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[North America] Looking to join a PvP team!

05 November 2012 - 07:41 AM

  • Hi, I'm Beau and I'm looking to find a group/team to tPvP with. At the moment I've only been able to do tournaments with pugs and on some occasions with some of my local friends, however it's rare that 4 of them want to play. So, you may gather that I may not have the most experience...But! I'm willing to learn, willing to try any class and more!
  • Guardian- So far I only really have experience playing a Guardian. I really like the bunker build, but I've tried many other supportive or offensive builds. I try to research heavily on buildss; filtering out the less credible and less viable options. I do enjoy this class, but if the team needs other roles to be filled I'd be willing to pick up another
  • Play time- I would say I play mostly everyday for about 3 hours or so, if there are certain times the team does tournaments I'll most likely be able to do so.
Alright well my ingame name is Pomplemeusse, and my tag is Beaubinski.5294. Feel free to either message me in game or on the forums.