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#2193411 Lacking designs

Posted Redhawk2007 on 19 April 2013 - 09:02 PM

I generally like more "realistic" armor and weapons myself. The comic bookish, anime style weapons are a big turn off to me. There is also a tremendous amount of repetition and lack of creativity in the designs. How many greatsworrds and other weapons are there where the blade looks like it is held together with leather straps, metal bands or chains? That theme has been done to death. How many asymetrical armor pieces where the left doesn't equal the right are there? Again, done to death. My favorite greatsword in the game is the Ebonblade, because it looks like a real sword. I would love to have a realistic samurai katana.


I would love to see armors that are close to those of human history, like lacquered samurai armor or something like a Greek hoplite or Roman legionary. Even the stereotypical uniforms of the English Civil War or Thirty Years War look pretty interesting for medium armors:


#2171546 World Boss Event Chests - Bad idea?

Posted AKGeo on 27 February 2013 - 01:34 AM

Anet is starting to feel like a big group of politicians to me more and more lately. So completely out of touch with the playerbase, taxing us more and more for fewer and fewer benefits, essentially just trying to see how much they can do before the community simply just leaves altogether.

These changes are going to kill the game. I'm upset about that...I had such high hopes. But if all the good things in the game anymore need to be ground out or you're forced to guild up with people you don't know, care about, or want to associate yourself with, there's really no more point to play this game.

#2152318 Vs Thief

Posted Soki on 28 January 2013 - 06:53 AM

View PostVashtirak, on 28 January 2013 - 05:49 AM, said:

Oh look, it's the whiner from the thief forum. Hello again? Following me in an attempt to annoy me? Lovely. Since you're utterly and completely useless, I think I'm going to ignore every post from you from now on.
You're behaving like a child.
You responded to all those suggestions with "nope doesn't work" - which makes it a L2P issue; to which you respond with "You're just a nasty troll; I'm going to ignore you now".
There is no reasons those suggestions don't work. You're doing them wrong if they aren't working for you.

Just saying: It's a L2P issue.

#2139001 Class Balance Philosophies

Posted The Shadow on 09 January 2013 - 06:19 PM

View Postlioka qiao, on 09 January 2013 - 06:12 PM, said:


Berserker trinkets + Valkyrie armor is probably what he used. Lands you with 41% crit chance. It's a pretty common combo.

If you wanted to actually improve on his gear setup you'd use either Divinity runes or Runes of the Eagle. But that'd set you back quite a bit more than Runes of the Wurm.. Reason being.. 41% crit chance is still quite low IMO.

View PostSilinsar, on 09 January 2013 - 01:02 PM, said:

Sorry, I didn't point out that I was only talking about stealth as an escape mechanism. Just wanted to say that it's not "very easy to follow an kill" a Thief who knows what he does.

But what does it matter...? You can't kill Thief. He can't kill you. It's equally shit for both parties involved.

View PostProtoss, on 09 January 2013 - 09:20 AM, said:

When you are playing against shit - it really not about playing "well". It's simply about playing "better". You need to be better than the shit you are playing against.
The thing is - the HUGE majority of GW2 play takes place on this level. And the problem is that the thief's insanely high floor plays right into this - the class itself provides you with the tools to play "better", without the player's skill even coming into question.

I know plenty of shit Thieves that don't kill shit easily. I honestly think that there are many other classes that are far more accessible and far easier to play.. like Guardian.. you can kill shit without even moving.. or D/D hybrid bunker Ele that can kill shit with a blind fold on.. Thief actually requires awareness and the ability to dodge extremely well. I wasn't born a good Thief in GW2. I've already got around 2000 hours on Thief and I still find myself dying, learning and improving. I honestly think a lot of people start playing Thief because it teaches you a very valuable lesson in GW2; "L2Dodge noob!"

If you disagree that's fine. It's a subjective point. For some reason however, I get the distinct feeling that you (and people arguing the same points as you, this isn't directed solely at you) are pretty damn biased... I think you've been killed one too many times by shitty Heartseeker spammers.. and now you're pretty damn pissed off... So you all make feeble attempts at accusing the class or "QQ ez2play nub class" and make simply ridiculous generalizations when the simple truth is.. if you were any good at all.. you wouldn't get killed by those shitty Heartseeker spammers and then QQ about how unfair everything in the world is on the forums..

It doesn't even qualify as a "first world problem".

#2131356 impressed with ranger

Posted The Mighteous One on 30 December 2012 - 05:05 AM

You know, I liked the original post. But reading the follow-up though, I have to chuckle about the guy talking about a "wrong build." LOL! You kids bring your WoW mindset to GW2, thinking that setting your traits a particular way or having the right gear even makes a difference. It doesn't make a difference.

