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In Topic: Dragon revelations from the Durmand Priory

04 February 2013 - 09:51 PM

What I find interesting is that the Dwarves are made of stone, maybe a very durable type of stone, but not unbreakable. What if Primordus get's it done turning the Dwarves' stone to Destroyer Mass like he did with all the other stone in the depths?

In Topic: What will make Turrets more friendly, smart and fun?

03 November 2012 - 03:43 PM

I have thought about the same case just a few minutes ago and I posted it in the official forums. I'd like to share my thoughts with you and I guess this fits better here than opening a new thread for it. The following will be a repost:


Greetings, Engineer forums!
To introduce myself I am an Engineer for 140 ingame hours over the past 28 days now and I must say that this profession is indeed very versatile and comes closest to my favorite profession in the original Guild Wars game – the Ritualist.
They both have one thing in common: their immobile companions. Whereas the Ritualist used Spirits, the Engineer has its Turrets. I recently tried to take a closer look at the turrets and tried to include them in my build. But unfortunately I came to a bitter conclusion: Immobile as they are, they are useless for everyday play and I asked myself some questions like “What would I need with a turret on a 60 second cooldown if the average mob takes merely 10 seconds to kill?”
Infact this is horrible in a game as dynamic as Guild Wars 2. As I tinkered around I remembered that the Ritualist from the original Guild Wars had a skill that gave him the ability to move his otherwise static spirits: Summon Spirits was what I was looking for. Basically, this skill lets you teleport your spirits to your current location. A skill like this would open a whole new playstyle to all the Engineers in Tyria.
Of course, you cannot simply take the Guild Wars skill and ship it to Guild Wars 2, but I am sure there is some workaround. Personally, I have a few suggestions:
  • Make it a weapon skill (either replacing an existing one or adding a new weapon like warhorn)
  • Make it a kit skill (replacing a skill of an existing kit, preferably tool kit, or adding an entirely new kit)
  • Make it a toolbelt skill
  • Make it a healing skill (the skill in Guild Wars 1 healed the turrets, why not yourself, too?)
  • Make it a utility skill (even if this would restrict us from taking too many turrets with us)
    As for visuals, I could imagine the original turrets to be destroyed and a supply crate containing the original turrets to be dropped at your location.
These are my thoughts. Now, I’d like to know what your, Engineer companions, ones are on this cause.