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#2175691 Few Location Based Loot Drops

Posted El Duderino on 06 March 2013 - 06:53 PM

Anyone miss the days of going to playing an area is GW1 and hoping to get a storm bow, or a celestial skin or a chaos axe?

What about the icy dragon sword that only dropped in the imp caves?

Yes, I know that there are weapons that only drop in fractals, and if you farm a dungeon a million times, you get enough tokens to get some awesome armor - but what about doing some events in a area with the small hope of getting that perfect rare drop that only drops in a few places?

I miss that.

I think it is a way they could get players in to under-inhabited areas.


I am referring to specific skins of rare quality that would make them highly desirable being dropped in specific areas - not as chest rewards by specific bosses.

The idea would be that even though you may have a very small chance of getting said item, it would be enough to make people re-look at an under-populated area as a place to play and explore by adding the very rare change of getting a highly desirable drop in the form of a weapon or even a piece of armor.