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#2125207 EU T1 Whoa!

Posted CalmLittleBuddy on 21 December 2012 - 03:51 PM

WvW is the least boring part of the game.

Rewards? The reward is flattening another player. The reward is charging into and through the zerg punching a gaping whole in it, then turning around and watching it melts because you ran through dropping AoE conditions on it. The reward as finally tagging that theif and dancing afterwards before he waypoints home to lick his wounds. The reward is running into that tower just as the wall falls when it wasn't even your server trebbing it. The reward is sending a distraction team out, pulling the enemy closer, then repeatedly badge farming them and laughing. The reward is secretly setting up siege in an enemy camp before even taking it and wholesale slaughtering the rescue force.

The reward for WvW is the lust for battle and a good fight finally paying off when that chance encounter of 3 opposing zergs at the same area in SM that lasts over an hour.

If you find killing other players boring, then yes WvW is the most boring place in the game. People who are 'bored' with WvW didn't come to WvW to fight. They came to get stuff or be number one or impress hot WvW Chicks. They came for the wrong reasons, all of them.

You either come to WvW to fight and always love it and never get bored, or you some for other reasons and lose interest.

Truth be told you could throw WvW on a blank flat map with no point system, no rating, no badges or jump puzzles... just the enemy and maybe some obstavles and terrain changes and I would still spend my time there.

The fact that I get to level 10 to 80 in there, get drops and even a few rares or exotics is freaking bonus to me. As long as I ain't losing money on repair, I stay there. I'll even PvE against my better judgement just to make gold to pay for BPs and repairs.

I want big, hairy, stinky battles all up in mah face all day long. Bored... pfft. hardly.

#2093360 T1: SBI vs. JQQ vs. SoS - Old Foes & New Blood

Posted VDa on 23 November 2012 - 11:02 AM

SoS is the new King of the Hill.

Come at us, bros!

Seriously though, the epic fights that are coming will be memorable. Once we're finally past the holiday season we'll see who reigns supreme. SoS might not be the final victor in that fight but we'll be a major obstacle to anyone who tries to get in the way. Kudos to this match-up on all sides.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

#2093358 T1: SBI vs. JQQ vs. SoS - Old Foes & New Blood

Posted coronbale on 23 November 2012 - 10:58 AM

/Agree with most of the good natured posts in here.  We came, we saw, we had a blast!  We know you had event attrition, so did we, but I think it may have hit you harder than us.  That being said, SoS is going to have to bring its A game to continue to compete in lieu of the Holiday attrition upon all 3 servers now.  SBI and JQ both have not only earned their stripes in T1, they are part of the landscape here.  Its been a pleasure competing with you guys, and looking forward to seeing all servers at 100%!

Shout out to all forum posters who obviously read all the negative posts, the QQ posts, the excuses, and trash talking, and the poor winners baying away in here like a bunch of moronic donkeys, and still posted GGs and GJs.  Its easy to reduce these posts to mud slinging and trash talking, takes a better kind of person to stay above the mud and win or lose, keep positive and respectful.  Cheers!