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#2231424 It's not grind

Posted Hex65000 on 05 September 2013 - 03:37 PM

I wont say grind. I have another adjective, "Fatigue".

I'm looking at SAB as a much needed break from doing anything other than whatever random activity I decide to do that day. I'm still grappling with the new economy, magic find, and crafting changes.

Coupled with that I really did not enjoy the farming-zerg of the invasions and what I call the 'Trivial Pursuit Thunderdome'. The loot was good, but the rewards were not so great to me. It was the first time in my experience playing GW2 that I wanted to punch my collective server in the face.

[ Can totally relate to a post that was locked in this section recently... ]

#2231136 is Arena Net losing it?

Posted Loperdos on 04 September 2013 - 08:54 PM

View PostMordakai, on 04 September 2013 - 08:45 PM, said:

More than usual I mean...

Bad glitches in SAB, along with a rather difficult game.

Erasing monthly progress, no fix.

Time gating everything (including SAB!)

I don't get it...  not a good way to start GW2's second year.

IMO, should have done an anniversary bash, and introduced a new Permanent dungeon.

The more and more I see the time gated content in GW2, the more and more it feels like Farmville, or some stupid Facebook game that gives you a certain amount of "actions" that you can take before you run out, and if you want to continue to play after you run out, you need to either buy credits from them or invite all your friends to play.

I would agree that so far its been a rocky start to GW2's second year, and for anyone who's seen me around the forums, I'm generally pretty positive about the game.  This time gated content is really not a direction I want to see GW2 head down.

#2231135 is Arena Net losing it?

Posted Mordakai on 04 September 2013 - 08:45 PM

More than usual I mean...

Bad glitches in SAB, along with a rather difficult game.

Erasing monthly progress, no fix.

Time gating everything (including SAB!)

I don't get it...  not a good way to start GW2's second year.

IMO, should have done an anniversary bash, and introduced a new Permanent dungeon.

#2230423 setting events up to fail

Posted pkddixie99 on 01 September 2013 - 06:48 AM

It would be nice if the devs made a living world event that would be less farmy and more geared toward actually winning. The Clockwork Choas is nothing but a waste of time and a clusterf**k. And who's fault is it.......not the players....its the development team for making champions that drop loot spawn like crazy from aetherblade pirates. Why not make them like champs in Jormag where you can kill as many as you want but you will gain nothing unless you win the event! or better yet make the twisted champs spawn more  than the aetherblades =P.  Well reguardless i just hope that ArenaNet can see what a disaster this was and learn from it for future living world events =D so now that my rant is over /activate trolls

#2230066 Came back after 9+ months off, what to do?

Posted Mastruq on 30 August 2013 - 04:28 PM

On another note, your OP sounds like you *want* to be behind the curve after a longer break, so to speak. That hasnt happened because Anet originally didnt want it, and its likely that after these new ascended weapons you can quit for a year, come back, and again have no change in power level.

So if you enjoy getting to best gear, taking a break for other things and then coming back to catch up, you might be looking at the wrong game. On the other hand theres no sub so you can always just check it out from month to month.

#2230268 Ascended Weapons.. will you craft one?

Posted Geralt Romalion on 31 August 2013 - 11:27 AM

In the manifesto they promised us that there would be no gear threadmill, but that just like in GW1 you would work for the looks only.
Meaning the best tier gear ( Exotic ) would stay best tier gear.
Then ascended came along, meaning that once again they broke their word to the player community.
Ascended is superior to exotic statwise, thus qualifies as a gear threadmill.
People that continue to say that the stat difference is minimal and that ascended is optional are missing the point entirely.
You can do pretty much all content in this game in rare or even masterwork.
Still, exotic is superior in stats over those.

These weapons seem to represent the worst of Anet's decisions combined to me.
Loads of random materials, weapons unable to be bought from the TP, new material threadmill with T7 mats, timegated...
If anything one would expect a higher chance for Ascended items to drop from high level fractals, but even that they did not implement, while fractals and Ascended equipment pretty much belong together in essence.
Anet is making this game lose its uniqueness and is making it more and more like your average uninteresting MMO nextdoor.

As such, I will not craft Ascended weaponry, even while I have all currently ingame available materials to do so.
Because to me this is still a betrayal to the community, and I am unwilling to support that by participating in this new threadmill of them.
Do not forget that in an interview someone from Anet ( I believe it was Colin ) said we would definitely not see a new tier this year.

So how do I not know that when I grind my brains out to deck out every character in Ascended, we will suddenly get an even better/higher stat armor/weapon/jewelry tier, simply because Anet feels like it?

I do not trust Arenanet at all anymore, and that is what keeps me from crafting Ascended.
There is a gear threadmill, and they will continue down that path.

#2230223 What do GW1 players think of GW2?

Posted Bohya on 31 August 2013 - 03:27 AM



#2229092 One year in and still bad optimization.

Posted Baldur The Bold on 27 August 2013 - 02:46 AM

Surprise surprise it got deleted. Here are the contents :)

Dear Mr Freist,

It has been a while since we last heard from you regarding the performance of Guild Wars 2.

Since that time, you and your team(I assume) have removed culling from WvW and eventually PvE as well as other tweaks to the game.

While many players feel that this is a welcome change to the game, most feel that the performance has slipped and regressed.

The last time you sent a message to the community was August 22, 2012

With over a year passing there seems to have been little progress in performance of GW2 and myself and many others in the community are wondering when/if there will be a performance upgrade to the client.

As I am sure your well aware, during large scale events(zergs) the engine will bog down    to a crippling framerate, even with the most up to date current technology(overclocked nonetheless!).