It's exactly how the guy in the OP said. Wily. Terrain. Guerilla. You put your traits however you want, as long as you have the necessary qualities that make you a wily person, who fights like a guerrila, making use of terrain, you're gonna win the game, son! The Ranger is so overpowered, I almost wish that ArenaNet would nerf the Ranger to give me more of a challenge.

You can have the "right" traits and the "right" gear until your face turns blue, if you don't know what you're doing you're not gonna kill anything but yourself. I played a Guardian for the first couple months, then I made a Ranger. I'm pretty confident that I'm the best Ranger that I have ever seen, and once you watch the videos I'm gonna put up whenever I get em done, I'm going to be the best Ranger YOU have ever seen!

You're going to be asking me my traits, and my gear, and all kinds of insignificant nonsense! You're gonna wanna know what I ate for breakfast so that you can eat it too and maybe be half as good at playing a Ranger as I am. But it doesn't matter what you do! It doesn't matter because there are Rangers (me) and then are rangers with a lowercase "R."

I have never been beat by a ranger and then said "Wow. That guy is better than I am." In fact, after I destroy rangers I usually think to myself that if I could just bottle up my Ranger skills and sell em on the market, I'd be filthy rich. Because you guys are EVERYWHERE out there! All over the place! Trying out what you read was a "good build" on some message board. LOL.

Well the world thought Larry Bird was good until they met Michael Jordan. You'll soon meet the Ranger equivalent of Michael Jordan.

#2129624 impressed with ranger

Posted mofogie on 28 December 2012 - 12:47 AM

Recently i took up ranger full-time, and i'm impressed!  at least for spvp, i've had no problems taking on any class, except for maybe extremely skilled mesmers, but even then it's 50/50.  I'm doing traps/ conditions, and am still figuring it out.  My main is thief, which i'm very good at, and also warrior, so i do have a strong background already of knowing classes and their tactics.

ranger is constantly knocked, and i think people just don't understand it, in general, much like GW1 for the first year.  In GW1, i played ranger at release, and everyone knocked it as well, but then us rangers started abusing spirits, then traps, then quickshot... anyway i digress.

But like rangers back then, i feel like the key to its playstyle is optimizing terrain.  Using distance advantage to its full potential, and line of sight abuse.  Playing wily, like a guerrilla, not like a machine gunner.  Leading people to your traps like a VietCong fighter, pecking people at max distance, softening up with your pets, etc...  and it's all easier to do now than in gw1.  

I feel the skill of the ranger is not so much in the actual skillset, but in the metagame.  

anyway, after spvping for a week on a ranger, i'm lvling one up fully.    shout out to all the rangers out there.

#2144050 Cosmetic Reward is not the best carrot for an MMO

Posted The Comfy Chair on 16 January 2013 - 09:46 PM

I think the best carrot is no real carrot at all. People bored of a game? let them leave for a bit.

If a game *needs* a carrot as it's only form of enjoyment, it's a bad game. If a player *needs* a carrot to enjoy a game, then that's a pretty bad case of conditioning ><

Although there are a lot of players who are definitely in the latter category :P

#2143879 Cosmetic Reward is not the best carrot for an MMO

Posted kalendraf on 16 January 2013 - 06:39 PM

My biggest problem with GW2's current cosmetic rewards (specifically armor skins) is that there aren't any of them that I find appealing.  In GW1, there were several armor skins that I found attractive and I put in the necessary work to get all of them that I wanted.  Unfortunately, most of the GW2 armor stylings seem to be intended for those players with a trenchcoat and buttcape fetish, and the tiny number of alternatives don't include any styles I like.

In terms of the "carrot" concept, I'd be perfectly happy to do the work to chase a tasty carrot if there was actually a tasty carrot for me to chase.  Right now, all I'm seeing (and smelling) is an orange piece of rotting vegetable matter hanging on a string, and I have no desire to get any closer to it.

#2141954 Starting to miss special unique drops. Am I wrong feeling this way?

Posted Trei on 14 January 2013 - 07:50 AM

View PostAKGeo, on 12 January 2013 - 11:03 PM, said:

I have to disagree somewhat.

One of the main motivations for the downscaling mechanic is precisely to make such "low" lvl areas remain relevant even if one has grossly out lvled them.

A player should thus find his game world growing bigger as he progresses instead of smaller like in other games, where a high lvl player has his relevant play area reduced to the few designated ones at the top.

If they have to make downscaling reduce player power more, so be it.
But I would like to see the entire world of Tyria as virtually one big lvl 80 zone, to a lvl 80 player.

I was in fact expecting that.

#2140634 I really don't know why...

Posted coglin on 11 January 2013 - 11:00 PM

I wouldn't say it is a matter of folks hating the class. If you ask me, it is more a matter of it being somewhat under powered in certain areas, and childish posters blowing out of proportion.

