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Rising Phoenix – WvW Build Guide

25 April 2014 - 10:16 PM

Rising Phoenix – WvW Build Guide


Hi Guys!

Before I start with the build, I want to introduce myself. I’ve been playing GW2 since its release and enjoying playing every class with different builds. This is my very first guide and English isn’t my mother tongue, so I apologize for my poor grammar.

I’ve been running a shatter-build for a very long time and wanting to try something new. Mantra builds are nice, but I don’t like this playstyle.

This is a P(rismatic)U(nderstanding)-Power-Build.

This build won’t melt people like a 6/6/0/0/2 Mantra build, but will be much more fun to play and gives you much more options. Stealth is the most annoying thing you can face in WvW, so make friends with it instead.
I first tried a Condi-PU-build, it really rocks but has no mobility and chasing abilities. It’s just frustrating to watch an enemy player flee when there’s nothing you can do…
So I came up with this build:

Pros: High damage at range AND melee, high mobility, good chasing abilities, MUCH stealth, much boons to keep you alive, good for roaming AND zerging , very fun to play!

Contra: no clone on dodge roll

The Build


1)Weapon, Armor , Accessories , Runes and Sigils

I run with a full set of Berserker. Why? Max. Damage! The Mesmer already provides much survivability through his illusions by natural ways. This build will also give you lots of stealth, toughness, regeneration and protection. So our goal is to max. out the damage!

Why run greatsword? Guys…I really had sleepless nights because of this issue. In the trait selection below, you’ll see that I have to give up on Deceptive Evasion for the greatsword, one of my absolute favorite traits. But I love GS, high damage and more important: RANGE!
This is a WvW orientated build, and there are 2 important things in WvW: RANGE and MOBILITY. With this build, you’ll have both!

Well, since this build is a PU-Power-Build and concentrates on stealth, this is an obvious choice. Sword MH also provides good chasing abilities.

Fire + Air : you’ll crit a lot, obvious choice.
Accuracy: to make up for only having 2 points in dueling.
Battle: I always start a fight with GS, then switch the S/T. With 30% boon duration, I always get 3 stacks of Might for 26sec. Since you can swap weapons every 10 sec, you’ll have perma Might. Alternatively you could also use 2xSigil of battle to stack more might, but there’re situations like keep/tower defense where you only stay ranged and don’t swap, so I decided for Accuracy.

Centaur: Power and Swiftness. I was struggling with Runes of the Traveler, which provides perma +25% speed boost. But I decided for Centaur because my heal skill has a 20sec CD, Rune of the Centaur gives me +30% Swiftness duration and I have +30% boon duration from traits --> +60% Swiftness duration --> 16sec. swiftness on 20sec. CD. That’s a swiftness uptime of 80%! Swiftness gives 33% speed boost, which is higher than 25% from Traveler AND every time I use a heal skill, I also give swiftness to nearby allies! That’s great for roaming in small groups!  

2) Traits

Domination (6 points):

Empowered Illusions (III): Obvious damage trait

Cleansing Conflagration (IX): Torch skill recharge reduction and condition cleaning is nice!

Greatsword Training (X): Since we use a GS, this is a must! Illusions won’t live long because of all the AOE, so if you can create more Illusions in a shorter period of time, you’ll make more damage. Don’t forget the boon remover from Skill 3 and the knockback from Skill 5 (nice to push a fleeing enemy back after you blink ahead of him)

Dueling (2 points):

Blade Training (IV): Skill recharge reduction for Sword is nice. Alternatively you can also take Phantasmal Fury or Desperate Decoy. I like the recharge reduction. Phantasmal Fury is nice but you only have Phantasmal Berserker to really profit from it. Desperate Decoy can be a life saver, but I have so much mobility and escape options, my HP rarely drops under 25%.

Chaos (6 points):

Master of Manipulation (III): recharge reduction for our 2 manipulation skills is nice! With Blink at 24sec. CD, you can chase anyone or escape every fight if necessary!

Illusionary Defense (IV): since we always have 3 illusions active, this is a nice damage reduction to keep us alive.

