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#2121354 'Secrets in the Swamp' Meta Event broken?

Posted malevolence on 18 December 2012 - 12:16 AM

FYI: I seems Anet fixed the event! I found him yesterday, finally one event fixed :)

We were only 4 people there in the swamp, as it was late in the night. So you can quit saying that the event depends on how many players are around.

#2107421 Isn't this class still fun to play?

Posted cobalt on 04 December 2012 - 09:24 PM

I love my ele.. I do the staff glass cannon in pve and wvw.. lots of fun. I always play mages or eles and don't really care about nerfs or buffs unless they get out of hand (re: wow) and just screw up the class. I also don't have much time to play but i knew i would enjoy the ele and i do... mesmer is greatsword mesmer is also lots of fun, got her up to 38 and lots of fun with the illusions.

#2101607 After playing GW2, I decided I'd prefer a sub fee over any cash shop

Posted Milennin on 29 November 2012 - 08:40 PM

And with a subscription based game the game is designed around grind to keep you playing longer.

Pick your poison.

Point being: Whether you play sub games or f2p games, neither have a desirable game design to them.

#2078523 Is GW2 in trouble?

Posted Nash on 14 November 2012 - 07:48 AM

View PostShiren, on 13 November 2012 - 10:37 PM, said:

Is there something we don’t know about that has put the game is such a dire situation that this change makes sense? Why would they so dramatically change their design direction if the population or game wasn't in trouble?

Here's my theory (and pure personal opinion) about it:

GW2 was hyped before release like there was no tomorrow. "Next big thing", "MMO revolution", "whole new MMO concept" and so on.

But now after a couple of months after release, people start to realize, that GW2 ain't that much away from existing MMOs.
Dynamic events? Yeah, quite funny, but soon it becomes pretty repetetive. Usually it's "Kill that fat Veteran/Champion", "Escort that guy/gal/caravan to spot X (and sometimes back again)", "Attack and capture Fort blah (or defend it)" or "Kill mob-type X to gather item Y and return it to the collector NPC". That should be the vast majority of the dynamic events. Sure, the area and the enemies change, but the basic remains the same. And some are so repetetive one might simply ignore them ("omfg, didnt i kill that Ancient barracuda 2 minutes ago already?!").

The hearts ain't that inovative either, in fact they are standard quests which auto-activate when you come near. At least most of them offer quite a few different ways to obtain the reward.

So all in all, to this point GW2 is just another MMO. But there's one more thing and i guess it was intended to be the core of GW2- the WvWvW. There you should have been able to gain fame and glory, feel epic by fighting side by side with your guild/world, besiege fortresses, ambush caravans,.... and slowly start to master your character(s) and personal skill. But unfortunatly- Arena.net totally messed this up. It turned out that WvWvW suffers from bad design decisions and is nothing but a big zerg-fest. Huge mobs running in circles and trying to cap faster than the others. Wow, exiting. Not. Not to mention the performance issues many players have there.

So Arena.net now has a big problem: the PvE content is nice but i admit- i don't see that much of a long term motivation besides obtaining a legendary (i really don't know how ppl could obtain them so fast. But since i got no proof i won't start any accusations at this point about somekind of relation between bot-accounts and those of legendary owners).
Sure, there is a lot of things you can do. Jumping puzzles, getting 100% map completition, trying fill the achievements but still- it feels somewhat soulless and empty. The WvWvW won't motivate the majority of players to stay and play GW2 either.

So they got 2 possibilities how to prevent many players might quit GW2 and look for an alternative. They either redesign the WvWvW asap to make it the core element it originally was intended to be- but this won't be easy. It needs ideas, needs time and needs money.
Or they try to make general PvE more attractive to prevent disapointed players to move on to other games and doing bad publicity there.

And Arena.Nets answer to all is the fastest, cheapest, most easy to implement instrument i can image- the gear treadmill.

Just my personal, slightly conspirativ thoughts.

