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#1769182 Mainhand Pistol Thread: The Straight-to-VHS Version!

Posted Midnight_Tea on 20 August 2012 - 05:39 AM

Those of you who frequented the official mesmer subforum in some capacity during the BWEs might have seen me make one of these threads. Mainhand pistol threads! Oh yes, I've been trying to force this idea through the pipeline for a while now.
Thing is, though, I don't honestly think I was sharing those with an audience that was experienced enough with the PvP and PvE to tell me that I was an idiot who doesn't understand balance.

So, GW2 Guru it is! Until the official forums are open again and I can make noise there. Perfect place for me to get myself told I'm an idiot who doesn't understand balance. (Can you tell yet that I don't know my ass from my elbows when it comes to min/maxing?)

More seriously, I really really think the mesmer could use the ability to mainhand a pistol. The obvious reason is there -- don't give a player a gun and then tell them they can't use it! It's just frustrating knowing my gun is sitting right there! That I need to summon a phantasm to shoot stuff for me. That there's a trait called "Duelists Discipline" that increases my pistol range for me and my phantasm, but my phantasm is the one who gets to actually take advantage of it! Why does that ungrateful shell of myself get to have all the fun?

I know probably the best "fix" is to just play a thief instead, but I kind of refuse to believe the mesmer is a finished class. Two mainhand weapons versus four offhand? Really? It feels like the mesmer is starved for weapon options here. You pretty much have to justify any weapon equip combo that isn't sword/pistol + staff because of it.

Okay, for all my preamble about how I really really do not understand a metagame for most games... it still seems to me somehow that the mesmer is hurting for mid to long range combat options. That despite being a scholar class, they have to get up real close to all of their enemies to be effective. That's okay to some degree, because it seems to me a good mesmer is constantly mobile (aside from those odd moments in PvP where you pretend to be a normal clone). But is it wrong to suggest they really could use some extra range damage that doesn't force them to equip a greatsword? That they have to put themselves in harms way, compared to the other clothies? I don't think the answer lies in the scepter, which more specifically has a place in shatter-oriented builds.

So... yeah. Do want a mainhand pistol.  And I'm pretty much unwilling to stop barking in ArenaNet's ear about it.

#2038223 ANet's handling of Halloween has been nothing but disappointment

Posted RivenVII on 23 October 2012 - 08:25 PM

Reposted from the R and D thread on Black Lion Chests since it wasn't 100% on topic so I brought it here.

This thread is to discuss the way that ANet has handled this installment of Halloween, most notably what they have done with Black Lion Chests. These are my thoughts.

So I had a bit of a flame battle in /map last night in LA over Halloween skins costing ridiculous amounts. Essentially the argument that: "If you don't want it, don't grind for it." is being used rampantly.

This is fundamentally wrong. Legendaries are a legitimate grind. This is HALLOWEEN. It is supposed to be a fun community oriented event. No one, save those people who do nothing but PvE and farm 8 hours a day can reliably afford these skins.

In case you missed it, what ANet did was inflate the economy so that gems trade for more gold. This combats gold sellers with a more competitive price from Dollars --> Gold but it makes the exchange for Gold --> Gems completely absurd. The problem with this is that it blew the economy up overnight. Any player who is not spending money on the game post-purchase is negatively impacted by this event because you can no longer buy gems with gold for any semblance of a reasonable amount.

If they really wanted these skins to be difficult to obtain, in a community event, mind you, they should have made it so you had to complete a certain amount of events or get "Halloween Tokens" which are awarded based on your participation in the actual event.

The real problem with them being in Black Lion Chests is that in 330 hours on my character, I have gotten 3 keys, ever. This is including the personal story. I've gotten one from a drop maybe one time. The amount of keys that you get in this game is probably a ratio of 1 key to 100 chests. The idea that not only are keys almost impossible to get in a drop, but because they are in the trading post, gem prices exploded because they make an insanely rare item put in a chest that is insanely hard to open. It's exponential, if you didn't realize.

These skins aren't account bound like EVERYTHING else you get from a chest. So people who are lucky enough to make it out of the flawed system, turn around and make the economy explode even more charging 40g for a skin driving 99% of the population who can't afford the skins to try and buy just enough gems to open a couple chests and pray that the astronomical odds work in their favor.

If anyone is going to argue that you can "Just roll a new character and get the key from the story quest." There is a serious problem. There should not be people having to grind outside of the Halloween event to get anything involved within the Halloween event. The ANet marketing team and their e-conomists seriously dropped the ball on this.

We, as a community, cannot let them think that this is ok. If the only argument that can be brought up is that if you want it, grind for it just like a legendary, or to take advantage of story quests by re-rolling characters in order to get keys that -never- drop otherwise, this is fundamentally wrong.

This is a community every reward/item should be available within the parameters of the event just like the legacy left by GW1's holiday events has established. I am incredibly disappointed by the way this marketing ploy was designed.

*This is a marketing issue, not a content issue, to be clear. I have thoroughly enjoyed the other content in this event. I have not tried to open chests and I do not plan on it. I also have not bought gems or bought a skin with in-game gold. This is outrage based on principle and what has happened to others. I have not been cheated in any way, but ANet needs to know that this is wrong.

EDIT: I have received a lot of hateful comments on account of my opinion. I have even received private messages from individuals (who obviously made fake accounts just to cuss me out [wow]) insulting me in any number of ways. I made this post to take a public stand against something ANet has done. I played the original Guild Wars and the debacle with the chests is just horrendous compared to the legacy GW1 has left.

Let everyone remember that this is a forum for shared ideas, not insults. If you are toxic to the conversation, you will be reported. Do not think that you are so pretentious that you are allowed to insult other posters. If you feel that you need to insult others, go play Xbox Live or League. I have a lot of respect for members of this community, but if individuals continue to insult, berate, and degrade, I will begin to feel sorry that I ever stood up for this community to begin with.

EDIT #2: ANet has provided a solution to the issue.

#275 is my response to the semantics behind the word chance and SEVERAL possible solutions that ANet could use in the future or could have used now. (substitute "Wintersday" where appropriate)