselves are kind of a letdown when I read their descriptions in builds.   So, I sat down and looked at them and decided Virtues was the only line I really wanted three trait choices in and came up with this build:

The build kind of works like spiritbond monk builds from GW1.  The idea behind it is to keep retaliation up 100% of the time by using your virtues and skills alternately while outhealing your oponents.  Combined with the degen from area flame you can keep triggering as they die, you can outlive large groups as they kill themselves on you.  You have two powerful condition removals, very good healing and ranged damge even while using the GS.  Most of your enemies will degen at 1k per tic.

I am using carrion gear, sapphire jewelry, and a boon duration rune set.  Besides just this build for PVE, I can tweak the trait choices and slot skills without having to do a full reset when I go into WvW and have a good support build using the same trait distrubtion and gear but subbing in a scepter/shield for the GS.

Here is a quick little video I made showing how it works against mobs and illustrating the passive damage of it:

Pact Quarterstaff perfect for Necros

23 October 2012 - 11:49 PM

Posted Image

Was able to run a character through today to get access to hargrove and this stood out to me amongst the skins.  Love the look for my necro.