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Warrior's best friend?

14 November 2012 - 12:29 AM

Hi, im currently classless.

In WvW it's just usually me and a warrior pal hopping in and out of zergs lending a hand, but mostly d!cking around and looking for small skirmishes by ourselves. I want to get rid of my bias from my current profession so let me ask from a classless point of view, a fresh mind.

If you are running around with 1 other person, which class would it be? I want to know the strongest duo combination that would compliment your warrior build the most. I say "your" build because warriors can be built so differently; I want to narrow down the class that would be most effective overall.

For example: if you are a glassy 100B warrior with full escape utilities, you may want a class with ranged instant CC/stuns like a mesmer to lock your opponents in place before you mow them down. This lets you keep your stunbreakers and other useful skills without having to rely on landing bull charge (therefore more reliable).

TL;DR I want to know class combinations that will extend your skill rotation, or make it easier to land.