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Please make my legendary legendary

16 December 2012 - 12:37 AM

First of all, im german. Sry if there are alot of mistakes.

Due to laughs and taunts i've earned and the fact that the legendary focus skin blows, I really try to reach someone of ANet on this way, since there was no reaction on a thread i wrote in the offical board.

For those who never seen it:

Its not the shiny scepter btw...

There are awesome melee legendary weapons with really amazing effects, like footprints, a shiny veil or at least stunning slash effects or looks.

The focus blows and it makes me really sad that ive spend so much time and affort for that creepy item. The Anomalie is even much more a legendary weapon like.

Why not give items these effects with system? Like for example:

Off-hand Weapons: Footprints
1h weapons: Veil(shiny)/ lightning, glow, whatever... / slash effects
2h weapons: all effects

Not sure, but i guess there wont be anyone not lucky with that.

Well, i really like the game, but if i had a choice now, i had NEVER put about 300 hours of my life in such a boring focus.

Greetz, Borgzul

Snowblind Fractal - Fire Trick - Solo

10 December 2012 - 05:45 AM


as some of you know there is a spykit you can purchase for 28 karma, which makes u invis as long as you dont move for max 10 secs.
You can use these items to spark the fires in front of the icewall in the svanir fractal, as shown in the vid.