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AC $$ Run FAQ - All the Bosses and Champs That Drop Silver

12 December 2012 - 09:06 PM

I like to do money runs in AC.  Was hoping to use this thread to get all the info on who drops how much silver in the dungeon.  

Use Omnomberry Bar for $$ run.  Each bar will last 1 path.  If you buy them off the TP for ~3.5s per bar you will make that money back on the Spider Queen (10s * 1.40 = 14s).  

Most groups usually run from the lizards in the middle/end but one of the champs in path 1 and two of the champs in path 2 are guaranteed to give 5s each (7s with bar).  I think the two in P2 are both scavengers but one might be a howler.

All drops are normal silver amount with +40% from the bar in parenthesis:

Spider, Kholer and Troll all have a chance to drop a wonder bag that give 2s-3s, Vial of Karma and 3 Ascalonian Tears.  Kholer also spawns the chest and the waypoint.

Path 1:
  • Spider Queen: 10s (14s)
  • Kholer: 10s (14s)
  • Cave Troll: 10s (14s)
  • Champion Howler (fire turret hallway): 5s (7s)
  • Howling King ~18s (26s)
  • Clear: 27s
Path 1 Total: 80s (1g2s)

Path 2:
  • Spider Queen: 10s (14s)
  • Kholer: 10s (14s)
  • Cave Troll: 10s (14s)
  • Champion Scavenger: 5s (7s)
  • Champion Scavenger: 5s (7s)
  • The Patriarch: ~18s (26s)
  • Clear: 27s
Path 2 Total: 85s (1g9s)

Path 3:
  • Spider Queen: 10s (14s)
  • Kholer: 10s (14s)
  • Cave Troll: 10s (14s)
  • Colossus Rumblus: ~18s (26s)
  • Clear: 27s
Path 3 Total: 75s (95s)

Grand Total: 2g40s (3g6s)

Not including anything you salvage/vendor and get from wonder bags, usually another 24s-36s.

All three paths can be done in little over an hour with an experienced group.  That's 2g-3g per hour.

  • Have the group start killing gargoyles and spiderlings ASAP upon opening up the Priory Camp, last person to pass the NPCs picks the path.
  • To pull Kholer away from his adds, shoot him with a projectile then start backing up (or use rearview).  When he starts to glow he is going to do his pull, dodge it then run back toward the chain/stairs you came from and he will follow.  all you really need to watch out for is his pull.  He telegraphs it by glowing and readying his sword.  Dodge it.  If you can keep weakness up on him and other conditions he goes down fast and doesn't do as much damage.
  • If Troll spawns drag it to Kholer and the troll will kill him and his adds.  Make sure to do some ranged damage on them both so you can loot them both, but focus more on the troll because Kholer will go down first.  If you get aggro while they are fighting just jump in the water and head back up.
  • Watch for the red circle against the troll, it is going to jump and push you back. Dodge it.
  • With a bar, Troll + Kholer give ~30s and a chance at two wonder bags for another 4s-6s.  That is more silver than you get for running an entire dungeon path.
  • If you are kiting during burrows in path 1, kite in circles around the burrow to damage it and the gravelings it spawns instead of standing by the NPC.  Try and save the North borrow you are kiting around for 4 because the SE borrow that spawns after you kill the North borrow spawns two nasty silvers that have an annoying KD they like to spam.
  • The Elementalist's Frost Bow skill trivializes burrows in path 1 and path 3.
  • Kill Necros first on the path 3 cannon event first, I prioritize Necro, Monk, Ranger, Ele, Mesmer, Warrior.
  • Colossus Rumblus has two shouts, one is similar to the howling king except it has a much wider cone.  The second one is his ceiling collapse it doesn't seem to have the cone just the ceiling cave in but I could be wrong.

[Video] How to stack might to the ceiling with Longbow/Hammer/Banner

12 December 2012 - 07:02 PM

Took the longbow/sword+horn build I used to level, took some input from forum user Brand on using a hammer instead of a sword, and this is what I came up with:

Video Link (0/0/20/30/20)

Can use Knight or Soldier 6pc gear, will get more long term DPS with knight and can probably get enough crit to use a Strength Sigil (I currently use Bloodlust and am not impressed because it doesn't stack all that high in dungeons due to swapping and running and going down and stuff like that).  Other sigil is sigil of battle for the extra might stacks since you'll be swapping a lot.  Berserker gear in everything else.  

