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Help with WvW build

05 December 2012 - 08:56 AM

With this build, I like to just go right into a bunch of enemies and use a bunch of CC to toss them around. Since I feel like I get adrenaline really fast, I can literally just spam the F1 on hammer to stun them and if they run away, use my GS for the mobility to pick off stragglers. One of the jewels is switched with the one from the karka event. The GS is power, prec. and crit chance while I’m either leaning to Power, Prec, Tough or power, vit, and tough of either exists for a hammer.
I really find this build great for sustain damage, CC, and survivability, if I need to switch to range, I usually prefer LB and I can just switch to the 1200 range trait out of combat. Any thoughts on it?
PS going for all knights armor