Will there ever be performance updates to the client?
Will we ever see a modern API like Dx11 implemented into the game?
Will GW2 play the way it's designers dreamed that it would?
Will GW2 use current multicore processors more efficiently?

The void of communication is disheartening to the community and I for one sincerely hope for a response.  /pray.

#2228696 First Birthday Gift

Posted Inraged Twitch on 25 August 2013 - 07:57 AM

they gave us the min jennah because they released all the other minis either in achievements or from the mini pack in the store I assume.

This b-day was a major let down imo coming from a gw1 player.

#2228695 First Birthday Gift

Posted Senatic on 25 August 2013 - 07:49 AM

So year one has passed and upon logging in this morning I received my 5 first birthday gifts on the characters I made on the 25th of august last year.

I wanted to get peoples opinion on their contents, for those of you who haven't yet recieved or opened your gifts they contain the following:
  • Mini Queen Jennah (account bound & can't be put in the mystic forge.)
  • Experience Scroll (Double-click to advance a character to level 20)
  • Birthday Booster (a 100% boost to magic find, WvW rank gain, PvP glory gain, experience from kills, and gold from kills.)
I'm fairly happy with the Experience Scrolls and the birthday booster, seeing as they last for 24 hours each, but I'm scratching my head over the fact that the mini is, once again, account bound. Although not unexpected I fail to see the reason for it. Why is ArenaNet so keen on keeping us from trading our minis? 90% of them that I have gotten over the year are account bound and I find myself never taking them out, they're just sitting in the bank completely forgotten.

Also the fact that everyone gets the same mini is a bit weird to me as a Guild Wars 1 veteran where the mini you got was a random out of a pool of minis specific to each year. So now I have 5 account bound Mini Queen Jennah.... What is the purpose of this?

#2225790 [Answered] Been gone since February 7th. What have I missed?

Posted Kamatsu on 12 August 2013 - 08:24 AM

A good place to look to see what has changed, been updated, added, etc is ANets "Game Release" forum over on the official forums. You can go over every single patch notes that has been released - obviously this does involve a lot of reading, but you can see exactly what has changed.


If all your after is a overview of the major updates, what was added and such, a good place to look at is the "Releases" section on the Guild Wars 2 main site. This shows all the major updates and lets you go to the update page, which will show the content for that update that has happened.


So looking at that, there have been the following major releases since March onwards (most of this content is temporary, but some of it is permanent & still available):

- Flame & Frost: The Razing
- Super Adventure Box
- Flame & Frost: Retribution
- The Secret of Southsun
- Last Stand at Southsun
- DragonBash
- Sky Pirates of Tyria
- Bazaar of the Four Winds
- Cutthroat Politics
- Queen's Jubilee (current)

#2152139 Can we agree on a dedicated PvE server?

Posted Sans on 27 January 2013 - 09:28 PM

Since guesting is being added tomorrow, can we all agree on a server where we can all guest for regular Non-Dungeon PvE content?

One where maps aren't completely empty?

That way DE's are always active and full of people participating.

Can a mod make a 2 polls ???
one for US servers and one for EU servers so we can vote on it.

#2118368 The Winterdays Info/Discussion Thread

Posted Shayne Hawke on 14 December 2012 - 10:57 PM

View PostCastaa, on 14 December 2012 - 10:03 PM, said:

  • Snowball Mayhem – Brand new PvP Map, a capture the flag map. Players grabbing presents and bring them back to base. Players get to pick between three classes: Supporter, Scout and Heavy Gunner, each with unique skills. In addition, each profession also get one profession  specific skill. You get to throw snowballs, freeze other players in place, and use map based power ups.

Does this count as a trinity?

#2097361 AMA Post-Mortem Discussion, What You Got Out of It

Posted MazingerZ on 26 November 2012 - 10:51 PM

I won't be posting anymore quoting AMA that is currently on-going, despite the fact that the Guru News link hasn't been updated in over an hour, instead let's talk about what was discussed.

Vertical progression is here to stay.

Ascended gear was imagined post-launch.  They claim it should have been in there at launch.  This is a fix to what they perceive to be a design error in the gear progression.  Never mind the fact that Legendary-Exotic-level max stats were supposed to be balanced around the end-game.

Looks like the game's going to introduce a shallow power curve.  They won't introduce any new item tiers.  They are just going to raise the stats on new items.  Like WoW epics.

However, don't worry, ArenaNet is looking into the idea that maybe their grind is too much and re-evaluating the costs.  I'm sure they'll patch a price fix around the same time that Cash->Gem->Gold sales taper off from people trying to purchase ectos and other stuff off the TP.

In short, I will no longer be paying money to support this game.

#2100802 Why is it so hard to get money in this game?

Posted DuskWolf on 29 November 2012 - 08:46 AM

Because the way ArenaNet handles money in this game is broken. They're stingy and only allow the tiniest trickle of money into the game, and they tax what little mone you get. The game has been forced into a deflationary spiral, devaluing everything except prices which ArenaNet controls. This is to drive people to the gem store to buy gems to convert to gold.

A surprising (even to me) number of my friends have moved on from GW2, even one really hardcore friend from tumblr whom I was sure would be with it for years. And aside from the vertical progression bait & switch, the reason I hear the most is that they're sick and tired of being broke and they strongly dislike the cynical feeling of the game - where it almost feels necessary sometimes to buy gems if you just want to bounce around everywhere with the waypoints.

I've been playing a lot of other games lately, and they've all shown how unfun GW2 is in its current state. Mass Effect 3, Champions Online, and even Free Realms have a far less cynical approach to online gaming. GW2 is a casino dressed up as a game, the people who play it are gambling addicts.

GW2 is just not a fun game. More and more people are realising it. Sounds like it's begun to sink in for you, too. OP. Move on, don't draw it out.