IMO you should focus on getting 1,850 toughness, at least 50% crit damage and then stacking power and crit with zerker gear.  If you use Dolyak runes you can probably go with a few pieces of Knights to get the 1,850 then go zerk for the rest.

I prefer the Dolyrak runes because the passive regen is like adding 190 healing power to both the healing signet and the banner (the only regen/healing in the build that gets +heal).

With three bars of adrenaline you can kite around while you regen 15k every 20 seconds.

Longbow + S/H (or S/S) Banner/Condition/Support Might Stacking Build

03 December 2012 - 05:29 PM

TLDR Version:
  • Good for DEs/AOE/Support
  • Big AOE Might Stacks
  • Requires Banner Management (1 Banner)
  • Condition Damage is main stat (both weapon sets benefit), Carrion/(Koda/Orr/Nightmare)/Rampager.  Flexible secondary stats.
  • High Adrenaline Gain for Longbow Burst spam
  • Rotation: Longbow Burst -> Longbow 3 -> Banner 5.  Repeat every 10 seconds (CD)
  • 6 to 12 AOE might stacks per rotation (initial Banner drop gives 3, For Great Justice gives 3).  Can maintain 15 AOE might stacks without Boon Duration runes (recommend Boon Duration runes for max might) while still doing DPS.
  • MH Sword for Bleeds, Leap (can leap into your own field for a Fire Shield), and Snare
  • OH Sword for more bleed stacks
  • OH Horn + Banner for 100% Swiftness Uptime (Excellent on escort events)
  • Recommend 20% crit damage (via Jewels/Trinket) if you plan on using gear with a lot of precision
Link to Build

  • 20 Arms (Sword/Bleed)
  • 20 Tactics (Banner CD, Shout or Warhorn CD and 20% Boon Duration)
  • 30 Discipline (Adrenaline gain, Burst cost reduction and 30% crit damage)
  • Healing Skill - Healing Surge (Optional playstyle choice.  I like to use a stage 3 heal before the Longbow Burst or get a smaller heal while getting max Adrenaline for Longbow Burst.  You may not like this heal since this build isn't at 100% adrenaline 100% of the time)
  • Utility Skill 1: Banner of Strength (adds both power and condition damage)
  • Utility Skill 2: For Great Justice (Fury and Might stacks)
  • Utility Skill 3: Shake it Off (Optional playstyle choice.  I like it for the condition removal and stun break but you can use whatever you'd like).
  • Elite Skill: Signet of Rage (for more adrenaline)

Good for grinding DEs and potentially for WvW.  Uses warrior's only field, a large fire field that does burning.  Requires banner management (1 banner), you always want to be in your fire field and you need the banner near you.  Get good at picking it up and putting it down a lot with either 5 (for might/blast) or ~.  Personaly I mouse turn so I made A/D alternates for skill 4 and 5 and made weapon swap/drop banner to Shift+E so all my banner stuff is close, I can hit F then D to pick up the blast or F then Shift+E to drop it if there is no field.  4/5 as Q/E instead of A/D would work very well with Shift+E.

Main stat is condition damage, both weapon sets benefit from it but you will also benefit from some power/crit (Sword and Longbow 1) and the might will help both your power and your condition damage.  Recommend getting crit damage to 20%+ for 200% crits on longbow 1 and sword skills.

Get your adrenaline up, use For Great Justice, use Longbow Burst to put down your only fire field, follow it up with Longbow 3 for blast finisher and 3 might stacks, drop your banner in the field for another blast and 3 more might stacks, pick up the banner again and use Banner 5 to plant it again for another blast and 3 more might stacks.  This can all be done in the same fire field.  If possible save your heal skill for when your adrenaline is full before you use the longbow burst (can also use a different heal if you prefer).  Your field is huge and you can kite around inside of it while still being able to get close to your banner when you need to plant it.  

