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#2101900 T1: SoS Vs. JQQ Vs. SBI - Now let's see with no PvE

Posted FBRin on 30 November 2012 - 01:06 AM

Man, you guys take WvW too seriously.

It was never competitive. It wasn't designed to be competitive. It will never be competitive. Bragging about wvw wins is like bragging about winning a basketball game when the other team showed up with 1 guy.

Just grab a group or 3 of your friends and attack some people. You'll find you have less to complain about if you don't worry about the scoreboard and just fight. Just avoid the zergs from whichever server is currently 'outskilling' the others with double the coverage. Hell gather up on one map to make it even better.

#2099336 Blackgate ICOA Guild Caught Cheating

Posted Hillside Strangler on 28 November 2012 - 05:34 AM


We have been having really great fights with blackgate the entire week. However the past two days ICOA has been using this exploit almost nonstop to glitch inside bay and I feel like I need to call them out on this. They blatantly use this glitch multiple times with no shame. It's the same couple mesmers doing it and the entire guild and other followers teleport in with them. ICOA is really putting a negative view on their entire server by doing this. So hopefully you guys can do some internal work and resolve this issue.

#2095881 T1: SoS Vs. JQQ Vs. SBI - Now let's see with no PvE

Posted FYSoSSH on 25 November 2012 - 10:14 PM

oppa Sea of Server style
- When Leading, keep post-ing the printscreen about the score, to show how Strong they are. :devil:
- When fall behind? keep quiet , or make ton of excuses, and waiting for leading again so they have something to post again. :lol:

#2034218 JQ v SBI v IoJ - Fresh Meat

Posted Zarrstrider on 22 October 2012 - 05:20 AM

Stop googling score screenshots Voison and posting them from your work. We all know you are not playing and TL is irrelevant. Enough with the PR based on lies and deception.