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Isn't this class still fun to play?

04 December 2012 - 07:20 PM

I keep reading about how bad the damage is, and they still get nerfed to shit in every other patch! Why? I found the first few levels quite cool (Beta days) and the Attunement system is one of the best I've seen in an MMO. Is is really bad at high levels/sPvP/WvWvW/Dungeons as some claim?

I don't post this to start a Flame Duel lol. Honest opinions needed as I have VERY little time to play nowadays, and wouldn't want it invested in a broken/breaking class which no manner or amount of skill can make competitive. Now I don't mind a good challenge, but... how do I put it lol. I hope y'all can help haha.

Taishar elementalists!

EDIT: Just checked out those bugs the new update "patched" in 5 mins ago. Sheesh....

Need help downloadding GW2!

12 November 2012 - 06:50 AM

So I've gone and finally bought the game (saved up a lot of cash for the hardware upgrade and stuff) but now that the discs arrived last night, I just can't seem to get them installed on my PC! It starts downloading right off the internet! Now I have a really slow 256 kbps connection so the math says I need atleast 7*24 hours assuming the whole game is 14GB download! That is not an issue again as I don't have a bandwidth cap( obviously not at these speeds :D) but my patience has run out cuz I internet just bonked off sometime, prolly for a few seconds, yesterday night and NOW I see that all my effort has gone to waste as it got stuck at 35%!! I mean WTF! 40+ hours gone to waste! It's not even resuming from then onward, just re-download everything from scratch!

It looks like I only have one option remaining, one which I've seen suggested many times when I googled my problem: Get the game on a USB stick and copy/paste it on my PC! From someone else!
I would hate to bother anyone with my problems, so I'd like to ask here if there are any other options available to me? Like repair the DVDs somehow or whatever? So much trouble even after I paid extra to get the DVDs grr

Any input is highly appreciated!

PS: I live in Mumbai Suburbs, India. T_T;
EDIT: OMG I typo'd the thread title! Hope there's an achievement for that >_>;