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Need help on mobile authentificator

10 March 2015 - 02:23 AM

Hi, im a returning player, i havnt played for months. At first i had to reset my password, so i did, now its ok
Then i try to log in again and i have to put a 4 digit code from a mobile autentificator crap.
Im pretty sure i did not activate that security before. I did not change or reset my phone so if i ever had the apps it should be there and its not.
Im pretty sure my account didnt get stolen or anything as i never had any email asking for password or any change into my account.
So i submitted an email for assitance and currently waiting for a reply
I cant find that apps, and anyways i would need to link my account to my phone to make that crap work.
Now im stuck, anyone heard anything about something like this before? Any hint?

2 weapon, 2 sigil ?

22 October 2012 - 07:20 PM

Hi everybody, yes another thread about weapon and sigil :)
I did search the forum to find an answer and i couldnt find a proper one, so here i am.

Lets start with this. I am i warrior using 2 one-handed axe.
I put a sigil of bloodlust on my first weapon
And i put sigil of perception on my second weapon.
Lets say that having +250 power and +250 precision was exciting.
I found out that you cant have 2 stacking sigil afterward....
I tried to put my second weapon as my first, it didnt change anything.
Also killing stuff with only 4 and 5 attack didnt do anything either.

Now i wanna know, can i change my second weapon sigil to something like +5% power
Will my first sigil keep building stack, while my second sigil give me +5% power ?

I also use Rifle as second hand. I wanted to put sigil of blood
Which have 30% chance on critical attack to heal me.
If i swap weapon, do i keep my stack from bloodlust, and +5% power ?
When i swap, will my sigil of blood(30% on crit to heal) actually work?
Since i have this other sigil equipped as in my second set, will it work as i use my first weapon set ?

Also, would it be better to have sigil of blood on my second axe.
Having bloodlust building up and sigil of blood going with % on critical...
Does that work?

And have +5% power on my rifle, will it count when im not fighting with it ?
Should i put sigil of strengh on my second axe instead of +5 power, will it work?
I also read somewhere, having 2 sigil with % on critical, both of them will be on cooldown when proc. Can you use both of them anyways, and will they work at the same sime being on different weapon set ?

Last question, sometime i change one of my weapon(usually the rifle), and use hammer, lets say if i put sigil of perception on that hammer, and i change my weapon between 2 fight(i dont mean swap), will my new sigil(perception) start building stack(as i kept my sigil of bloodlust on my first weapon set) or not. OR should i put something else on my hammer....