#2073759 Goddam CPU throttles when GW2 loads, and throttles often later

Posted Vayra86 on 12 November 2012 - 11:30 AM

Your hardware will wear out before you would want it to with those temps guys.

I've run GW2 on the exact same sandy (i7 2630QM) and never had big throttling issues, although I did run it together with a GT540M instead of an AMD card. That was an Asus KS53V. Got hot, but never beyond 60-65 degrees.

Some minor things you can do to lower laptop temps;

1. get some cold air blower on there from the outside, cool it alongside the bottom of the chassis
2. put laptop on an elevated space in the coldest corner of your workspace. A dock already earns you a few degrees because the chassis is no longer placed on the table. Two books or something similar work fine too.
3. remove dust. With vacuum cleaner at lowest setting or from a reasonable distance at the laptop air exhaust. Don't put it right on there, or you can damage components.

Beyond that, get a desktop or something with a little more spark in it to run gw2.

#2062010 Male engineer - charr or human?

Posted Hayabusa on 05 November 2012 - 02:18 AM

View PostDark, on 04 November 2012 - 10:03 PM, said:

Charr! :D

For the Iron Legion!

#2072329 Save ANet and yourself time when requesting refund:

Posted Dasryn on 11 November 2012 - 04:32 AM

for those immature people that want to make fun of the guy for getting a refund: get real please.

we're talking 60 bucks.  idk what kind of made up dream world you live in but 60 bucks is not something that should ever be "disposable".

they guy honestly didnt enjoy the game, and he was posting VALUABLE information pertaining to the information needed by NCSoft staff to complete the transaction.

by all means he should have gotten a refund.  thats hard cash back in his pocket from a game he did not enjoy.  i wish i had that option for everything i ever buy.

#1935651 Save ANet and yourself time when requesting refund:

Posted Tristany on 15 September 2012 - 10:44 PM

Actually I thought my post would accomplish two things:

1) Provide people who were not happy with their purchase a clear option, instead of being a negative influence to potential people that may like it. Saying things like "I wasted $60 on a game that ended up not playing."  With a refund they are more likely to say "It was O.K., just not for me... and they were kind enough to stand behind their product and give me a refund.

2) To help minimize the ticket response time spent by ANet on refunds... allowing them to perhaps spemd that time on customers who are liking the game but having issues.

The alarming number of people who seem dead set against refunds is perhaps part of why America's level of quality products have dropped well below that of our world's competitors.

I once took my family and in-laws to a great rib place.  I had baosted how great this place was, adn when we were served the ribs were so tough you could barely gnaw the meat off the bone. (Usually was so tender the bone slid out)

I called the manager over and explained the problem and he immediately took away the plates and brought us a new set in 20 minutes. And they were amazing like usual.

When he brought the ticket he comp'ed the entire dinner and I told him I wasn't looking for that... I was MORE than happy to pay because he made it right... and he told me:

"Sir, I can't tell you how appreciative I am that you brought this to my attention.  So many people would have just kept quiet, left and perhaps never came again.. certainly no longer recommend our restaurant.  We are proud of our food and service, and because you were polite enough to inform me AND wait another 20 minutes for us to get it right... it is my pleasure to take care of your bill.  Please come back soon."

Being responsible consumers helps the businesses, not hurt them.

#2067248 Your most Random complaint about PvE

Posted Darkobra on 07 November 2012 - 07:41 PM

"I can move mountains!"
"The ocean's power!"
"I can outrun a centaur!"


#2067195 Kinda bored of the game already

Posted Shadok on 07 November 2012 - 07:08 PM

This thread in its own has no reason for existence, and the content within simply proves that. How it even lasted this long beyond me. If you would like to discuss something specific about the game that you dislike, do so in a relevant thread. If you would like to discuss your disdain in general, do so elsewhere. We do not need a thread for people to complain for the sake of complaining and argue for the sake of arguing. If anyone can think of any productive reason for such a thread to exist, my inbox is always open. :)