Banner 5, Longbow 3 and Longbow Burst are all on 10 second CD, during the 10 seconds you want to build as much adrenaline as possible for your Longbow burst, lay it down again then follow it up with Longbow 3 for might blast then pick up banner and put it down with 5 for another might blast.  Use For Great Justice whenever it comes off CD.  Can easily keep up 15 stacks of might with no condition duration runes, with Water x2, Monk x2 and Fire x2 in the mists I could keep over 20 stacks, occasionally 25, and this is with 1/3rd of the duration on the runes nerfed.  Decreased Banner CD trait keeps the banner up until a few seconds short of the CD so you can do this pretty much forever.   These are AOE might stacks that will be applied to allies.

Switch to Sword/Sword or Sword/Horn for bleeding (Sword 1 and 4), mobility (Sword 2) and a snare (Sword 3).  Can put a sword in the offhand for more DPS through higher bleed stacks (Sword 4) and you get a block (Sword 5).

I prefer horn in a zerg and DEs due to the swiftness.  It also gives you Vigor and added condition removal (even more with Tactics IX - Quick Breathing instead of shout CD if you want more support).  Use Horn 4 then pick up your banner and hit 3 for two applications of AOE swiftness (really good to speed up NPCs and allies in DEs).  Quickly drop the banner, use Horn 4 and then pick it up again and use Banner 3 again.  Get used to doing this it makes events with NPCs go faster.  You can do some fun stuff like lay down fire field with Longbow Burst then switch to sword and use 2 to Leap in and get a fire shield.

Condition Damage Staff Build Advice/Help/Tips/Etc.

28 November 2012 - 07:31 PM

I haven't messed around a lot with condition builds (I made one as my first build but was doing it all wrong, still have the gear though) and so I decided to give it a try.  I got a lot of info from Aetou's posts on the build.  Been using it for the past few days in PUGs and am enjoying it.  It has good survival through high vitality (all carrion gear), toughness through earth, high blees stacks, 100% uptime on burning and a blast finisher every 5 seconds via Eruption spam.

Can find the current build I am using here:

Link to Build

Base skills:

Glyph of Elemental Harmony (Heal)

Glyph of Storms (Earth)
Signet of Fire
Situational - Mist Form, Elemental Power, Armor of Earth, etc.

Glyph of Elementals (Elite)

Base Traits (some different options are below in the write up):

10 Fire for Burning Fire (3 seconds of Burning on Signet of Fire) and 10% condition durationg

10 Air for Quick Glyphs (these ten points are optional and can be put wherever, e.g. Fire for Fire IX - Fire's Embrace coupled with Earth XI - Written in Stone)

30 Earth for II - Signet Mastery (-20% Signet CD), VII - Serrated Stones (+20% bleed duration) and X - Geomancer's Alacrity (-20% Earth CD).  Can swap X for XII - Written in Stone (if you run a lot of signets) and swap VII with X.  

20 Arcane for V - Elemental Attunement (utility) and VIII - Blasting Staff (bigger aoes):


All Carrion.  Sigil of Agony for Increased Bleed duration, Runes of Balthazar x2 for 25 power and 15% increased Burn duration, Krait x2 for 28 condition damage and Bleed duration, and currently Lich x2 for 25 vitality and 4% condition duration (plan on replacing them with Mad King x2 for 10% condition duration in the next day or two).

Bleed duration increase:  59% with Lich x2, 65% with Mad King x2
Burning duration increase: 29% with Lich x2, 35% with Mad King x2

Write up:

Condition Damage Build for Dungeons

Overview:  Uses traited Earth 2 (Eruption) coupled with increased bleeding duration for large bleed stacks and field finishing, Signet of Fire (Skill) is used to keep up burning.  AOE with Glyph of Storms in Earth for damage and bleeds.

20% CD reduction on signets, 3 seconds of burning and ~30% burn duration will let you keep burning up on a target continuously with Signet of Fire.  Groupmates have lots of time to plant combo fields on the Eruption animation and should do so since the delay on the blast will finish the field for them.

Traits:  10 Fire and 30 Earth are the core.  
10 in Fire for 3 seconds to add three seconds of burning to Signet of Fire and gain 10% condition duration.  

30 in Earth for 20% CD reduction on signet, 20% longer bleeds and 20% CD reduction on Earth spells.  Can take Written in Stone if you plan on using a signet heavy build but I usually only use Signet of Fire.  Since you will be wearing carrion gear you will have 4% crit without talents so losing the passive on Signet of Fire while it is on CD is not that big of a deal to me.  If you do take Written in Stone then you should take the 20% CD reduction on Earth spells as your master trait instead of bleed duration increase since bleed duration can easily be obtained through runes if you want it.

