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Posted raspberry jam on 31 October 2012 - 12:50 PM

View PostZorian51, on 31 October 2012 - 12:22 PM, said:

Pretty much. The problem with Raspberry Jams post is he/she does not know what grind is and keeps tossing the word around. The examples the poster gives just goes to show you that they have no clue what that word means and just simply tosses it around. Killing 4 boars for a quest is not a grind. Killing 400 boars is.

@RaspBerry Jam:

Hearts don't need to be completed to level and even if you wish to do them most take under 10 minutes tops. The fact that you consider renown hearts a grind makes me laugh. Stealing food from bunnies for 5 minutse was such a grind. Or running around stealth grabbing flags. Oh man such a grind! Don't make me laugh.

Here is what grind equals for half the people that toss the word around on the forums: Grind = Getting XP. The fact that you can get XP doing anything you want and you still consider these things are a grind is mind boggling to me. You could level to 80 from gathering if you wanted to. Theres so many ways to do it and the XP comes so fast I don't even see how you could call it a grind.

The fact that a ton of people hit 80 the first week and a crazy amount the second and third week just go to show you how little "grind" there is. The fact that you can reach this level so quickly and get exotics very fast at 80 just goes against your point completely. If it took 6 months to hit 80 I might say its a grind but it takes about 2 weeks right now for most people.

You don't need to be 80 to do world vs world. Heck I know people that have alternative characters for WvW that are not 80 and do it with them. The reason being they like the class more for it. Not to mention you still level out there. At 1v1 in WvW you're at a disadvanage but lets face it that rarely happens out there. It has a lot more to do with numbers and tactics. The fact they could sit on siege weapons and get tons of kills also goes right against your point that you need to be 80 for this.

Actually, I did my story line with about 3-4 other people for the majority of it. They get the option to complete the story if they are on the same step as me and we continue to do the rest only needing to do it once. If they pick different ways to do the story they usually still have the option to complete that story mission (if its the same story area just a different path). So I'm not sure why you're complaining here. Not to mention that later on the stories join up and its even easier to do so.

As to your B2P arguement well its just stupid. You're compairing single player games to vast online MMOs. Even if you take something simple like Borderlands 2 you're still going to end up paying more if you buy all the DLC. The content I get in Guild Wars 2 is free. Either way kinda a pointless thing to say. This arguement doesnt really prove or say anything.

Finally, good job on looking up the word entitled and figuring out just what you are. My point still stands you think you and a few others on this forum bought the game and think you have a right to change it how you want or make it like guild wars 1. Sadly you dont. If anything you have a right to play what they created and thats about it. Of course, "I don't matter". Really you're crying because its not Guild Wars 1. As the above poster said. If you miss it go back.. its not hard they are both free.

The point you keep coming back to is one thing ANet said about people that don't like mmos should try this game out. I think they are right still on that. Just because you don't like MMOs and don't like this game doesnt mean thats not true. It simply means you don't like the game. The sooner you come to terms with that the better. Many other people that never played or dislike mmos are still enjoying the game. I bet you about 99% of them don't use the forums. As most people that play games don't especially single player games. Simply put you don't like the game and are trying to make it seem like its ANets fault for false marketing.

I guess the easiest thing to tell you is that you're just wrong and angry that its not GW1 with a graphical overall and some other new tweaks. Get over it. It's not going to change into GW1. Also, you can still get a refund you just don't want to and will continue to play like most people that complain on these forums.
Killing 4 boars for a quest is grind if you need to do 100 quests with no other change than having a different creature to kill. You know, like the GW2 hearts.

I never stole food from bunnies. I clicked response nodes. So did you. There was zero challenge to it. It was repetitive. Yes, it was grind. Just like unlocking weapon skills is grind. And yes, it must be done: simply going from personal story mission to mission to mission will result in you trying to enter a mission with recommended level 50 when you are level 12.

Grind does not equate to getting xp. That is a silly proposition. There are games with xp based levels where there is zero grind. Xp is problematic in itself since it is anonymizing, and it thus allows you to do high-xp-reward, repeatable content to get as much xp in as little time as possible.

I hit 80 on the second week of actual playing (I didn't start at release). I now have 4 level 80 characters. It's grind. Leveling is so *ing boring that I bought xp boosts from the cash shop just to have to deal with it as little as possible, which was still too much in hindsight. You can do it without grind, but that takes much longer since the xp gain rate is lower.

You don't need to be level 80. You do need to have non-starter gear though. And preferably some traits. If you want to just do some fun WvW and nothing else, you're going to die a lot in the beginning.

It's interesting that you think that I actually am entitled. Thus you think that I actually have the right to say what changes ANet should and should not do. Well, I'm flattered, but I don't really agree with you. What we players can do is to complain, not direct (if we like something, we won't complain, we'll just shut up and play).

It's also interesting that you use standard knee-jerk phrases like "you don't like the game". Of course I like it, why else would I play it? I don't like certain parts of it, and I want to see those parts changed. That is the reason why anyone would complain. And, of course, the only reason anyone would feel threatened by a complaint is that they identify with the thing being complained on.

So the real question here is why do you identify with GW2? Why are you a fanboy who, instead of respecting peoples' opinions, try to tell them what they think? Do you not think that these people already know what they think?
Actually, you have bigger problems than that. You are identifying with the current version of GW2, and it's an online game. Which means that it can be updated at any moment. And when it does, your entire world-view will fall apart.

For example, it might happen that they release a large expansion that you'd have to pay for. At that moment, your Borderlands 2 DLC argument would be wrong, and so would you.

But by then, you'll change your tune, won't you?

Do you actually stand for anything? You know, like, have any opinion of your own? Other than thinking that you have to defend GW2, even its flaws, with any argument no matter how contrived?