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Runes for condition build?

17 February 2013 - 06:15 PM

Just started playing after a break, and decided to rebuild my mesmer in order to get interested again.

At the moment she's in Rabid armour, with Rampager's Jewels. Nothing ascended just yet, just exotics.

Current Build: http://gw2skills.net...xZGRv5kKo6yHwNA
+20 points not yet set in stone.

I was wondering what runes people would suggest with such a build?

Also, I'll be getting my 30th Laurel in a couple of days and wasn't sure what amulet to get since there's no Rampager's

Some advice for a newish level 80

29 October 2012 - 04:39 PM

I got my mesmer to level 80 a while ago. But then shelved her while I waited for friends to catch up (who started playing later, after realising Pandaria was just same old, same old).

Mostly I'm looking for a build for dungeons to run with friends and guild mates.

I've been playing around in game and online and got a couple of builds in mind. So if someone could look them over and tell me where I could maybe improve then I'd appreciate it.

Currently my gear is 4 pieces of the Rabid karma set: (Prec/Cond/Tough) with Carrion chest and boots which I plan to swap for the TA ones with more rabid stats.

Trinkets are Rampager's for extra Precision for the bleeds. I don't think I need anymore toughness or vitality personally, but I could be wrong.

6x Runes of the Undead

Sigils of Battle in staff and scepter and Sigil of Accuracy in pistol.

Build One

25 in Illusions for the might trait. I'm using staff and scepter/pistol so I don't really see myself being in range enough to make Illusionary Persona a worthwhile investment.

25 in Chaos for Chaotic Transference, so with the runes 10% of Toughness into Condition Damage.

Finally, 20 in Dueling to reach the clone on dodge trait.

Build Two

10 in Domination for the 15% Illusion damage increase

15 in Dueling for the bleeds. Unfortunately misses out on clones on dodge. Worth it?

25 in Inspiration for extra 15% phantasm damage

20 in Illusions for 20% faster phantasms

With this build I think I'd start off with scepter/pistol and get out duelists as fast as possible. Then switch to staff and spread conditions, before switching back to refresh duelists as necessary and keep might stacks up from the sigils.

I'd be lacking toughness from the traits but hopefully the extra vitality and my gear should compensate. Plus the fact my Illusions are more resilient than the first build.

FYI: The utility skills I took in each build are mostly random. The Cond. Damage signet seems a no brainer but mostly I'd just switch them about depending on the group and/or encounter.

That's it anyway. Please critique and help.