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In Topic: What is your current Luck Level?

05 September 2013 - 11:48 PM

138% from luck and 7% from achievement points

Salvaged a lot of greens and blues...

In Topic: Where Guild Wars 2 has gone wrong

06 May 2013 - 05:10 PM

Not sure what's the point of those rather unrelated pictures, such as the "jotun body type" picture (psst, the picture is not guild wars related at all... read the bottom text).

As for the norn characters not looking like norns. Well you can make them look like norns and not just big humans. There are plenty of armors in the game (like the cultural armors as an obvious example) that fit the "norn" look rather well imo. Sure if put on twilight arbor armor set your character will without a doubt look anything but norn but that doesnt mean you have to do that. Not all armor types are fit for everyone's taste.

In Topic: Where Guild Wars 2 has gone wrong

06 May 2013 - 02:21 PM

The characters could have used some more customization options, such as different voice types, body marks etc. but it is not true that customization is limited to faces only (well maybe on humans it is) as norns have their tattoos, sylvari have their glow effects, charrs have their fur for example.

As for the armor customization... I'm pleased with the amount of different armor skins we have in the game at the moment (meaning that I can find several different setups that I like) but we could always use more. That being said it would have made a much stronger point if op had simply stated "it is possible to get these type of armor sets and they look horrible" instead of basically comparing concept art to random non-related armor sets. As an example of this the cultural tier 3 heavy sets are in the game and look pretty much the same as the concept art does so no complaints there.

In Topic: Few Location Based Loot Drops

06 March 2013 - 08:52 PM

Totally agree. It'd give an entirely new reason to go play on not-so-popular zones if there was a chance to get a very rare and most likely desirable skin drop from a very specific area (not too specific though as icy dragon sword type of imp cave farm wouldn't work in more of a open world game like gw2. You'd just see people farming the specific cavern nothing more, so it needs to be a bit more open thing).

In Topic: Guild Missions!

02 March 2013 - 04:14 AM

Yes the system is built around so that you get the best performance by doing things in a large group (WvW, event zerging and so on) and it totally fine. That's how the game works. You are being rewarded for being in a large group of players both in a guild and in the game world. However, before guild missions were introduced a solo player or a player of a small guild wasn't in a significant disadvantage when it comes to rewards.

Large guilds (or even medium sized ~50-100 members) had their karma, magic find and gathering buffs and all that good stuff and it was nice. You felt like you gained something for being in a large guild but it wasn't too much that small guilds' players felt like they were in a significant disadvantage content and reward wise.

However, with the guild missions not only will they have a very hard time unlocking even the basic tiers of guild missions (well, at the moment tier 1,2 and 3 require the same research upgrade so they all take the same time) which is a rather impressive form of new content (puzzle, bounty hunting etc.) simply because of the influence cost requirement. Even if they had the most coordinated players and possibly could take on the easiest missions (tier 1) they most likely can't even try them out for a very, very long time (it takes a long time even for huge guilds because of merit requirements, so, it'll be a very long time before the small guilds can both get the influence and merits required) due to research requirements. And as I already brought up, it's better to just make it so that they can even try them out. Even if the content is too difficult for a small group; let them at least fail. You can join WvW and run around solo trying to capture SM but you will soon find out that you simply can't do that (scouting is important but yeah I hope my point gets across).

View Postdrkn, on 02 March 2013 - 02:54 AM, said:

Why waste influence to research them, then?
Pretty much all of the new buffs are crappy or just not worth their price for the moment. Guilds are not researching Politics 6 for the new banners, but only for the guild rush; merits are not too useful for now except for unlocking more guild missions.
I do agree that the level of access to t1 guild bounties should be a bit lower (although it's still not as extreme as to puzzles atm), but letting everyone out there get rewards for one guild's earned influence isn't the way to go either, and actually would be more upsetting.

I should have been more clear about this one. So, as it's very likely that there will not be any significant changes to how guild missions are unlocked it'd be better to at least promote cooperation so that small guilds' players could get rewarded for assisting larger guilds in guild missions (because the small guilds can't start off the missions themselves). Otherwise small guilds are very likely to see a lot of players leaving to big guilds just to get the guild mission rewards.

At the moment there's very little reason for outsiders to help out a guild because they get a reward similar of a regular event (karma, exp and a silver or two). If everyone helping out would get the chest reward (with all the goods) then there'd be a lot more idea for outsiders to help out a guild "hey I saw the npc here *waypoint*".

And I believe that the new rewards are good. +5% gold from mobs and -15% WP costs are nice buffs but not anything too significant that a player that doesn't get those would be too sad about it. And even if those are not "good enough" rewards I'd say that being able to start off a mission is worth the researches themselves.

The optimal solution in my opinion would be to make it so that:

tier 1 missions are a lot easier to get access to (like politics 2, economy 2 and so on) and tier 2 and 3 would require much higher upgrades. This way smaller guilds could get access to tier 1 missions without that much of a trouble.

in addition to making it so that everyone assisting a guild doing a guild mission regardless of whether they were part of the guild or not would get rewarded. If a player was from the guild they would help out with getting the merits for the guild and some influence bonus or something.

And I know it's all about "that's not how the game works, our discussion changes nothing" but what's the point of discussing about things then? I disagree with the design of how the rewards and unlocking guild missions work and that's a topic to be discussed. And I still think so even though I am in a position where I can get access to the missions and rewards rather easily due to being in a healthy sized guild.

I simply don't want to see "selling temporary guild spot for guild mission that starts in 15minutes, only 5g!" or people leaving small guilds just for the rewards. They didn't join a huge guild before so they obviously had fun in the guild they were before. The game wasn't optimal for them at that point but it wasn't too bad. Now, the rewards are just too high in my opinion.