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Official GW 2 Twitch Live Now

17 January 2013 - 10:10 PM

Official Twitch is live.


How To Make Raid On The Capricorn Playable

26 October 2012 - 08:11 PM

I think most sPvPers agree that RotC is just a bad map for a number of reasons.  The main reason being the 1 capture point that is under water.  I feel though that this map can be altered to be more playable.

First, move the underwater cap point either on the boat or up where the cannon is.
Second, make the underwater area an objective target that gives a buff, similar to killing The Chief or Svanir.

With these minor changes the map would not be avoided by so many players.  I hope in the November update we are given at least 2 more maps for sPvP.  Because 3 playable maps will just not cut it.

Warrior Main LF 70% sPvP, 20% WvW, 10% PvE Guild

25 October 2012 - 08:33 PM

Hey all. Currently in sPvP I'm rank 13. I was a competitive player in GW 1 reaching Hero 10 and Champ 2.  I also was warrior main in GW 1.

I'm searching for a guild that will concentrate or at least has a section of the guild concentrating on sPvP.  I also like to run WvW.

I'm searching for a mature guild 18+ with most members over 21.  I'd like the guild to be highly competitive but with a laid back attitude and flexible practice schedule.  Be majority east coast time zone.

Reply here or send me a message to my IGN, Uber Stylo.