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#2114730 Frustrated: Tell me how to beat Perma-Stealth Thieves

Posted Shiren on 11 December 2012 - 03:02 PM

I kept killing the thief in this video tonight. He was hillariously lame. Spamming stealth over and over, trying to use the NPCs to help him out. Everytime he stopped to stealth stomp someone I took him down (it was the only time he was in one place long enough to hit) otherwise I had to rely on poison and snares to slow him down and prevent his health regen. If he thinks he's going to lose he will run, his build is entirely based around using positioning to beat you, he chooses when to attack and from where, stealths when he is taking too much heat (or targeted at all) and repositions to beat you down. Most of his damage comes from bursts between stealths, while he is recovering between all the stealths. Crowd control is the best way to interrupt him, you can hurt him quite bad if he is stunned for a second, it's time he can't run away or stealth to avoid damage. He is almost always behind you when he stealths and he will almost always be on a downed person doing a stealth stomp, so CC, AoE and stun that spot. Honestly, he is faster than you, so even if you do outplay him in the fight, he will stealth and run away until he is ready to engage again. You're only going to beat him if you spike him down between stealths (with some kind of snare or stun) or if he decides to stealth stomp and you can take him out that way.

Just so you know, this thief will alt+F4 every time you down him. It's hillarious to watch him rage quit because he got beaten. He targets yaks, but it's not really a strategy, he's just baiting people to play with him. I suspect if you just ignored him he would get bored and log off. One final note I'd like to say is that he has a build designed to perma stealth and gank. Most people in WvW have builds designed to travel ground quickly and siege objectives. Very rarely will a normal WvW build be on the same level as a dueling build seeing as sieging points and fighting groups is entirely different. This thief contributes very little to his allies in a fights, whereas the people he ganks are usually built to fight with their allies and capture objectives. It's like they are playing two different games and that's a big part of his success.

#2125719 Bell Choir - Billie Jean

Posted Hecksa on 22 December 2012 - 05:03 AM

So, I couldn't stop myself seeing what was possible with the notes we were given for bell choir. Turns out, since we got a dorian scale, things get a little trickier. Billie Jean is about the only well known song around that is written in the dorian mode. So, I pulled out a piano arrangement, adapted it to fit for handbells, stripped out all the notes that the Bell Choir can't play, and then started work.

Thanks to Arenanet for the awesome minigame that made this possible. Next time, maybe we can get a few more notes? Just throwing it out there...

#2115183 Wintersday Calendar/Wallpaper

Posted Naima Omadara on 11 December 2012 - 11:30 PM

Hey Everyone! I went ahead and made a Wintersday Calendar-Wallpaper, that way it's easy to look up the Times, Dates & Locations for the event. Enjoy! Link: http://i.imgur.com/5Ilty.gif?1  (I also posted this on Reddit: http://redd.it/14nk73)

#2073188 I'm just gonna leave this here. Share your thoughts.

Posted Sannhet on 11 November 2012 - 11:40 PM

View PostOryx, on 10 November 2012 - 12:43 AM, said:

The fact that he hit multiple people for 13-20k dmg while comfortably at 1200 range is totally okay with you?
nothing wrong with that?
i wonder if you'd see a 1.75sec channeling skill in the middle of those wvw zergs.

Kill Shot currently is bugged with piercing causing it to do 10% more damage the more people it passes through (i.e. 10% more for each person it hits).

As for the rest of it, I can hit 20k on targets with 90% of the burst damage abilities of any of my 80s in full zerker gear on other people in full zerker or low level. This is a simple highlight video of a guy wailing on lowbies/zerker geared individuals that you're all taking as some sort of evidence that everything you've ever argued about is by default now in your favor. Sorry, but that's just idiotic.