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Looking to say goodbye once and for all to the zerg

24 January 2013 - 12:36 AM

I currently play on Piken Square EU, tier 3.  It was my server at launch, though I moved for a short while to play with friends on another server.  I chose PS, purely because it was a roleplay server and I hoped to enjoy some rp.

As it stands, I do not roleplay in this game, I can't get into it and find that the thing that really entertains me, is WvW.

My playstyle is either defending towers, escorting Dollys, small skirmishes etc etc, and also going behind the lines in small groups to disrupt and annoy the enemy.

However, PS is now tier 3, and frankly, my chosen playstyle is redundant at this level, the only thing that matters, is how big your zerg is, and how many of them you can field at any one time. There is next to no real strategy, just easily pleased sheep following the blue icons around the map.

Since I would really love PS to lose week in week out, and go into freefall to drop to the middle levels, but i don't see that happening at the moment, I am finding my interest in WvW and therefore the game in general, in massive decline.  So I am thinking of moving to a lower tiered EU server (needs to be English speaking in the main), who still maintain a reasonable WvW populace, but perhaps where the tactics and strategies involved are not based on how much cannon fodder can be thrown into the field.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.