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In Topic: Nov 15th: Reversed principles, Incompetence, or Both?

26 November 2012 - 02:09 PM

I completely agree with what you have written in your post.
Unless a change is comming soon I forsee this game dying fast. The main advantage it has now is there is no subscription fee. So people will always pop in to see what has changed. Just taking a look at the class balance... so many traits/skills are bugged since beta. They have yet to get fixed. Buffing/Nerfing... is strange when stuff isn't working as advertised.

Fotm... strange mechanics when it comes to d/c or ppl leaving. Also standing in LA finding a group is not fun. This will only get worse.
The new zone they introduced? what exactly is there now that the main event is gone? Why did they waste resources on that is mindblowing..... how about bug fixes.

As you already pointed out in your post ascended gear. Another grind with a big RNG flavor when it comes to the rings.
Anet saying legendary s will get upgraded when ascended weaps come... another big arrow for a grind.

Now don't get me wrong grinds are sometimes a nessesary evil. But right now their saying A and doing B.
And promoting their game as E-sport? lol just lol Bug fixes anet .. bug fixes... then balance accordingly

In Topic: Warrior in FotM

24 November 2012 - 02:30 PM

Sitting at 10 ago ress atm. I take no dmg what so ever from agony fotm levels 10-18 so far.
Running a full glass cannon spec with pugs.

In Topic: Sigil of Blood and Life on Crit food

24 November 2012 - 02:28 PM

Life on crit food does not do dmg as far as i know been using it alot and I have never noticed it doing dmg.
How ever the sigil of blood does but it's on a 2sec cd I believe. So dmg wise sigil of air/fire is better I think.

In Topic: Highest dmg possible armor

23 November 2012 - 12:08 PM

You can go full glass cannon np in dungeons. It's just a matter of knowing when to dodge, and when not to stand in melee.
Lets be honest you can go full tank mode, if you don't move you drop fast...
Im not fully confident in my melee skill so I keep a rifle on switch.
This is the build I use: http://www.guildhead...RanmGp9MpVsVaVo
You can switch out the 5 in discipline to strength if you don't have much crit.
The endure pain, I will be swapping that out in soon, since I hardly use it anymore.

The gear I use: Full knights armor, socketed with ruby orbs. jewelry is full berserker.
Recently I got a few ascended pieces. So I dropped knights armor and went for a few pieces of power/toughness/vit. Putting me exactly at 50% crit unbuffed. The rifle is berserker, the gs is knights. With gs on im sitting on 2.6k armor. 84% crit dmg with rifle.
Not sure about the attack on top of my head but i believe its 3.2k or 3.4k unbuffed.

This build works pretty well for farming aswell, slap on 2xaxe and you have a 100% tag rate in cursed shore.

The only thing this build might be lacking is "support" but lets be honest. Guardians/elems have better support withouth even traiting for it. I've been in a few groups where everyone is max support.... have fun killing a boss takes like an hour. Full dps groups go way faster, and sure someone might get downed... but just ress them up quick and go dps again.

In Topic: Tank Gear

02 November 2012 - 08:15 PM

Hey mouse,

In solo fights, do you think the power version is better or the condi dmg? I was thinking of trying the condi dmg version. It seems interesting for solo roaming.
With a sword/x mainhand possibly warhorn offhand to convert conditions into boons. And when zerging can always switch to the longbow, including trait.

Though maybe the power version is better for it. with a mace/shield or axe/shield. Keeping the rifle on switch.

In solo situations running tripple shout ofc.