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Elementalist WvW Support Exotic Gear

30 October 2012 - 07:42 PM

I have been running full beserker until now in WvWvW.  While it has been fun I am going to be running a support spec similar to what I run in tPvP just to do something a little different for a while.  My question is what exotic set do support ele's use in WvWvW.  I have the pow/vit/tough karma set from the temples in orr.  I was planning on putting Dwanya runes into it, and getting clerics accessories.  If I do that will I be missing out on too much healing power should I go full clerics gear for the extra +healing?  My only concern with that would be that I would still be running low on vit going full clerics.  So here I am on guru, wondering what other support spec ele's run for their gear in Wv3?