#2132618 Elitist vs. Objective

Posted Auenwing on 01 January 2013 - 04:18 AM

View PostThe Condor, on 01 January 2013 - 01:02 AM, said:


Main Point

Where is the balance between being an elitist and being objective?
Do we as a community over use the term "elitist?"
What would you tolerate in a group regarding gear, level, or experience and would you consider yourself an elitist or not?

I am an elitist. Inside my guild. As are my guildmates.  We have to be. We have run as a swat team (less than required to do raids/instances) for over a dozen MMO years. We have all signed up to do this, and understand the trade-offs and are willing to do what it takes to make our group successful as a whole. It's OUR choice.

I am NOT an elitist. Outside my guild, when I run PuGs, or server wide raids. The game is social. Many players have differing values about what constitutes fun, grouping, etcetera. If a player is an "honorable newbie", or playing to be social, to learn a new dungeon/encounter or whatever else, in a constructive, helpful manner, they are more than welcome. Diversity is the norm in a public environment.

If a player is there for a "free ride", expecting to be carried, immature, deliberately destructive, without regards to the consequences of their specific behavior as it relates to other players,  they need to be removed from the group, for the benefit of the rest of the players.

That's my balance. Based on 55 years of social interactions.

Do what works for you. And understand others may or may not agree.


#2112724 To the people that complain about the new gear grind and why I prefer this...

Posted Naoroji on 09 December 2012 - 10:05 AM

View PostiLag, on 09 December 2012 - 04:23 AM, said:

Simply put, Gear-Grind adds a much higher sense of accomplishment once you reach something than getting something that 'looks better'. IF I wanted that I wouldn't play MMORPG's, I'd play something like Sims. At first I thought It would've been awesome but hey it wasn't. Thats why I quit this game and wanted a refund ( But I was too late to... I only played this game for like two weeks btw ). Now that I come back I see this and people complaining. This is one of the best things to happen.

The thing is non-gear grind is NEARLY impossible. The only thing that replaces it is ranking and that is IMPOSSIBLE to create in a MMORPG for PvE.

I like how you imply that gear grind is an integral part of MMORPGs and cannot be removed. The problem is that hardly any even try.

Simply put, gear grind is something they assured us would not be in the game. Gear grind is something the majority of people waiting for Guild Wars 2 for 3 years on these forums did not want.
Then the people like you came, and they tipped the balance even further into 'generic MMO'-territory ('even further' because it was already there, I have to admit), because you complained and clamored for gear grind ('there's nothing to do'). Good on you, mate.

This was supposed to be the one MMORPG that did not have statistical gear grind in any shape or form. That was its purpose. Why couldn't you, and your kind, just play one of the other 10.000 gear grind MMOs out there, hrm?

#2101712 After playing GW2, I decided I'd prefer a sub fee over any cash shop

Posted DuskWolf on 29 November 2012 - 10:01 PM

View PostThe_Tree_Branch, on 29 November 2012 - 08:33 PM, said:

Overall, too much paranoia, not enough understanding of how an in-game economy needs to be managed.
Or maybe just too much shameless kissing up. I honestly can't believe you rattled off that PR line about dyes without having to stop the post right there to leave to have a little cry. I'm baffled by people who think that predatory behaviours are the best thing ever for consumers. Do you support totalitarian dictators as the best form of national rulership, too?

No shame at all.

#2101632 After playing GW2, I decided I'd prefer a sub fee over any cash shop

Posted Gileas898 on 29 November 2012 - 08:57 PM

It's funny how Arena Net manages to surprise no one.

Another hard nerf to grinding money last night, at the same time as the amount of money you need to spend to be on par is ever increased. It's really laughable how a statement like the T6 requirements for infused back braces being too high, is apparently well received by the players? It's the most common strategy known to P2W MMO's.

- The developers introduce an item that only the people on the far side of the spectrum will pay real money to acquire.
- The developers admit this is a mistake, and lowers the price after a month or two.
- The people who didn't feel it was worth buying previously spend money on it now instead.
- The developers are received as heroes by the community (lol).
- The developers do the exact same "mistake" in the next patch, and repeats the above things.

A disgusting way of making money, but hey, the GW2 community seems to be oblivious and even thankful >.<.
I've lost so much respect in Arena Net in the last few weeks that I'm not even motivated to log in anymore.

#2101611 After playing GW2, I decided I'd prefer a sub fee over any cash shop

Posted Corvindi on 29 November 2012 - 08:44 PM

View PostMilennin, on 29 November 2012 - 08:40 PM, said:

And with a subscription based game the game is designed around grind to keep you playing longer.

Pick your poison.

Point being: Whether you play sub games or f2p games, neither have a desirable game design to them.

Sadly this sums up the conclusion I'm coming to as well.

What a shame, I remember my first hours in my first MMO as a time of wonder and amazement.  All those avatars running around were real people that I could communicate and adventure with.  I was hooked.  Of course, I would also swear those people used to be a lot nicer than they are now.