20 points in Arcane for the utility of Elemental Attunement and Blasting Staff for larger AOEs.

That leaves 10 points that you can put wherever you'd like, I prefer Guick Glyphs for the reduced CD on the healing glyph, glyph of storms, etc. (whatever other glyphs you are using) but you can put them in Water for some condition removal, Fire for 100 power and 10% burn duration and whichever trait you'd like, Fire's Embrace would be good for signet heavy build with Written in Stone but you won't be able to share it.

Skills: Signet of Fire for Burning, Glyph of Storms in Earth for AOE and more bleeds.  Third slot is situational.  Frost Bow for things like AC exp, Mist Form or Armor of Earth if you need an Oh Sh!t button, Glyph of Elemental Power and Lesser Elementals can be useful, Signet of Earth/Water/etc.  Whatever the situation calls for, it's a dungeon so it's the same everytime and you can determine which skills gel with your playstyle.  

For Elite skill I default to Elemental.  Fiery Greatsword and Tornado benefit from Power/Crit which this build lacks.

Gear:  100% Carrior Gear.  @80 I have a little over 18k health and a little less than 1300 condition damage.  For Sigil and Runes I went with things that will increase the duration on my burns and bleeds.  For sigil I went with Sigil of Agony for 10% increased Bleed duration.  For runes I decided on 2x Krait for 15% Bleed duration and 28 condition damage, 2x Balthazar for 25 power and 15% Burn duration, and 2x Lich for 25 vitality and 4% Condition duration (or Mad King x2 for 10% if you think it's worth an extra 1g15s per rune for that extra 6%).  Can use whatever you feel is the best combo of duration increases, e.g. get rid of Lich x2 and use either Centaur x2 for 15% more Bleed or Flame Legion/Baelfire x2 for 15% More Burn.

  • Power: 1,748
  • Precision: 1,016 (Base + 100 from 10 points in Air, 9% crit)
  • Toughness: 1,244 (2,164 Armor)
  • Vitality: 1,636 (18,005 Health)
  • 35%/29% Increased Burning Duration (10% from 10 Fire and 20%/14% from Mad King/Lich runes)
  • 65%/59% Increased Bleeding duration (10% from 10 Fire, 20% from Earth and 35%/29% from Mad King/Lich runes)
Can probably juggle the duration increases to suit your playstyle or party composition, e.g. more than one bleeder in the party.

Deal X% more damage traits don't apply to condition damage...

27 November 2012 - 07:13 PM

So I was curious about an eruption condition build and went to the mists to try it out.  With undead runes, bleed duration sigil, 30 points in earth and carrion amulet plus gem I was a little over 1400 condition damage.  

On golems each tick of bleeding doled out 116 damage, burn damage was like 695 or so per tick (iirc, mostly focused on bleeds).

I wanted to see if this could be increased through traits and so I tested some of them out.  None of the traits I tried increased the amount of bleed damage from 116, it seems the effects of X% increased damage traits are only applied to direct damage spells/components, e.g. Earth 1, and are not applied to burn or bleed damage.  What a bummer.  I tried applying burning before and after bleeds, no effect ever.  

None of the following apply to increasing your condition damage ticks.  When the tooltip says damage what it means is direct damage:

Ember's Might (and I'm assuming Burning Rage) - 5% increased damage to burning foes

Salt Stone  - 5% more damage to bleeding targets

Stone Splinters - 5% more damage when within melee range

Strength of Stone - 10% more damage when attuned to earth

Didn't test (I forgot) but assuming the result is the same:

Enduring Damage - 10% more damage when endurance is full

Has anyone found it worth taking these talents if they only effect Earth 1, the initial burst on Earth 2 and Earth 5?  Seems like you would be much better off lowering Earth CD (Earth X), increasing bleed duration by 20% (Earth VII) and adding an extra 3 seconds of burning to your fire signet (Fire II) then taking things that increase damage by X% considering that power is a secondary stat to the build.  Mostly just curious if anyone things the damage talents are worth taking for that initial burst on Earth 2.