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The Source of Orr *Spoilers, Dur*

03 January 2013 - 01:42 AM

So did anyone else immediately shut off all the sound except for the music for this second last quest? Defending Trahearne felt way far more like the emotional final ending than the actual finale was (uniting destiny's edge, and slaying Zhaitan...). At least until Trahearne started speaking again.

On a whole I enjoyed about half of the racial storylines in GW2. The Order missions were all wonderful, especially the Order of Whispers (<3 Tybalt). The Apatia quest chain however was a slap in the face; introducing a redshirt and then later having a funeral for that redshirt wasn't a very effective attempt at a "personal loss" story.

Raid on the Capricorn - Remove the Sharks.

31 October 2012 - 10:47 PM

This is hardly an original idea, it's been tossed around multiple times while we've played Capricorn... what value do the sharks add to this map? All they encourage is for someone to sit on the point and defend while any poor fool(s) trying to assault the ruins do so at a major disadvantage.

The sharks force a single strategy for the map of rushing and holding the ruins. After a team captures the ruins all they need to do hold is keep a player or two on it to fight/stall for sharks to have a one capture point advantage for the rest of the round. This leads to game play that is neither enjoyable for the lone person defending the ruins nor the people trying to capture it.

As a general rule in PvP, capture points should be difficult to defend and easy to take to avoid match stagnation.