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In Topic: Improving WvW

23 November 2012 - 01:15 AM


It's too late for transfers to affect much. SBI will still always be first, and restricted transfers will just make it harder for people to leave the server and for people to join JQ, BG, or SoS to try and beat us.

So... how did that turn out?

In Topic: Catapults Hitting Through Gates - Will this ever be Fixed ?

23 November 2012 - 01:12 AM

So much whining.  Oil pots are working as intended. ​Before they go down, you can't go near the door.  But they can be attacked from outside.  Siege and attacking on the walls is effective.  You can AOE the attackers just as well as they can AOE you; there are some spots you can put arrow carts that are very hard to attack that let you attack almost anybody standing outside.

It seems people are complaining because there is no safe way to simply hit people as a defender without some risk to yourself (apart from the catapult bug)- and why the hell would there be?  If there was, wouldn't everyone inside simply stack seige on that position and kill everyone outside?  5 people should not be able to defend against 30+, else the game simply wouldn't work.  The way it works now, you can defend effectively when there are around twice as many or less attackers than defenders.  People seem to just want to sit somewhere completely safe and AOE attackers but the game would be broken if that happened.

In Topic: WvW reset this week

17 November 2012 - 01:09 AM

Yeah, I wonder what is going on?  Should have reset by now

In Topic: Predictions #5 - November 16th, 2012

16 November 2012 - 02:04 PM


Sea of Sorrows will give Jade Quarry a run for their money in 2nd. It would also not surprise me one bit if they had a server meeting, with PRX calling for all guilds to ignore the event this week and show up for T1, similar to how they called guilds out in the SoS/SoR matchup in T3.
I can't believe how often this myth is repeated.  SoS lost a few points when the new content came out because all the servers were reset.  Those points were gained back 20 hours later during Oceanic primetime.  Somebody from PRX had a whine on the forums, of which 98% of WvWers don't read.  

It's like yelling "come on!" at your football team on the television and then taking credit when they score.  In reality, it had no effect whatsoever.

In Topic: Crystal Desert vs Sea Of Sorrow Vs Sanctum Of Rall

25 October 2012 - 02:10 PM

Was that "letter" from PRX an official thing or just some random posting?  Because if the guild is seriously considering leaving the server after less than 1 week because of one night of play, well... they should probably go.  Those are not the sort of players we want on the server.  It would be a shame, because they've played well, but that sort of arrogance talking down to other people is just as likely to encourage people to tell them to eff off as it is to inspire people to play wvw.

Anyhow, some actual facts.  Here are the average scores per tick (taken from the table at http://mos.millenium.org for this week) during oceanic primetime (I counted as 5pm- 1am Australian EST):

20th: 255
21st: 168
22nd: 485
23rd: 222
24th: 326
25th: 587

Oceanic primetime average: 340
Overall average score over this week: 282

These are not pefect averages since the mos.millenium.org scores are sporadically updated but it shows enough that it is clear the oceanics on SOS this week have not been slacking off.  Just look at the graph for the server this week- the three times the map has been dominated by SOS it happened during oceanic primetime.

Yes, there was some slack play on the 23rd, presumably because of people doing Halloween content, and we lost a lot of points. We didn't recover the lead until oceanic primetime on the 24th.

From what I've seen of the PRX guild leaders playing this week they are all sensible and level headed, so I can't believe they would just approve some inflammatory letter like that without checking the facts first.