Prismatic Understanding (XII): the heart of this build: stealth duration increased and Aegis, Protection and Regeneration! Synergizes well with Illusionary Membrane minor trait!

Alternatively you can take Compounding Power (III) from Illusions instead of Dueling traitline, but I don’t recommend it. 9% damage increase (with 3 illusions active) is nice but we don’t need condition damage or shatter reduction. Precision and Ferocity are much more suitable for our build. And Critical Infusion minor trait gives vigor, which helps a lot to survive.

3) Healing, Utilities and Elite skill

Ether Feast: Good heal with 20sec. Cooldown. Signet of the Ether is nice, but 35sec. CD is too long and doesn’t synergize well with Rune of the Centaur.

Decoy: Stealth Skill + stun breaker, must have for this build.

Blink: Can be used offensively to chase an enemy or defensively to escape from combat, must have!

Mimic: The third Utility skill is variable. I like Mimic because it provides 4sec. immunity to ranged attacks and only has 20sec. CD. And as you know, in WvW there’re a lot of ranged fights. You can also switch it out for Arcane Thievery, a very powerful skill! Your choice!
Veil is another option, but I don't like the 90sec. CD.

Mass Invisibility: obvious choice here, too. This is my oh-shit button. Combine it with Decoy/Blink and you’ll be uncatchable!

4) Build variations

4.1. Melee Build


This melee variation is for players, who can live without the GS. Here you have Deceptive Evasion, very powerful!

4.2. Max. Stealth Build


In this variation we give up on Greatsword Training and Blade Training, but gain one of the most powerful minor traits: Illusionists Celerity! This one reduces the recharge of ALL Illusion-summoning skills, including utility skills! This is the only way to reduce the recharge of Decoy! Furthermore, even when we gave up Greatsword and Blade Training, with this minor trait we still have reduced CD on GS 2+4 and Sword 3. A good compromise!
Compounding Power (III) gives you a 9% damage boost while having 3 active illusions, a nice trait to make up for the 100points less in the Power traitline.

Here I swap out Mimic for Mirror Images because of the reduced CD. This utility skill helps you a lot to always keep 3 illusions active --> +9% damage boost AND -9% damage reduction!
With Decoy, Mirror Images and Blink, we have 3 Stun Breakers!!!

5) Conclusion

Well guys, this is it. I won’t go deep into details about combat tactics, because there’re so many possible rotations and combinations the Mesmer can use, just adapt to the situation and you’ll be fine.
Usually I start a fight with the GS. Skill 4,2,3, auto-attack until the enemy gets close --> skill 5 knockback. Then switch to S/T , Skill 3, root with skill 3 --> skill 2. Don’t go stealth yet if you still have full HP! Save your torch skills for condition cleaning. You have high damage, keep up the pressure and the enemy will usually try to heal and flee when they are at ca. 30-40% HP. Use F3 skill to interrupt their heal. If you success --> chase them with blink and finish them off. If you miss, no problem, just swap to GS and repeat the rotation.

If you get some damage and/or conditions --> Torch skill 4 or Decoy to stealth. You will get Aegis, Protection, Regeneration to recover. Just make sure to always have 3 Illusions active.
I often wait until I have 50% HP before going to stealth, 4 secs later I come back with full HP and buffed with boons, burning nearby foes. That’s why I called this build Rising Phoenix ^_^

The special thing in this build: Almost ALL of your skills have reduced Cooldown!!!
GS, Sword, Torch, Manipulation…20% cooldown for all of these! So feel free to go wild out there and spam your damaging skills whenever it is possible!
Just give this build a try, I hope you’ll have much fun :)

I must say, I don’t know if somebody else already introduced something like this, but I haven’t seen a guide with this constellation yet.
This forum has helped me a lot with so many builds over the board, making me continuously enjoying GW2 over a long period of time. Since the feature patch was released, there were many new players joining Tyria and many older builds haven’t been updated yet. So I thought now it’s time to give something back to the community, that’s why I decided to write this guide.

Thanks for reading my guide! If you have suggestions or critiques to improve my build, please feel free to leave some comments. See you in Tyria guys!

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best regards,

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